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This is a transcribed copy of Homeworld Bound. Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Int. Crystal Temple]
(Pearl knocks on the bathroom door.)
Pearl Steven?
Amethyst What's going on in there?
(Jasper slams the door open.)
Amethyst Jasper?
Pearl What are you—
Amethyst Where's Steven?
Jasper Right here.
(Jasper steps aside to reveal Steven.)
Amethyst Steven? Where have you been?!
(Steven does not respond and instead walks off to his conservatory. Jasper salutes him as he leaves.)
Pearl You can't just disappear for days without telling us!
Jasper My diamond can do as he pleases.
Amethyst Wait, what?!
Pearl Why are you calling him that?!
(Steven walks upstairs.)
Garnet Steven!
Pearl Where is he going?!
[Trans. Int. Steven's Conservatory]
(The Gems follow Steven as he is about to step onto the Warp Pad.)
Pearl Steven, wait!
Garnet You don't need to go.
(Steven sighs as he turns pink and puts a barrier in front of the Gems.)
Steven You guys, I love you, but— you can't help me anymore. I've been avoiding the only people in the entire universe who can. Please, don't follow me. You too, Jasper. Find something better to do with your life.
Garnet Steven! Remember, we'll always be your family.
(Steven warps away to Homeworld.)
[Trans. Int. Gem Homeworld]
(Steven enters the Diamonds' palace. Two Quartzes talk about an upcoming election, while Aubergine Pearl gives a tour to a group of Gems.)
A Jasper I can't believe half of Homeworld's gonna vote for that Diamond stooge, Zircon. Now, Zircon, that's a face you can trust.
Aubergine Pearl As you can see, this truly was the center of power in the Gem Empire throughout the second era. When you walk through these storied halls, it's easy to feel as if you too have the power of a Diamond. Now, if you'll follow me this way to the gift shop.
(The group follows Aubergine Pearl off screen, revealing Spinel standing behind them.)
Spinel Steven!
(Spinel runs up and gives Steven a big, exaggerated kiss, which makes him furious and causes him to turn pink again.)
Steven Spinel, what is wrong with you?!?
Spinel Oh, y'know... the usual.
(Steven calms down and turns back to his normal color.)
Steven Uh, so. How've you been since, uh...
Spinel Since I tried to kill you? That was so embarrassing. I was just a wreck back then, but I am so much better now! So, what're you doin' here?
Steven I need to talk to the Diamonds.
Spinel No kidding. You never call, you never write...
Steven Yeah, I'm kinda going through something right now. I've been glowing pink and swelling up.
Spinel Oh, if you're having trouble with your physical form, I know just who you should see. C'mon!
(Spinel grabs Steven's arm and takes him to Yellow Diamond's quarters.)
[Trans. Int. Yellow Diamond's room]
(Steven and Spinel walk into Yellow Diamond's quarters.)
(Yellow Diamond is sitting at her desk reassembling the shattered Gem, Flint, who cries out as she reforms.)
Chert Hey. It's okay.
Steven Yellow, what are you doing?!
(Yellow Diamond is startled, and turns to Steven and Spinel.)
Yellow Diamond Oh Steven, you startled me! I was just reversing one of my awful experiments...
(Yellow turns and picks up Flint, bringing her to show Steven.)
Yellow Diamond I can't always find every piece but watch this.
(Yellow Diamond uses her powers to heal Flint)
Flint Hey!
Chert Welcome Back.
(Flint and Chert share a big hug, happily greeting each other once again.)
Yellow Diamond After all the damage I’ve done it's only right to use my powers for a little reconstructive work on the Gems I’ve hurt.
Yellow Diamond That reminds me, I’ve got to get to work to reconstruct the Gems inside the Cluster.
(Yellow Diamond gets excited and shares even more of her ideas.)
Yellow Diamond Oh, and if any of you uncorrupted Quartz friends want their horns reduced then send them straight to me, I can permanently alter any physical form.
(Spinel excitedly running towards Yellow Diamond)
Spinel Oh! Do me!
Steven Hey, I—
(Yellow Diamond uses her powers on Spinel, giving her muscular arms.)
Spinel She can make my arms really tough and big!
Steven This is cool but I—
(Yellow shrinks Spinel's feet.)
Spinel And she can give me little teeny feetsies.
(Spinel recovers from almost tripping.)
Spinel Ta-da!
(Steven continues to get angrier.)
Steven Won’t you just listen to me?
Yellow Diamond You have the floor, Steven.
