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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins at It's a Wash. Steven is sitting on a chair reading his texts on his phone.
Steven "Hey, Connie. How are you today? Hope everything's going okay. It'd be cool if you told me it was... I guess I miss you. I know yesterday I said, 'I guess,' but I mean, I do miss you... Hope you didn't get your phone mixed up with a tennis ball. Ha ha." A tennis ball? Really, Universe? [Sighs]
Greg struggles to remove a water hose wrapped around himself.
Greg Help! Ah! Yah! Back! Ugh! Hey, uh, Steve-aroni, ugh, want to help your old Pa over here?
Steven Uh, yeah, Dad, one sec.
Steven sends a text to Connie saying "Please talk to me."
Steven Sorry. Sorry. I'm on it.
Steven bites off a piece of the hose, freeing Greg.
Steven [Grunts] Are you good? Are you safe? Do you still love me?
Greg Yeah, of -- of course, buddy. It's just some hoses. I can buy new ones. I still have like $9 million left, and what better way to spend that than on some hoses, right, kiddo?
Steven Yeah, Dad.
Steven's cellphone vibrates.
Steven [Gasps]
Steven checks his phone and sees a text from Ronaldo, whose voice narrates the text.
Ronaldo Steven! So. Did you ever get around to watching the "Koala Princess" box set I lent you three months ago?
Steven [Sighs]
Greg Hey, is everything okay? You're looking a little glum.
Steven I am a little glum.
Greg Do you want to talk about it?
Steven Um, it's just space lag from when I went to space.
Steven walks away.
Greg Hmm.
At the Beach House.
Steven is absentmindedly wiping a plate with a soap bottle.
Steven [Sighs]
Steven's cellphone vibrates causing him to throw the items in his hands in surprise.
Steven Ah!
Steven reaches for his phone but then stops.
Steven Wait. No. I need to play it cool.
Steven casually flips over his phone but then eagerly checks the screen.
Ronaldo I'm just gonna assume by your silence that you're entangled within the immersive koala lore of the show. Did you get to the part where Koala Princess and Kanga-Roofus kiss?
Disappointed, Steven puts down his phone when he hears Greg's voice from outside.
Greg Steven, you want to help us with these groceries?
Steven Coming.
Greg, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst walk in with some groceries.
Greg Eh? Eh?
Amethyst [Voice muffled] Check this out, Steven. [Spits out an egg] [Normal voice] It's farm fresh.
Steven Uh, thanks guys, but the fridge is full.
Greg Not the fridge at our vacation house.
Greg pulls a confetti popper as the Gems clap and cheer.
Garnet, Pearl & Amethyst Whoo! Vacation!
Greg I thought, "Why spend money on hoses when I can spend it on houses?" So I found a place we could rent for the weekend by searching online.
Greg holds up his phone displaying an image of their vacation house.
Greg Back in the old days we just went door-to-door hoping one was unlocked, but this is the new days.
Steven Okay. Well, have fun.
Greg Uh, Steven, you're going on vacation, too. [Coughs]
Pearl Oh, yes. This is the perfect time for a vacation. I mean, how often are we on the same planet together?
Amethyst Yeah. And you'll be with your favorite Gems and your favorite dad.
Garnet Agree with Amethyst. Turn to Steven. Steven, you should go. No, with more enthusiasm. Steven, it's a vacation!
Steven I mean, I would, but I'm really tied up with something important.
Steven checks his phone.
Ronaldo In the end, the wombats were for naught, but it really makes you think.
Steven I'll go.
Garnet Aced it.
At Cool Ranch.
Greg drives up to the front of their vacation house.
Greg Here it is, temporary home sweet temporary home.
Everyone gets out of the van and begins moving things; Steven observes Garnet and Amethyst carrying a mattress.
Steven Is that my bed?
Greg Yeah. I want you to be as comfortable as possible, finally have some family time. I feel like you haven't had that in a while.
Steven [Looking down at his phone] Yeah, maybe.
Greg This place is great. They have one of those refrigerators that dispense water, not to mention four windows and an analog clock!
Pearl [Reading off a piece of paper] Hmm, says here we can't use the water dispenser or the clock. Windows must be kept closed at all times, and remove all shoes before entering. Hmm.
Pearl picks up a pair of shoes she notices outside the door and throws them away from the house before walking inside. Amethyst peeks outside the door.
Amethyst Hey, Greg, did you invite anyone else, party guy, about three feet long, hissing, reptilian?
Greg No.
Amethyst Well, you might want to factor in a plus one.
Pearl Oh! Party guy, no!
Hissing and clashing noises are heard from within the house.
Greg I promise. It's gonna be a really good time.
Steven [Looking down at his phone] It's a great place, Dad.
Outside the house at dusk.
Steven, Greg, and the Gems are gathered outside lounging and preparing food.
Amethyst It only bit Pearl once, but, like, we're Gems. She'll be okay.
Pearl [Groans] It isn't the pain. It's the surprise.
Greg Hey, Amethyst, do you think you could...
Greg motions to Steven, who is staring down at his phone.
Amethyst Yeah.
Amethyst walks over and sits down beside Steven.
Amethyst Hey, Steven.
Steven Hi, Amethyst.
Amethyst Man, you can see the stars so clearly out here. It's pretty, huh?
Steven Huh? Uh, I don't know. [Shrugs] It's okay.
Amethyst Hey, hey. It's okay if it isn't okay.
Steven The sky?
Amethyst Yeah.
Steven What?
Amethyst [Shrugs] I don't know. So, uh, you really into phones now?
Steven No.
Steven nervously puts his phone away. Amethyst looks at Greg and shrugs.
At the front of the house later that night.
