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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. Beach City]
(A large thud shakes the ground and the entire city notices, including Peridot and Bismuth, who are cleaning up Little Homeworld. The citizens of the city in the streets look and see a giant Pink Kaiju Monster on the beach who roars loudly. The scene cuts to Lapis, Larimar, and Angel Aura Quartz overseeing the beach on the Little Homeworld tower.)
Lapis What?
(Cut to the Beach House. Wearing her old suit of armor, Bismuth enters the Beach House from the Warp Pad with Peridot and Lapis.)
Bismuth Reinforcements are-huh?
(The three are surprised to see the entire front wall of the house demolished. As they walk outside, they see Connie, Greg, and the Crystal Gems trying to reach out to the monster who is slowly walking around.)
Greg Just calm down, son! Take deep breaths! Deep breaths!
Amethyst Yeah! Relax, Buddy! (The monster's foot lands down near her, making her dive away) Oh!
(Turning, the monster roars loudly. Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis all jump down to the beach.)
Peridot Let's hurry up and clobber that thing!
Garnet Stand down.
Peridot What for?!
Lapis Where's Steven?
Garnet That is Steven.
Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis *eyes widen* WHAT?!
(Steven, now a gigantic pink monster bashes his head against the cliff of the temple, causing an avalanche of boulders to fall.)
Garnet RUN!
(Everyone runs away from the rocks as they crash down and regroup.)
Amethyst He's not listening to us at all!
Pearl What happened to him? First, he says he's a shatterer, and then he's turned into...this thing!
Connie We can change him back, can't we?
Garnet *looking down* As long as he believes he's a monster, he'll stay one.
(Roaring again, Steven begins to move towards Beach City. He also knocks over some more rocks, as Peridot, Lapis and Bismuth run away from his incoming foot.)
Bismuth We gotta keep him away from the town!
Garnet Connie, do what you can to protect the townspeople.
Connie Right! *leaves on Lion*
Garnet You three, draw him into the ocean and hold him there. Let's go guys. *touches Amethyst and Pearl's shoulder to fuse into Alexandrite*
(Steven tries to climb over the lighthouse and towards Beach City, scaring Bill Dewey, Buck Dewey and Lace Amethyst away. Alexandrite jumps on him and covers his eyes. Steven begins to move and squirm around, bashing Alexandrite between him and the hill, forcing her to unfuse. Peridot moves her and Bismuth through the air with her powers and hit Steven, getting his attention.)
Bismuth That got his attention!
Peridot *calling after him* Sorry, Steven!
(Steven jumps out to the ocean to attack them, but Lapis forms a whirlpool under him and launches water chains to restrain him. He begins to struggle and roar again. She holds out her fists to hold the chains.)
Lapis I've got him, but I can't hold him forever!
Amethyst Now what do we do?!
Pearl We can't just leave him like this!
Garnet We need to reach him in there. We need to bring out his humanity.
Amethyst *sighs* You know who would be great at that?
Everyone Who?!
Amethyst STEVEN!
(Everyone looks up to see the Diamond Ship landing beside them.)
Spinel Yoo-hoo! Steven!
White Diamond Is this a bad time?
Amethyst You gotta be kidding me.
(The doors of the ship open and Spinel jumps out, holding Steven's flip flop.)
Spinel You forgot your foot thong thingy-(she sees Steven) OOOHHH, WHA?!
(The Diamonds walk out, seeing the monster. Spinel climbs up on Yellow Diamond's shoulder.)
Yellow Diamond What is going on here?
White Diamond Why is something like this always happening when we show up for a visit?
Blue Diamond What is that thing?
Garnet That thing is Steven. *The Diamonds gasp*
Yellow Diamond WHAT?!
White Diamond IMPOSSIBLE!
Blue Diamond *fearful* Is he corrupted?
Yellow Diamond But how?
Garnet Never mind that. We have to change him back.
Yellow Diamond Leave it to me.
(Yellow rubs her hands and sends an energy aura towards Steven to try and revert his physical form to his normal self. Despite shrinking his head, it immediately reverts to full size and he roars.)
Yellow Diamond *surprised* With my new power, I should be able to alter his physical form.
Blue Diamond He's resisting. Maybe he needs to feel better first. I can help with that.
(Blue conjures up her clouds of joy and blows it towards Steven, but he roars it back directly towards Blue.)
Yellow Diamond *runs in front of her* Look out! *the cloud hits Yellow and Spinel, causing them to burst out laughing* Wow! Your new power didn't work, either!
White Diamond Enough. I know exactly how to help. *walks towards him* If I connect with him and he speaks through me, maybe we'll understand what he's going through. Now then. Do you hear me, Steven? *her gem glows and the atmosphere colors change* Just relax and let me in.
(Steven roars at the colors changing.)
White Diamond Wait. *her eyes glow and she falls back* Ahh!
Yellow Diamond White!
(Blue and Yellow Diamond catch her as she snaps out of it.)
Blue Diamond What happened?
White Diamond Oh! That's not Steven anymore!
(Steven roars, beginning to break free from the water chains.)
Lapis I-I can't hold him much longer!
(Steven's eyes and spikes glow, and he lets out a big, furious roar that pushes White, Yellow, Blue, Spinel, Bismuth, Peridot, Lapis, Greg, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl back and breaks the water chains holding him. The Diamond Ship topples over. The impact causes Garnet to unfuse into Ruby and Sapphire as well. Steven walks towards them, but the cracks in the ground cause The Cluster to emerge and appear, grabbing him. The sky becomes darker as Pearl wakes up, who sees the Cluster holding back Steven and gasps.)
