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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. Crystal Temple]
(Amethyst, mostly drenched, and Pearl are playing checkers on the beach. Steven is perched on a lifeguard chair and pelts them with water balloons if they lose. Amethyst concentrates on her next move.)
Amethyst *captures one of Pearl's pieces* Ha, take that!
Pearl Wow, Amethyst, I'm impressed. *gets hit with a water balloon*
Steven Now it's your move, Pearl.
Pearl Steven, are the water balloons really necessary?
Steven Yeah, this way the moves really matter.
Pearl But it's checkers! Every single move matters.
Amethyst *twirls a strand of her wet hair around her finger* It sounds like someone's being a sore loser.
Pearl *starts pouting* I'm not a sore loser... *captures all of Amethyst's pieces in one fell swoop* Because I just won the game.
Amethyst Whaaa—?! *braces herself happily* Here it comes! *holds her arms out, as Steven pelts her with all his water balloons, and falls backwards on her back* Aaah! Ha, feels good to lose.
Pearl *stands up* Ahem, I certainly hope that's not the attitude you have during battle.
Amethyst Ugh, you're no fun anymore. This is why we never form Opal.
Pearl *chides Amethyst* We don't form Opal because you're difficult and a mess.
Amethyst We don't form Opal because you're uptight and—
Steven *jumps in and shoves Amethyst and Pearl apart* Guys! Guys! What is Opal?
Amethyst Oh it's the two of us, mashed together. *clasps her hands*
Pearl *scoffs* Is water just hydrogen and oxygen "mashed" together? (Amethyst and Steven seem clueless.) ...Analogy wasted. Look here, Steven. *starts manipulating the sand in animated figurines* When we synchronize our forms we can combine into a powerful fusion gem named Opal.
Amethyst *stomps on the sand figurine* Except I don't dance like that.
Pearl Amethyst!
Steven Wow, that's so cool! *turns to Amethyst* But tell me more about Opal!
Amethyst Well, Steven, she's an ultra powerful, stone cold Betty— That part's me. And she's like, kinda tall— *whispers* That part's Pearl.
Pearl What Amethyst is attempting to say is, Opal is an amalgam of our combined magical and physical attributes, fused into a single entity.
Steven Wow, can you do it right now? *grabs Pearl's hand* Come on, form Opal!
Amethyst *scoffs*
Pearl We only form Opal when it's absolutely necessary. (Light emits from inside the Beach House.)
Steven Garnet's back!
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven, Pearl and Amethyst returns back in the house to greet Garnet.)
Steven Ooh! Ooh! Did you bring me anything? (Garnet presents a rock.) Whoa, a rock! Thanks, Garnet.
Pearl So, was your mission a success?
Garnet I have located the Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth. We should split up to retrieve them.
Amethyst Well I'm going with not Pearl.
Pearl Well that's perfect because I don't want to go with grammatically incorrect people anyway.
Steven *is biting the rock* Is her talking about me?
Garnet You three go together, I go alone.
Pearl & Amethyst *surprised* What? Why?
Garnet The Earth Beetle's at the bottom of the boiling lava lake, and only I can swim in lava. *summons a pair of goggles over her eyes* You'll find the Heaven Beetle at the top of the Sky Spire. It's safer.
Amethyst You mean boring-er.
Pearl You mean more boring.
Amethyst So, you agree with me.
Pearl *annoyed* Ugh! Come on, you two, lets go.
(Steven puts his rock down on the floor. He, Pearl and Amethyst then walk towards the Warp Pad.)
Garnet Steven, be sure to keep the harmony.
Steven No problem. *gets on the warp pad* Today's going to be all about HAR-MON— *warps away with Pearl and Amethyst*
[Trans. Ext. Sky Spire]
Steven —NY...! *falls* Oomph! Whooaaa... Is this where the Heaven Beetle lives?
Pearl Apparently.
Amethyst All the way at the top.
Steven So, when you fuse, do you turn into a giant giant woman, or just a regular-sized giant woman? (Amethyst groans.) Does one of you control the right arm and the other control the left arm?
Pearl Come on, Steven. *starts walking away with Amethyst*
Steven Wait, these are extremely important questions. *catches up*
Steven *at the base of a long stairway* Phew, there sure are a lot of stairs, how about you form Opal and give me a piggyback ride?
Pearl & Amethyst No!
Steven What about if you eat a hotdog? Whose stomach does it go into? Or do you share the same stomach? *laughs* That would be gross.
(A nearby bush begins to rustle, causing Pearl and Amethyst to summon their weapons. A goat named Steven Jr. jumps out of the bush, eating a thicket.)
Steven *gasps* Look out! It's a magical goat guardian! Quick, you have to form Opal! It's the only way to defeat it! Hurry before it kills us all! *pretends to cower in fear, while peeking*
Pearl Ugh, Steven, we only fuse for deadly situations. *walks up to Steven Jr.* Does this look like a deadly situation? *points at Steven Jr., and it bites her hand* Ow! Hey, bad mountain goat!
(Steven Jr. bleats in response, and Amethyst starts laughing so hard she falls over.)
Steven Darn it! Aw, I'm never going to get to see Opal.
(Steven sighs and starts to sing "Giant Woman".)

