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This is a transcribed copy of "Growing Pains". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
(A scene from the movie, "Dogcopter 6: Til Death Do We Bark, I Now Pronounce You Man and Woof".)
Drew I know you're eager to chase the mail truck, Dogcopter. But the mail truck is a decoy. Good boys chase the blue car. Be a good boy, Dogcopter.
(Dogcopter flies to the blue car, opens the trunk, and removes a bomb and a small box.)
Drew Nice work, DC! Now get the bomb off the bridge! We're almost out of time!
(The timer runs out on the bomb and Dogcopter throws it off the bridge. He is thrown to the ground by the explosion.
Drew Dogcopter! No!
(Drew runs up to him.)
Drew Dogcopter, I-I can't lose you.
(Dogcopter wakes up and opens the small box revealing a ring shaped like a dog bone.)
Drew Is this... what I think it is?
Announcer Dogcopter 6: Till Death Do We Bark: I Now Pronounce You Man And Woof!
[Trans. Int. Steven's room]
(Zoom out to reveal Steven sitting on his bed watching TV.)
Steven Everyone's getting married but me! *turns pink* Ughhh! I feel like poop.
(Steven grabs his phone and calls the Gems.)
Steven I wish the Gems weren't doing a field trip this week. I wonder if they have any reception.
(The Gems don't pick up.)
Steven I guess not.
(Steven looks upset as he looks at Connie's name in his contact list, then he calls his Dad. Greg picks up and Steven gets happy as he returns to his normal color.)
(on phone)
Hey, Steven!
Steven Hey, Dad! How's it going?
(on phone)
The tour's been going great, what's been going on with you? Throwing any big parties while you got the house to yourself?
Steven *sarcastically* Yeah, you know me. But, I'm really glad you're getting home tonight. I really need to talk to someone about what happened between me and Connie.
(on phone)
*laughs* Sorry, Steven. What was that? Sadie and Shep have been working on a new routine, you'll never believe what they throw into the audience! Hey, guess what? The tour's been extended!
Steven Wow. That's— that's great!
(on phone)
Yeah. You know, you were so right about this whole manager thing, Steven. I love it! I can't believe I'm touring again. Oh. We're about to head into another tunnel, do you wanna call me back with whatever you wanted to talk about?
Steven I-It wasn't important.
(on phone)
You sure? We can stop by on our way through Delmarva.
Steven No. It's okay, just uh— have fun!
(Greg hangs up and Steven sighs. Then he is seen walking to the fridge, Steven opens the freezer and glows pink when he sees Connie's glow bracelet. Steven's body suddenly swells up a huge amount and rips his clothes, then goes back to normal as he throws a box from the freezer onto the floor. Steven is shocked and pants. He goes to sit down on the couch with his phone and breathes in heavily, then glows pink again as he looks at Connie's name.)
Steven I shouldn't worry her.
(Connie calls Steven.)
Steven Ah! I-I'll let it go to voicemail.
(Steven's right arm swells up, answering the call from Connie. His arm goes back to normal.)
(on phone)
Steven! Are you there?
Steven H-Hey, Connie! What's up?
(on phone)
Steven! I've been worried about you. A-Are you... glowing?
Steven Oh! Am I?
(Steven's face swells up.)
(on phone)
Ah! What's happening to your face?!
Steven *mumbles* Why? What's wrong with my face?
(on phone)
Steven *mumbles* Oh, right. The swelling. My body just keeps randomly growing. B-but, it doesn't hurt or anything, it's fine!
(on phone)
How long as it been happening?
Steven Since... this morning.
(Steven's face swells up more.)
(on phone)
What do the Gems think?
Steven I can't reach them. (Steven's body swells up again as he is talking.) They're doing a school field-trip out in the wilderness. It's nothing to worry about anyway.
(on phone)
You really don't look well, maybe you should see a doctor. My mom can see you at the hospital!
Steven I wouldn't want to waste her time.
(on phone)
Steven, you need to see a medical professional.
(Steven's face is swelled up again.)
Steven Right. Okay...
[Trans. Int. Hospital]
(Steven is seen sitting on top of an examination table, while Connie is standing next to him, and Priyanka is talking to them.)
Priyanka You're lucky I had a cancellation today, normally I'm booked up weeks in advance.
Connie Think you'll be able to help him? Even if this is some sort of Gem issue.
Priyanka Gem issue or not, you have a human body. Which means we can run tests. At the very least we can determine if you're suffering from a non-Gem condition.
Connie See? I'll go wait outside. I'm sure it'll all be fine!
(Connie leaves the room and picks up her phone to call Greg.)
Priyanka Let's start with your symptoms.
(Priyanka puts a thermometer in Steven's ear.)
Priyanka Hm. Mild fever.
(Steven glows pink as she walks away to grab a stethoscope, then comes back.)
Priyanka Glowing pink color to skin.
(Priyanka checks Steven's heartbeat, then has a listen to his gem. It makes a sound.)
Priyanka Hmm.
(Priyanka goes to grab a blood pressure machine, then comes back and puts it around Steven's arm. As she takes his blood pressure, Steven's arm swells up and rips the machine. Priyanka falls to the ground in shock. Steven returns to his normal color again.
Priyanka *takes note on clipboard* Blood pressure is... high! *gets up* Well, these readings are certainly... interesting. If you don't mind me asking, who's your GP?
Steven GP?
Priyanka You know, your general practitioner? Your regular doctor?
Steven I guess you? I've never been to the doctor before.
Priyanka You're 16 years old and you've never been to the doctor?!
(Steven goes pink and his body swells up again, then goes back. Steven pants in stress.)
Priyanka I-It's okay! It's okay! I'll have a talk with your father later. We'll just need to run some more tests.
(Steven looks at her scared.)