Steven My diamond powers have been causing strange changes in my body. I’ve been growing very large and I don’t know what to do.
(Yellow Diamond goes up to Steven, prepared to use her new powers to help him.)
Yellow Diamond Well I can definitely help with that. Hold still.
(Yellow Diamond uses her powers to shrink Steven, much to his dismay.)
Steven No! I don’t want to be small!
Yellow Diamond Oh, forgive the misunderstanding.
(Yellow Diamond uses her powers to make Steven very large, angering him even more.)
Yellow Diamond There, you can be as large as you want.
Steven I don’t want to be large either! I just want to be ME!
(Steven stomps his foot into the ground, creating a large crater beneath him, displeasing yellow)
Yellow Diamond What has gotten into you? If anything's out of proportion its your temper.
(Yellow Diamond starts changing Spinel's form while speaking).
Yellow Diamond You can be big if you want to, you can be small if you want to, but if you’re going to be upset no matter what then this problem isn’t physical, it's emotional. Go see Blue, that's her department.
(Spinel happily spins around Steven, getting ready to see Blue Diamond with him.)
Spinel Blue!
Trans. Int. Blue Diamond's room
(Blue Diamond is showing sitting in her room relaxing.)
Blue Diamond Your powers have been causing you dramatic mood swings? That seems awfully troubling Steven.
Steven You don’t seemed troubled.
Spinel That's because of Blue's cool new power.
Blue Diamond Back before you came into my life Steven, I wanted very one to feel the pain I felt. I realized I must make up for my awful behavior by bringing joy to others.
(Blue Diamond calmly comes closer to Steven and Spinel.)
Blue Diamond In that moment my tears vaporized into clouds, bringing pure joy to those who come into contact with them.
(A cloud brushed up against Steven, causing him to chuckle.)
Steven Huh?
Spinel Just hang on and you’ll be feeling the cheer in no time.
Steven Ugh.
Blue Diamond I think you’d like it.
(Spinel proceeds to jump on a cloud, with Blue Diamond starting to sing a song.)
Blue Diamond ♪ Cold palace walls, and endless empty halls, haunted by echoes of laughter. ♪
(Blue Diamond starts lifting up Spinel's cloud, with Steven staying on the ground using shields to push the clouds away.)
Blue Diamond ♪ You gave a pull, and suddenly they’re full. You’ve thrown the gates open after you. ♪
(Steven is put onto a cloud that Blue Diamond uses to loft him up.)
Blue Diamond ♪ And swept in with the throng, comes this wonderful song! ♪
(Blue Diamond stands up, playing with Spinel and trying to make Steven happier.)
Blue Diamond ♪ My little reason why, I’ll never make you cry. ♪
(Blue Diamond makes heart shaped clouds for Spinel, and continuing to sing as well.)
Blue Diamond ♪ Oh I have got the sweetest things to tell you everyday. ♪
(Spinel jumps down from her cloud, giving Blue Diamond a loving hug.)
Blue Diamond ♪ My little reason why, you make me want to try, loving you ♪
(Blue Diamond ends her song, with Steven still appearing saddened.)
Steven No, no, this isn’t right.
(Steven falls backwards, being saved by Spinel.)
Spinel Hang in there sunshine!
Blue Diamond What's the matter?
(Steven is shown to get angrier and more frustrated, not feeling any better after Blue Diamond's help.)
Steven You can’t just magically make me feel better.
Blue Diamond Yes I can. That's literally my new power.
Steven I don’t want to feel better I want to be better!
Blue Diamond I found happiness. If that's not something you think you deserve then I suspect this is an issue of self worth. I suggest you go to White for assistance with such matters.
(Steven and Spinel leave Blue Diamond's room, with Steven craving answers even more than before.)
Trans. Int. White Diamond's room
(Steven and Spinel walk in and see White Diamond calmly sitting down.)
White Diamond What perfect timing Steven. I’ve just got back from my recent charitable escapade. I’ve been going from planet to planet giving voice to the little gem.
(Steven and Spinel proceed to walk up to White Diamond, prepared to see what she can do.)
Spinel White Diamond's powers work in reverse now!
Steven What does that mean?
White Diamond Why don’t I show you. May I, Spinel?
(Spinel gets very excited, ready to show Steven White Diamond's new power.)
Spinel Yes please.
(White Diamond starts using her powers, allowing Spinel to take control of her. As this happens White Diamond's voice and color changes to match Spinel's.)
