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Heap of Trouble is the third Steven Universe game, and it can be played here.


Steven Universe is in a "Heap of Trouble!" Steven's Room has reached maximum capacity! Pack up his mess before the junk takes over! Earn huge combos for packing the same kind of items together. Fill box after box with Cookie Cats, Tiger Millionaire's Suitcase, Creamed Corn, Gem weapons, and priceless paintings- you know, adventure stuff!


Pack as many similar items into the box as you can and then close the box. Pearl will inspect the contents and make sure none of the items goes over the rim of the box. If she approves of your packing, you'll earn points!



Mouse = Use your mouse to grab items and fill the box.
Upside down arrow button = Click to make items appear faster.
Close box button = When the box is full enough, close it to score points!


Blue gem = Shrinks objects.
Green gem = Replicates objects.
Purple gem = Temporarily prevents new objects from spawning.


  • Place similar items together for a bonus!
  • Click on gems to use their powers!


  • An instrumental version of "Be Wherever You Are" is the background music for this game.
  • Despite being released in January 2015, Pearl still has her original appearance instead of her form from "Steven the Sword Fighter" to "Together Alone".
  • The description saying that Steven's room has reached maximum capacity may be a reference to the episode "Maximum Capacity".
  • The background music in the main menu is an instrumental version of "Dear Old Dad".
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