All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman,
A giant woman!
All I wanna be is someone who gets to see a giant woman

(As he sings, the group, joined by the goat, make their way up the spire.)

All I wanna do is help you turn into a giant woman,
A giant woman!
All I wanna be is someone who gets to see a giant woman

(Pearl and Amethyst continue to antagonize each other as they progress.)

Oh, I know it'll be great and I just can't wait to see the person you are together
If you give it a chance you can do a huge dance because you are a giant woman

You might even like being together
And if you don't, it won't be forever
But if it were me, I'd really wanna be a giant woman,
a giant woman!
All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman~

(The group, Steven riding on the goat, eventually reaches a broken pass leading to a spiraling passage. The goat leaps off, dropping Steven off its back, and hops across several pieces of floating platforms onto the other side.)
Steven Wait up Steven Jr.! *tries to follow the goat*
Pearl *halts Steven* Wait, Steven! I'm not sure you can make those jumps.
Steven Oh, you should fuse into Opal, and then lay across the rocks like a bridge!
Pearl We don't need Opal to get across.
Steven *begs* Can you do it anyway? Pleeease? It would be easier, wouldn't it?
Amethyst Not as easy as THIS! *picks Steven up, throws him on a floating platform and then jumps towards him*
Steven Oh wow, Amethyst, that was a really good idea.
Amethyst Hah, I know, I'm full of 'em.
(Pearl reacts in intense worry.)
Steven Ah, come on Pearl, it's safe. Just look.
(Steven starts wobbling the floating platform. Amethyst joins in the wobbling and it causes Steven to fall off the platform. Pearl quickly dives after the screaming Steven, with Amethyst's whip wrapped around her, and catches him. Amethyst then fishes both of them back up onto the platform.)
Steven That was so great how you worked together. Why don't you do that all the time? (Pearl and Amethyst look at each other briefly, and look away stubbornly.)
[Trans. Int. Sky Spire]
(The group climb the spiraling passage and arrive atop the spire.)
Steven *panting* I can't feel my legs anymore... Hey, look at that! *runs over to a small temple, Steven Jr. standing next to it* It's a tiny temple!
Pearl It's just where Garnet said it would be. The Heaven Beetle should be inside.
Steven *peers inside and giggles* Check it out, it's even got a little beetle bedroom, and little beetle bongos, and a little beetle baby book.
Pearl *peeks in too* But where's the beetle? It's supposed to be here. The Heaven Beetle wouldn't leave, would it? Oh! It could be anywhere!
Amethyst *chuckles* Maybe you should freak out some more, that's really gonna help us find it.
Pearl *angered* I can't believe your attitude, Amethyst! And now you're just slouching over here doing nothing!
Amethyst Hey, it's not my fault the beetle isn't there! Why do you have to make things worse by squawking at me?! (Steven Jr. starts bleating in distress.)
Pearl I don't squawk!
Amethyst Yeah, you're squawking at me and commenting on my posture!
Pearl This is squawking! SQUAWK, SQUAWK!
Steven *runs over to stop the argument* Hey, cut it out! You're scaring Steven Jr.!
(Just then a giant bird monster emerges from the lake surrounding the tiny temple. It then swallows Steven Jr. whole.)
Steven *gasps* My son.
(Pearl summons her spear and hurls it at the giant bird monster, which it swallows, forcing the group to retreat back into the spiraling passage.)
Amethyst In here, guys!
Pearl It swallowed my spear!
Steven Guys this is great! Now's the perfect time for you two to form Opal!
(The giant bird monster begins pecking at the roof of the passage. Pearl and Amethyst attempt the fusion dance but fail.)