While staring at his phone, Steven walks outside where Greg and Garnet are sitting in a hot tub.
Greg Hey, Schtuball, won't you take my place? I've been in here way too long. I'm gonna become a raisin.
Greg winks at Garnet before climbing out and walking away.
Garnet Steven, you should join me. Become a raisin.
Steven Okay, but one sec.
Steven returns with his phone in a plastic bag and climbs into the tub.
Garnet Steven, I know what's troubling you.
Steven You do? Gosh. I really messed up, didn't I?
Garnet You didn't do anything wrong. Pink Diamond was a villain. It was 5,750 years ago.
A flashback image depicting the silhouettes of multiple Gems is shown; the Crystal Gems confront a massive Gem, who is presumably Pink Diamond.
Garnet Pink Diamond was ravishing the planet.
Steven Yeah, I know.
In the present.
Garnet Oh.
Steven Pink Diamond was bad. Everything bad had to happen so good things could kind of happen.
Garnet Uh, good. You understand.
At the front of the house in the morning.
Steven is rocking back and forth on a chair looking at his phone.
Steven Buzz. Buzz. At least wiggle a little.
Greg Come on. Can't you give it another shot?
Overhearing the others inside the house, Steven approaches the door and peers in.
Amethyst What are we supposed to do? He just doesn't want to talk about it.
Greg But I know it's not space lag. This is some Gem thing he knows I won't understand. I don't know anything about Homeworld. I don't know anything about your society. Whatever horrible things he saw out there, you guys have to put it into context.
Garnet If Steven won't talk to us, then the help we can give him is limited. We've all tried to coax it out of him except for...
Pearl Me? But I have no idea what Homeworld is like now.
Greg Pearl, please.
Amethyst He knows you know about space stuff.
Garnet It can't hurt to try.
Pearl walks toward the door, prompting Steven to quickly move away and sit down on the porch.
Steven Mm.
Pearl steps outside.
Pearl Huh. It sure is quiet out here, huh?
Steven Yeah.
Pearl So, Homeworld... I always hoped you'd see it some day, but I thought I'd be there with you. Being taken there as a prisoner, I suppose it was something of a traumatic experience. It's just, [Sits down] Steven, I'm sure you have a lot of questions you'd like answers to, like about the Diamonds, for instance. There are things that are impossible for me to explain. But I want to. I -- [Covers her mouth for a moment] Steven, I -- [Covers mouth again and doubles over]
Steven Connie hates me!
Pearl What?
Greg, Garnet, and Amethyst burst through the door.
Greg We weren't listening.
Garnet Also continue, Steven.
Steven I'm not upset about what happened on Homeworld although, yeah, a lot of that was really messed up. But my relationship with Connie is even more messed up. I left her behind to go to Homeworld after promising we'd face everything together. I'm sure I really hurt her. I've been calling and texting her for a week, but she hasn't responded once. [Tearing] Connie might never talk to me again.
Steven runs away crying.
Garnet Steven!
Greg I'll go get him. I don't know anything about Homeworld, but I know about this.
Near two barrels some distance from the house.
Greg searches for Steven, who is sitting behind the barrels.
Greg Steven? Steven?
Steven Steven's not here.
Greg Oh, that's too bad. So I guess I'll just talk to this Steven-shaped barrel instead.
Steven If you must.
Greg Schtuball, if this was about Connie, why didn't you say anything sooner?
Steven I was embarra...
Greg You were embroidered, embroiled, emboldened to talk to your old man about your problems?
Steven I was embarrassed, okay? You and the Gems all like Connie, and I was worried that if you heard what happened that you'd be mad at me too.
Greg Oh, Steven, of course we're not mad. And I'm sure Connie's not mad, either. Well, at least I'm sure she doesn't hate you. That whole handing-yourself-over-to-Homeworld thing was definitely a high-stress situation. It really scared all of us. I'm not exactly over it either, but I guess carting you off to the middle of nowhere to spend time with you is my way of dealing with it. Maybe having some distance from you is Connie's way.
Steven But the last thing I did was send her a bunch of dumb texts. I made some weird joke about tennis, and I don't even know if it makes sense.
Greg Tennis?
Steven hands Greg his phone.
Steven See? No wonder she hasn't responded.
Greg Uh, Steven, you don't get any service out here.
Steven What are you even telling me? Maybe she's been trying to get in touch with me this whole time, and I haven't seen it! What if she thinks I'm ignoring her? Dad! We have to find cell service.
Greg Right.
At Greg's van at dusk.
Steven opens the back door and the Gems get in.
Steven Go, go, go!
Pearl Okay.
Steven and Greg sit up front.
Steven Floor it!
Greg drives out of Cool Ranch.
Greg How we doing?
Steven [Observing the signal bars on his phone] Take a right. Nah, back up. No, wait! Keep going.
The signal improves.
Greg We're heading for a cliff, buddy.
Steven Just a little further.
Greg Gonna have to stop soon.
Steven Almost got it.
Greg Ahh! [Sighs]
Greg stops the van just before the edge. Steven climbs onto the roof of the vehicle.
Steven [Observing the signal bars on his phone] Come on. Come on. Come on. Yes! We've got service. [Gasps]
A new message pops up on Steven's phone.
Ronaldo Steven! When I didn't hear back from you, I was sure a nefarious plot was afoot.
Greg Well?
Steven No. No messages from Connie.
Greg climbs up onto the roof beside Steven, who falls over onto Greg's lap.
Greg Aw. You'll get through this, buddy. I know it hurts now, but give it time.
Steven I know. I need to let it go.
Pearl Got room for three more?
Steven Always.
The Gems join them on the roof.
Amethyst Nice night, isn't it?
Steven Yeah.
Episode ends.

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