What if you stayed with us until you got better?


"House Guest" is the 27th episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 27th episode overall.


After injuring his leg, Greg comes to live with Steven and unintentionally interferes with Steven's powers.


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While Pearl fixes Greg's van, Greg tells her good old duct tape can fix it. He then offers a hand and struggles to get up, but fails and Steven tells him to take it easy. So Steven suggests that he stay with them until he gets better, an idea that Pearl strongly dislikes. Amethyst reminds Steven he has healing powers, and he licks his hand and touches Greg's broken leg.

Greg still struggles to stand up and he reassures Steven that he merely needs more practice and to cheer up. The Gems then allow Greg to stay with them resulting in Steven and Greg spending time together. This is shown over the song "Dear Old Dad", while Steven and Greg remember the time they've spent together in the past.

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Garnet then tells the Gems that the Geode is cracked and that they must leave immediately, including Steven. Suddenly, Greg feels lonely and Pearl gives him the Warp Whistle, which alerts the Gems when if they are needed back at the temple. At the Geode, Pearl begins to tell Steven that there is a synthetic storm contained within it. She is interrupted by the Warp Whistle. Steven rushes to his father, worried, and Greg says he was just making sure it worked. Steven returns and Pearl attempts to explain the function of the Geode again, but is once again interrupted by the Warp Whistle. Steven states that it is most likely very important and returns to the temple. When Steven goes to check on Greg he is asked where's the remote, to which Steven agrees is a very important question. Steven returns and Pearl blurts out that if the Geode breaks the storm will be released and all their bodies will be vaporized, with Steven comically replying "And then we'd be dead." Garnet then tells Steven that they need his healing powers to fix the crack. It doesn't work, and Steven then doubts himself, when his father uses the whistle, wanting to show Steven a commercial, then asking Steven to get him some doughnuts from the Big Donut.

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When Steven turns back to asks what kind of donuts he wants, he sees him standing and dancing in the kitchen. Greg admits that his leg was healed by Steven's healing spit at It's A Wash, and that he maintained the façade that it was broken as he "just wanted to live with [his] son again." Steven claims that Greg is the reason his healing powers aren't working. Greg tries to take responsibility for the problem, stating that it is all his fault. Steven agrees that it is all Greg's fault and walks away angrily. He returns to apologize and sees that his father is using the Warp Whistle to warp to the Geode and jumps into the beam with Greg. The crack in the Geode is now widening even further. Steven licks both his hands and tries to fix the crack, once again failing to do so. Greg tells him not to worry and that he has another idea, pulling out his duct tape to tape over the crack. Now fully sealed with duct tape, the storm stops, and the sky clears.



Later that day, Greg is amazed to see his van completely repaired by Pearl. To show his gratitude, he gives Pearl a big hug much to her horror. As Pearl hides behind Garnet, Greg admits that he should move back home (to his van). Before he leaves, he hands Steven the roll of duct tape "just in case" he ever needs its help again.

That night, as Steven lays in his bed, he shouts goodnight to his father, who happens to have parked the van on the beach right outside. The episode closes on two heart-shaped irises over Steven and Greg.







  • This episode aired at 10:45pm UTC instead of its usual 10:30pm UTC slot, and is a permanent change to the lineup. The change is being made so as to fit Clarence back into the Thursday night line-up following a routine break from episodes.
  • This is the first episode end with a heart shaped iris rather than the star-shaped iris normally used.
  • This episode marks the first time a full human uses/activates the warp pad.
  • Greg's reasoning behind his lies was that he wanted to live with his son again, indicating that he has lived with Steven before.
    • His lying also unintentionally interferes with Steven's healing powers.
  • Steven has a photo of Connie in his room on top of the bed shelf.
  • This is the first episode to have an ending theme with a different melody than other episodes before.

Cultural References

  • At the end of the episode when Steven is in bed, you can see the cover of a volume of Sailor Moon, depicting main character Usagi Tsukino.
    File:Sailor Moon Book in Stevens Room.png


  • The Warp Whistle strongly references the whistle of the same name in Super Mario Bros 3.
  • A Nintendo Gamecube can be seen on Steven's floor when Greg is watching TV.
  • The bacon Steven cooks for breakfast is a reference to the bacon seen in the Studio Ghibli movie "Howl's Moving Castle."
    • The reference sheet for the bacon names it as "Howl's Moving Castle Bacon."


  • Greg's broken leg and his van being destroyed are due to the events that unfolded in "Ocean Gem".
  • Steven makes a similar breakfast to the one he did in "Together Breakfast".
  • There is a kazoo in the bed side table in Steven's room, similar to those featured in "So Many Birthdays".
  • The Geode made an appearance again in "Warp Tour". When the Gems check the warps, Pearl comments on the geode and says that the geode is still holding nicely.


  • In "Ocean Gem", Greg's left leg is broken, yet throughout this episode, his right leg is broken.
  • When Steven is about to heal Greg's leg, Pearl disappears at the front of the van, but in the next scene, Pearl is in her previous position.
  • When the Gems go back to check on Greg, Garnet's left shoulderpad is black when it is supposed to be pink.
  • When Steven goes back inside to see Greg standing on his two legs, there was a light switch beside the door, and for a few scenes, the light switch keeps on disappearing and appearing.
  • The second time Steven leaves the Beach House, his ukulele and Greg's guitar can be seen, but the first time, they are not there.
  • When Greg falls, the whistle disappears as well as the toolbox.
  • When Greg and Steven are watching the Geode crack, little pieces of the Geode fall off. In the next scene, it's not on the ground where it should've been.


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