The Gem Rejuvenator is a weapon used by Spinel in Steven Universe: The Movie. The weapon possesses the ability to strip any Gem of their memories and reset them to their original self.


The Gem Rejuvenator, in its inactive state, is a magenta grip with a pink switch. Upon being activated, a long, dark magenta pole protrudes from the grip, with a gem-like object on the tip of the pole. A scythe shaped beam of energy emits from the tip, with electric sparks sometimes being seen.


The Gem Rejuvenator works similarly to a Gem Destabilizer. Any Gem struck with this weapon will immediately be poofed. However, upon reforming, the Gem will not remember anything other than its original designed purpose. The affected Gems will also revert to their original outfits.

It is possible to restore any affected Gem's memories by recreating an event or triggering a feeling that has had a great influence over that particular Gem.

Much like the Gem Destabilizer, the weapon is ineffective against non-Gems, with no visible damage. However, the weapon had a different effect on Steven Universe. As a Human/Gem hybrid, his Gem took the brunt of the attack, resulting in his powers being severely weakened, as shown when he was incapable of summoning his Shield for more than a few seconds.


According to Bismuth, this weapon was once used on Homeworld to reset gems that defected. The only one known to have existed in the current day was Spinel's weapon of choice.


  • It is unknown how Spinel obtained one of these weapons.
  • It is unknown when Homeworld started using these weapons, nor is it known when or why they stopped.
    • It can be speculated, however, that since the Rejuvenator used by Spinel was only a temporary means of keeping the Crystal Gems down, other Rejuvenators had the same limits and were deemed a waste of time and utilities.
  • It's currently unknown what would happen if a Corrupted or Cracked Gem were to be struck by this weapon


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