The "Gem Warship" is a giant spaceship, which made its first appearance in "The Return," and is the main location in "Jail Break."


It resembles a floating hand, similar to one that Peridot manipulated in "Marble Madness", though more anatomically correct. It has five fingers, each of which is a separate division, connected by a large central chamber located at the palm. The three confirmed divisions are a Prison Block, Weapon Finger, and Control Bridge.

The Prison Block contains rows of prisons cells. The Control Bridge is located at the tip of the index finger, and contains a single seat with a console, screens and a cockpit window, where Peridot and Pearl piloted the ship at different times. The index finger is also used to launch Peridot's escape pod.

The Weapon Finger is the Pointer finger and, when triggered, shoots an explosive blast. The blast is possibly an energy torpedo, with enough power to injure or kill gems, and destroy large structures. It also can shoot out laser pulses which produce an explosion when they focus on a particular target.

The central chamber has a window in the ceiling and a symbol with three interlocking triangles on the floor, one blue, one yellow, and one white, similar to the one in the Pyramid Temple except for the different colors.

The reactor room is located in the palm beneath the central chamber, and has a wide open space with a few tubes running along the walls with a large energy core in one of the walls. All fingers connect to a palm, which serves as the command bridge. It has a Diamond in the middle. Under the palm is the ship's engine room, where the main power core is located which is a green sphere that is constantly discharging electricity. Dozens of small energy tubes protrude from it and branch off into all parts of the ship. These tubes can clearly be seen in any hallway on the ceilings. If the power source is destroyed, the ship loses all power and propulsion, rendering it inoperative.

In this event, Gems on board the ship can abandon ship by launching escape pods. Its structure was so durable, that after crashing through Earth's atmosphere, it remained almost completely intact, only being destroyed by the ship's own exploding power source.


"Jail Break"

This is the ship that Peridot and Jasper were heading back to Homeworld with, they were planning to imprison and potentially destroy the Crystal Gems and Lapis Lazuli. The vessel through the entire episode was at first in orbit. However, since Steven freed them and they escaped, and Garnet destroyed and destabilized the main core, the ship fell out of orbit and crashed. Peridot got in an escape pod and abandoned ship before the crash, but Steven bubbled the Crystal Gems, leaving Jasper and Lapis on the ship. The ship then blew up once on the ground (possibly due to the main core becoming unstable), leaving the wreckage all over the Beach House and the surrounding area. The thumb section detached itself before the remainder of the ship was destroyed.

"Full Disclosure"

With the episode starting as soon as the previous ended, debris from the warship is still seen all over the beach and parts of the Beach city.

"Joy Ride"

Steven assists the Crystal Gems with the clean up of the warship's wreckage before being interrupted by Sour Cream, Buck Dewey, and Jenny.


  • When the warship was falling into Earth's atmosphere, Peridot launched herself using an Escape Pod. This may be a feature of the ship, one of Peridot's powers, or another robonoid.
Peridot Activating Escape Pod
  • The warship's outer hull was strong enough to withstand the combined effort of a Laser Light Cannon and the Quartizine Trio all at once as well as a barrage of Opal's arrows.
    • It is also possible that the Ship has very strong deflector shields, which can account for its invulnerability to the attacks.
  • The ship requires only one pilot. The pilot operates the Warship from the navigation interface where the pilot can consciously access spaceflight data provided by the ship, setting both its course and destination.
    • The programming process seems to induce a trance-like state.
  • The fact that the ship is only seen as a right hand that appears to be disconnected implies that it could have been part of a body of sorts. The ship also seems to have a docking bay at the back, that may be another entrance or way to a larger vessel. Though it might also be the Ship's impulse engines as well.
    • It is possible that the Gem Homeworld might have replacements standing by or even a shipyard/construction yard building replacement ships if needed.
  • Inside of the Gem Warship, there are prison holding cells.
    • Instead of traditional doors, these cell have a "wall" designed to destabilize a gem's physical body upon contact, similar to the Gem Destabilizer.


  • In "The Return," While the warship is in the sky, it appears to resemble a right hand, however, upon landing on the beach, it is a left hand.

Cultural References

  • The ship bears a resemblance to the "Master Hand" from the "Super Smash Bros" video game franchise.
  • The Ship is also resembles the Giant Green Hand that Apollo uses to clamp down the Starship Enterprise in the Star Trek TOS episode, "Who Mourns for Adonais."
  • The ship also shares a resemblance with the d.M.p spaceship from the anime "Kinnikuman Nisei," better known as "Ultimate Muscle." It also housed the main antagonists and crashed into a mountain.



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