White Diamond and Spinel Guess who?
Steven What?
(Spinel starts speaking to Steven, using White Diamond's power to do so.)
White Diamond and Spinel Isn’t it great? Instead of taking control of other Gems, she can channel our thoughts into her body, so we can control her instead. Watch this!
(White Diamond, being controlled by Spinel, starts doing an energetic and crazy dance, shaking the ground in the process and further annoys Steven.)
Spinel You don’t like it?
(Steven looks very uncomfortable.)
Steven It's fine.
(White Diamond stops using her powers, regaining her control.)
White Diamond Oh, what fun. Thank you Spinel, but why don’t you leave me and Steven alone for a moment.
Spinel Okay, don’t take too long.
(Spinel leaves the room, poking her head in just before the doors close.)
White Diamond Now, what is it exactly?
Steven I’ve been getting more powerful. New Diamond powers are coming out everyday and it's, it's scaring me.
White Diamond Oh Steven, so many would dream to have your powers, yet it only worries you.
Steven I’m scared I’m gonna hurt people; I guess I already have.
(White Diamond sits down, getting closer to Steven.)
White Diamond Half a Diamond, half a creature of earth, in all the universe there's no one else that could know what you’re going through, so maybe it's time you talked to yourself.
(White Diamond reaches out to Steven, pointing to him.)
White Diamond Would you like to try?
Steven Okay.
(White Diamond uses her powers, allowing Steven to gain control of her.)
Steven and White Diamond Woah, this is so weird. I’m... I’m... I’m a diamond. This—this is the last thing I needed to see. I don’t want to be you, I don’t want to be anything like you! Why won’t you just GO AWAY!
(Steven, as the controlled White Diamond, punches a pillar, crumbling it.)
Steven Don’t hurt me! ...she can’t hurt me, I’m controlling her. So why am I so... afraid?
(Steven then flashes back to when White Diamond tried to remove his gemstone, feeling terrified as well. He scowls at the memory.)
Steven She's the one who should be afraid.
(Steven then grows big, towering over the fearful White Diamond.)
White Diamond (in Steven's voice) What's... What's going on?
(Steven begins controlling her like a puppet, forcing to stand.)
White Diamond What! no stop it, I don’t like this!
Steven Too bad.
(Now extremely vengeful, Steven begins steering her towards the pillar, clasping her hands to it.)
White Diamond Let me go! Please, you’re scaring me!
Steven This is for everything you put me through!
(Steven tries to slam White Diamond's head into the pillar, in an attempt to shatter her gemstone, However he instead snaps them out of it and hits his own head, allowing White Diamond to regain her control.)
White Diamond (in normal voice) What... what was that??
Steven I—I don’t know—
(Once again swelling up and turning pink, Steven runs away from White Diamond and leaves the room.)
White Diamond Wait!
(Steven runs out of White's room, passing Spinel and the other Diamonds on the way)
Yellow Diamond Steven! Was White able to help you?
(Steven ignores her and continues running. Spinel chases after him, her legs a cartoonish blur as she runs.)
Spinel Hey, buddy! Where 'ya going?
(Steven stops, Spinel drags her feet across the floor to stop herself before she runs into Steven. He grabs her shoulders and shakes them desperately.)
Steven Hey, wait a sec! You used to have vengeful thoughts!
Spinel Ohh, yeahh. But I don't get 'em anymore.
Steven How did you make them stop?
Spinel I met a little someone named Steven Universe! And he told me...
(Spinel starts singing the same song that Steven sang during their old battle on the injector, to which Steven groans in annoyance.)
Spinel ♪ That I, I, I can make a change! You can make a promise— ♪
Steven Don't give me my own advice!
(Steven glows and his face swells up again. The Diamonds then run in.)
White Diamond Steven! Let us help you, Steven!
Spinel ♪ I can make a stand— ♪
(Yellow and Blue look at Steven's appearance in horror and he runs away and Spinel continues to sing before noticing he'd left.)
Spinel Hey, wait up!
(As he runs, Steven swells up even more. He grows taller and his hair becomes poofier, greatly resembling that of Pink Diamond's. A sandal falls off his foot, he doesn't notice and continues making his getaway.)
Spinel Steven!
Yellow Diamond Let us help you!
Blue Diamond We're your family!
(Steven stops and looks back at them with tears in his eyes.)
Steven Please, don't follow me.
White Diamond Steven!
(Steven does not respond to their calls, and instead warps away.)

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