Amethyst *running up* Guys! Look! The Cluster is trying to hold Steven back!
Peridot I can't believe it! He's even stronger than The Cluster!
Bismuth Don't let your guard down. He could break free at any moment.
Pearl Deep inside Steven must be in there, so angry.
Amethyst I knew something was goin' on. I, uh- why didn't I do something?!
Sapphire *crying* If we don't get through to him, he'll stay like this forever! *Ruby and Sapphire sob*
(While Ruby and Sapphire cry, Lapis stands nearby watching them. Greg takes a few steps back, with a scared and worried look on his face.)
Amethyst Dude! You should get outta here before you get hurt!
Greg NO! Every time Gem stuff happens, I run the other way! This is my son! And he's right to be angry because I didn't protect him!
Blue Diamond *tearing up* You didn't protect him from us! *crying* He's like this because of us!
Yellow Diamond *crying* We're the source of Steven's suffering!
Spinel *crying* *blows nose* This is my fault! *sobs loudly*
White Diamond *crying* Spinel! Don't be silly! Everyone knows that all of this is because of me!
Spinel NO, it's because of ME! I tried to wipe his friend's memories so he could die alone on a barren world!
White Diamond *crying* But that was because you were angry with Pink, and if Pink hurt you, it was because I hurt her! Like I hurt Yellow, and Blue, and Steven, and everyone in the entire universe! *sobbing* This is all my fault!
Connie YES, IT IS!!
(Everyone turns to see Connie has returned and she jumps onto the beach with Lion.)
Connie Yes, you hurt him, but this isn't the time to make this all about you! That is not helping! Maybe Steven would care how sad you are because he always puts everyone else's feelings first! But he can't do that for you right now, because he needs us this time!
(As Connie speaks, the sky becomes bright and sunny.)
Connie We all had Steven when we needed him, but the only person who's never had Steven is Steven! He's always been there for us, so, *sighs*... How can we be there for him NOW?!
(Ruby and Sapphire fuse back into Garnet.)
Garnet I know how.
(As Garnet summons her visor, they turn all to see Steven overpowering the Cluster and throwing it down, sending it back to the Earth's core. He begins to quickly run towards them.)
Garnet Okay! No time to waste! Yellow, make me as big as him!
Yellow Diamond Right!
Garnet Blue, lift everyone up!
Blue Diamond Of course!
Garnet Everyone, get in line!
Greg You got it!
Garnet It's time to show Steven...some love.
(As Steven gets closer, Lapis flies around him again and lifts up a wave to stop and distract him.)
Lapis Sorry buddy, I need you to stay here!
(Steven is stopped for a second by the wave.)
Connie STEVEN!
(Upon hearing Connie call his name, Steven turns his attention to see the Diamonds are running towards him while the gems and Greg are being lifted by clouds quickly. Bismuth is being carried by Peridot. Garnet, who has grown to Steven's size is leading.)
The Diamonds STEVEN!
Crystal Gems STEVEN!
(Now the same size as the pink monster, Garnet leaps up towards Steven.)
Garnet STEVEN!!!!!
(A surprised Steven begins to struggle as Garnet lands and holds her arms tightly over him, giving him a hug.)
Garnet *calmly* Steven, when I fell apart, you were there for me. I want to be there for you now. I'm here, Steven. I'm here. *hugs closely*
(Steven stops struggling and stands in the hug.)
Lapis This is working? You hear us? STEVEN! *comes in and hugs him*
(The Diamonds come in for the hug too, with White having an awkward expression. The rest of the Gems and Greg make it in too, with Spinel coming in to tie them all in the hug together with her arms.)
Greg I'm here, Schtuball! Whatever you need, I'll make it happen! You hear me?!
Peridot STEVEN! You never gave up on me for some reason I don't understand! I'LL DO THE SAME FOR YOU!
Amethyst *crying* I know you feel bad! Believe me, I get it! Sometimes it feels like you're never gonna like yourself but... *sniffs* It's possible, man!
Pearl *tearful* Steven, I know how awful it feels to keep a part of yourself secret! You shouldn't have to hide anything from me!
(Steven grunts, as The Cluster reemerges, holding his hand. Connie appears last, jumping from Lion's portal and lands on his nose. She walks closer, hugging him.)
Connie *sighs* Steven... you must have been so afraid to show us this side of yourself. But we're not going anywhere. We're all gonna take care of you the same way you take care of us. You know what? I don't have your powers, but... *kisses him*
(The scene cuts to black, a pink droplet appearing. The scene then cuts to show pink drops falling into the ocean, as Steven cries. His tears start to glow, and then the rest of him as he starts to transform back. Fade to white. Steven wakes up, back to normal, still crying, and notices Connie wiping away his tear.)
Steven Huh?
(Steven looks and sees Blue, White, Yellow, Spinel, Greg, Connie, Garnet, Lapis, Bismuth, Pearl, Peridot and Amethyst smiling at him, and that he is sitting in the Cluster's open hand.)
Steven Wha... I... *tearing up* D- Did I- I'm-
(Lion comes into his vision and licks his face.)
Steven *chuckles* Lion. *hugs him and laughs* Lion! *sniffles*
(While still hugging Lion, Steven, letting out his emotions and he begins sobbing as Spinel sits in the loop in Blue Diamond's hair. Still wearing her armor, Bismuth moves one of her tears away. We watch as the group sits on the Cluster. Fade to black.)

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