Amethyst So, you wanna try that again? With less hitting me in the face this time?
Pearl Well, it would have worked if your movements weren't so erratic and formless.
Amethyst So, it's all my fault? Ho-ho, you totally weren't even trying to sync with my dancing. You should know how I dance by now! (Pearl and Amethyst starts fighting.)
Steven Stop! Come on, guys, please stop fighting. If you can't get along with each other, I might never get to see your awesome fusion powers. (The giant bird monster squawks loudly.) And I might get eaten by a giant bird!
(Just then, the giant bird monster breaks through the roof and swallows Steven whole.)
Pearl & Amethyst Steven!
[Trans. Int. Giant Bird]
(Steven gets swallowed into the innards of the giant bird monster. Inside is littered with various junk and skeletons. Steven finds Steven Jr. eating on top a pile of junk.)
Steven Steven Jr.! How can you eat at a time like this? *notices a beetle in his mouth* Hey, is that the Heaven Beetle? Let me see it. *grabs the beetle, but Steven Jr. refuses to let go* Hey, be a good goat and give me the magic bug!
(A rumbling occur, causing the junk pile to collapse, and Steven and Steven Jr. to fall off it. Steven now has possession of the Heaven Beetle.)
Steven I got it!
(Steven Jr. approaches and attempts to eat it.)
Steven No! B-bad goat! You're no son of mine!
(Several giant arms start penetrating from the ground, frightening Steven and Steven Jr., as they try to flee.)
Steven What's going on?! (An arm grabs Steven Jr.) Steven Jr.! *gets grabbed too and pulled away*
[Trans. Sky Spire]
(Outside, a mysterious giant woman pulls Steven and Steven Jr. out of the giant bird monster and leaps off. The giant bird monster starts dissolving, revealing several Gem Shards. The giant woman lands into the lake, carrying Steven, and sets Steven Jr. safely on the ground.)
Steven Opal?
(Opal looks on, as the Gems shards transform into the smaller bird monsters and start attacking her and Steven. Opal slides down the spiraling passage and jumps across the broken pass to safe ground. She then gently puts Steven down.)
Opal Stay low.
(Opal summons both Amethyst's whip and Pearl's spear, and combines them into a large bow. She draws back the bow, generating an energy arrow and fires it at the flock of bird monsters. It destroys the bird monsters, turning them back into Gem shards, and bubbles every single of them. Opal then turns back to Steven, staring in awe, and offers her hand. Steven takes her hand and stands up.)
Steven *nervously* Uh... do you... know who I am?
Opal *chuckles and starts to sing* All you wanna do, is see me turn into—
Steven *gasps* A giant woman!
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Opal and Steven warp back to the Beach House. Garnet has already returned and is drying her hair.)
Steven We're back!
Garnet The Heaven Beetle.
Opal *gasps* I don't have it.
(Opal begins to deform and split back into Amethyst and Pearl.)
Pearl Amethyst! You got distracted!
Amethyst Hey! You were the one getting carried away with all those fancy backflips!
Steven Wait a sec! *takes out the Heaven Beetle from his pocket* I've got the beetle!
Garnet Good job, Steven. *takes the Heaven Beetle, places it in a small terrarium with the Earth Beetle, and bubbles it* I also see you helped your teammates fuse.
(Amethyst and Pearl stare in surprise at each other.)
Steven *stands proudly* And all I had to do was get eaten by a bird.
Garnet Nice work, you'll be great at fusing one day. *walks off*
Steven Yeah...
(The star iris starts zooming onto Steven, when he realizes what Garnet said, and the star iris pulls away.)
Steven Wait! I can do that too?!

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