Priyanka Get undressed, and lets get you into a hospital gown.
(Priyanka opens the cabinet and tries to find a hospital gown for Steven.)
Steven Is that one of those blue things that doesn't cover your butt?
Priyanka *throws the gown next to Steven* Yes. Now lets get started. *puts glove on*
(Priyanka puts a tongue depressor into Steven's mouth, Steven glows pink again. Next, Priyanka tries to measure Steven's height, but his neck keeps changing in length. She then hits Steven's leg with a reflex hammer, triggering a bubble that traps her arm. Finally, she gives Steven an x-ray. Later, Priyanka sits Steven down as they are going through some x-rays.
Priyanka So this is a typical human skeleton. Now, a couple of months ago, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl allowed me to x-ray them for research purposes. Their charts look like this.
(Priyanka goes through the gems' x-rays one by one, with only their gemstones showing due to their bodies being made of light.)
Priyanka Only their gems appear on the radiograph.
(Amethyst's x-ray shows some food and other objects that she has eaten.)
Priyanka *clears throat* And this is your chart. Definitely a human skeleton. There's a clear history of numerous fractures like here on the skull. Everything is perfectly aligned. It almost looks like as if the bones healed themselves the instant the injuries occurred.
Steven That's good, right?
Priyanka Well, you seem to have made a series of miraculous recoveries, but that doesn't change the fact that you experienced trauma. You've recovered physically, but have you recovered mentally?
Steven You think there's something wrong with my brain?!
Priyanka Not wrong! It's that adverse childhood experiences, or childhood trauma, can have a lasting impact on how your body responds to stress. This can affect your social, emotional, and physical development. When humans are in crisis, the brain releases the hormone cortisol. Your heart races, your muscles tense. I wonder if your body is reacting to a gem equivalent of cortisol. Steven, do you remember anything bad in your childhood that particularly stuck with you?
Steven I-I guess. I kinda freaked out when they cancelled my favorite ice cream, and then I got attacked by a giant bug monster, and I got trapped in a bubble and almost drowned, I lost control of my body and turned into a blob of cats, I almost turned so old I died, Amethyst almost died, Pearl did die, Garnet got destabilized right in front of me, I woke up with a black eye imprisoned on a spaceship—
Priyanka Steven, this is serious!
Steven But— that was just the early stuff!
Priyanka I think all these experiences have been subjecting your body to a harmful amount of stress, and that's affecting your ability to respond to new forms of stress in a healthy way. You've been dealing with genuine threats from such a young age, your body is now responding to minor threats as if your life were in danger!
Steven But— why am I only swelling up now?
Priyanka Stress is less harmful when we have people we trust to help us through it. Maybe if— if you're losing your supportive relationships, or if you had a recent experience that was practically off—
(Steven screams as he turns pink, falls out of the chair and rapidly swells up, cracking the ceiling.)
Connie What's going on?!
(Steven struggles to control his massive swelling as Connie runs in and goes to her Mom.)
Connie Mom! What's happening?!
Priyanka I don't know, I just asked if he had any stressful experiences lately.
Connie Steven, you don't think..?
Steven *continues to swell* It's not you, Connie! It's everything that happened before!
Priyanka What is he talking about?
Steven You haven't told your Mom?!
Priyanka Told me what?!
Steven It's not your fault, I think I just need you to leave!
Priyanka This is a medical emergency, I am not leaving!
Connie Mom! Us being here is making it worse!
Steven AHHHHH!
(Steven breaks the roof again and makes the alarm go off, his hospital gown rips off as he grows.)
Steven Oh, no! Please— j-just GO!
Connie Steven!
Steven I...! can't...! be AROUND YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!
(Steven's shout shatters the windows. He then breathes heavily as Greg comes rushing through the door.)
Greg Steven!
Steven Dad...?
Greg I'm here! *runs up to him*'
Connie Come on, Mom. Lets give them space.
Priyanka Right.
Steven H-How'd you know I was here?
Greg Connie called me about an hour ago.
(Priyanka and Connie start to leave the room.)
Steven Connie...
(Connie pauses.)
Steven Thank you...
Connie Yeah... I'll be here when you're ready.
(They leave the room.)
Greg Steven, I'm sorry! If I'd have known I—
Steven It's fine, Dad. You were busy, and I didn't know what was going on.
Greg Come on, Steven. Talk to me.
Steven I- Well- I um- I proposed to Connie! *tears up*
Greg You what?!
Steven She said no...
Greg Oh, Steven...
Steven My body, it's reacting like it's the end of the world! I think I've seen the world almost end so many times now that- everything that goes wrong feels that- that extreme! I should be feeling so good these days, the Earth is safe, it's Era 3. But I'm swelling up over these third-era problems! What do I do? How do I move on from all the stuff I've been through? How do I live life if it always feels like I'm about to die?!
Greg *holds Steven's finger* It's gonna be alright, schtu-ball. I'm here for you.
(Greg's words shrink Steven back to his normal size. Greg walks up to him.)
Steven I just— I wanna go home.
[Trans. Int. Steven's room]
(Steven is seen in his bed with Greg sitting with him, Greg gives him a cup of tea.)
Steven I guess I thought I could just follow Connie to college. Like if we got married I'd know what to do with myself. But I'm the one that's gotta figure that stuff out.
Greg Cut yourself some slack. It's okay to be worried and make some mistakes when you're figuring out what to do with your life. That's not unusual. Uh— the magic swelling is a little unusual, but that's okay too! If you wanna be a giant boy, we can use the car wash as a shower.
(Steven spits out his tea.)
Steven Dad, your tour! I've—
Greg Don't worry about me. Just get some rest, kiddo. You don't have to solve all your problems in one night.
Steven Yeah. Thanks, Dad.

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