Ah, the Earth. Did you miss me?

Save the Light

Hessonite is a boss and the main antagonist in Save the Light. She is the director in charge of "Squaridot".


Hessonite has a light orange complexion and pale yellow hair in a large curly afro, similar to Garnet's hair. She has a dark burgundy unibrow with a gold-colored visor over her vermilion eye. She wears a sparkly, high-collared cape over an orange-red jumpsuit and thigh-high white boots with jaffa-colored soles. Hessonite's gemstone is located in the center of her chest, and is a rounded rectangle with a rectangular facet.


According to Rebecca Sugar, Hessonite is a pompous Homeworld commander, who shows to also be vicious and aggresive when she is opposed.[1]


Save the Light

Hessonite appears in her inverted pyramid ship, landing on and destroying It's a Wash. She rhetorically asks if the Earth "missed her". She finds the Light Steven and after stating that it still belonged to her she commanded it to come with her.


Hessonite presumably possesses the standard Gem abilities, including bubbling, regeneration, and superhuman durability.


  • Teleportation: Hessonite can seemingly re-locate herself to wherever point she chooses. This ability has only been shown twice so far, and those being in her reveal trailer. When using her telportation ability, the visuals shown are similar to that of a warp pad's visuals when in use.
  • Sword Proficiency: Her summoned weapon is a a pink sword, similar in appearance to "Rose's Sword" but smaller.


  • She bears resemblance to the commander drawn by Centipeetle and may be the commander.
  • Her build and hair is similar to Garnet's, possibly a reference to how hessonite is a type of garnet in real life.
  • She is the first seen single-Gem variety of a gemstone type only previously seen as a fusion.
  • She is the second Gem whose gemstone type is a variety of Garnet to be revealed in the show.
  • She is the second Gem in the show that has been shown to have a sword as a weapon.
  • She is the first new gem to be revealed somewhere else, rather then on the show.


Gemstone Information
  • Hessonite is a type of grossular garnet.
  • Also called the cinnamon stone due to its distinct color.
  • The name hessonite comes from the greek word "hesson" meaning "inferior", due to the fact that hessonites exhibit considerably lower density and hardness than most garnets.


Image Description
Hessonite Gemstone
Hessonite's gemstone is located on her chest. It is red-orange and somewhat rectangular, and has facets around the edge.


  1. Den of Geek: "Hessonite is a pompous Homeworld commander who makes her way to Earth in order to retrieve the lost Prism and transform it back into a powerful weapon. She is the director of the previously announced Squaridot who is also making her debut within the game. Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress Christine Baranski will be providing the voice for Hessonite in “Save the Light”."

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