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"You have to fix this!"
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Int. Crystal Temple]
(Pearl knocks on the bathroom door.)
Pearl Steven?
Amethyst What's going on in there?
(Jasper slams the door open.)
Amethyst Jasper?
Pearl What are you-
Amethyst Where's Steven?
Jasper Right here.
(Jasper steps away to reveal Steven.)
Amethyst Steven? Where have you been?!
(Steven walks off to his conservatory. Jasper salutes him as he leaves.)
Pearl You can't just disappear for days without telling us!
Jasper My Diamond can do as he pleases.
Amethyst Wait, what?!
Pearl Why are you calling him that?!
(Steven walks upstairs.)
Garnet Steven!
Pearl Where is he going?!
[Trans. Int. Steven's Conservatory]
(The Gems follow Steven as he is about to step onto the Warp Pad.)
Pearl Steven, wait!
Garnet You don't need to go.
(Steven sighs as he turns pink and puts a barrier in front of the Gems.)
Amethyst WHAT THE HECK!?
Steven You guys, I love you, but- you can't help me anymore. I've been avoiding the only people in the entire universe who can. Please, don't follow me. You too, Jasper. Find something better to do with your life.
Garnet Steven! Remember, we'll always be your family.
(Steven warps away to Homeworld.)
[Trans. Int. Gem Homeworld]
(Steven enters the Diamonds' palace. Two Quartzes talk about an upcoming election, while Aubergine Pearl gives a tour to a group of Gems.)
A Jasper I can't believe half of Homeworld's gonna vote for that Diamond stooge, Zircon. Now, Zircon, that's a face you can trust.
Aubergine Pearl As you can see, this truly was the center of power in the Gem Empire throughout the second era. When you walk through these storied halls, it's easy to feel as if you too have the power of a Diamond. Now, if you'll follow me this way to the gift shop.
(The group follows Aubergine Pearl off-screen, revealing Spinel standing behind them.)
Spinel Steven!
(Spinel runs up and gives Steven a big, exaggerated kiss, which makes him furious, and causes him to turn pink again.)
Spinel Oh, y'know... the usual.
(Steven calms down and turns back to his normal color.)
Steven Uh, so. How've you been since, uh...
Spinel Since I tried to kill you? That was so embarrassing. I was just a wreck back then, but I am so much better now! So, what're you doin' here?
Steven I need to talk to the Diamonds.
Spinel No kidding. You never call; you never write...
Steven Yeah, I'm kinda going through something right now. I've been glowing pink and swelling up.
Spinel Oh, if you're having trouble with your physical form, I know just who you should see. C'mon!
(Spinel grabs Steven's arm and takes him to Yellow Diamond's quarters.)
[Trans. Int. Yellow Diamond's room]
(Steven and Spinel walks into Yellow Diamond's quarters where she is going to fix a broken Gem of the Cluster Gem mutant named Flint.)
Flint *grunts as it came back in her weak state*
Chert Hey. It's okay.
Steven Yellow, what are you doing?!
Yellow Diamond *turns around and saw Steven* Oh Steven, you startled me. I was just reversing one of my awful experiments. I can't always find every piece but watch this.
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