Yes, it is! Yes, you hurt him, but this isn't the time to make this all about you. That is not helping. Maybe Steven would care how sad you are because he always puts everyone else's feelings first. But he can't do that for you right now, because he needs us this time. We all had Steven when we needed him, but the only person who's never had Steven is Steven. He's always been there for us, so, (sigh), how can we be there for him now?


"I Am My Monster" is the 19th episode of Steven Universe Future and the 19th episode overall. It is the penultimate episode of the Steven Universe franchise and part 3 of the four-part series finale of Steven Universe Future

Official Synopsis

Everything is not fine.[2]


The episode begins with Bismuth and Peridot cleaning up the damage in Little Homeworld from "Everything's Fine" when they begin to feel the ground shake. Everyone turns and notices a Giant Pink Kaiju looming over them and roaring. Noticing that it was on the beach, Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot warp over to the Beach House and announce that reinforcements have arrived, but are confused when they see the entire front wall demolished.

As they walk outside, they see Connie, Greg, and the Crystal Gems trying to reach out to the monster. Joining their friends, Peridot announces that they are ready to fight, but Garnet declines this, confusing them. Lapis notices that Steven isn't there, and Garnet tells them that the monster is Steven, scaring them. Steven bashes his head against the cliff of the temple, causing an avalanche of boulders to fall. As the group runs out of the way, Amethyst explains that they can't get him to listen, while Pearl is confused about what has happened to him. As Connie questions if they can change him back to normal, Garnet claims that as long as Steven thinks he's a monster, he will stay one.

Steven begins to move towards Beach City, with Bismuth noting that they have to keep him away from there. Garnet tells Connie to try and keep the citizens safe, telling Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot to try and lure him to sea, and fuses with Pearl and Amethyst, forming Alexandrite.

As Steven tries to climb over the lighthouse and towards Beach City, Alexandrite jumps on him and covers his eyes. Steven begins to move and squirm around, bashing Alexandrite between him and the hill, forcing her to unfuse. Peridot uses her powers to move her and Bismuth through the air and hit Steven, getting his attention; Peridot immediately apologizes and Steven jumps out to the ocean to attack them. With him being right where they wanted him, Lapis forms a whirlpool and launches some water chains to restrain Steven, keeping him from moving any further.

Lapis informs the team that she can't hold him for long, with Amethyst questioning what to do next, Pearl saying that they can't leave him as a giant Kaiju, and Garnet stating that they must reach him and bring him out. Amethyst ironically remarks that Steven would have the best job doing the latter. They then see the Diamond Ship landing beside them, while the Diamonds and Spinel ask if this was a bad time. Spinel exits the ship with Steven's flip-flop in hand, saying he forgot it and is blown away at seeing Steven as a kaiju. As the Diamonds follow her, White states that something bad is always happening whenever they visit Earth once seeing Steven as well. When Blue Diamond asks what this was, Garnet informs them that the monster is Steven, shocking them.

Yellow uses her powers to try and revert Steven's physical form to his normal self, but this proves to be ineffective. Despite shrinking his head, it immediately reverts to full size before Yellow ceases attempting to return his form. Blue uses her clouds of joy in an attempt for him to feel better and hopefully calm him, but Steven forces the cloud directly towards Yellow and Spinel, causing them to burst out laughing in regards to Blue's failed attempt at curing Steven. Then, White insists that she can help Steven and understand what he's going through if she can connect with him. Using her power to try and get through to Steven, he proves to be far too powerful for her to control, causing her to fail and collapse. White then exclaims that the monster is no longer Steven. Lapis struggles even more with refraining Steven, and as his eyes and spikes glow, he lets out a furious roar that pushes everyone back and breaks the water chains holding him. This powerful impact causes Garnet to unfuse as well.

As Steven walks towards them, the Cluster's hand emerges from the cracks in the earth caused by Steven, preventing him from coming closer to everyone else. Despite the Cluster's strength, Peridot realizes that Steven is stronger than the Cluster and will overpower it soon. Pearl says that despite the "monster" he is, Steven is still in there, and must be feeling very angry at himself and everything that's happened around him. Amethyst regrets that she wasn't there to help Steven when he needed it, whereas Ruby and Sapphire cry over the thought of him staying a monster if they can't get through to him. Greg refuses to leave, as he claims despite this being a Gem-centered problem, Steven is his still his son and feels that he neglected him by not protecting him from all the trauma he experienced. Spinel and the Diamonds all burst out in tears of being the cause of Steven's inability to deal with his problems, with Blue and Yellow initially taking blame only for White to argue with Spinel about taking the bigger blame of Steven's mental breakdown.

Out of nowhere, Connie replies that while it is their fault, grieving and self-blame will not solve the problem. She points out that Steven has always put everyone's feelings before his own, and that they've had him around when they needed him, and Connie says that this time, he needs them. This motivates Ruby and Sapphire to fuse as Garnet once again, who devises a plan to get Steven back to normal. Steven overthrows the Cluster, sending it back into the Earth's core. As he runs towards them, Garnet sets her plan into action by having Yellow making her the same size as him, Blue lifting up everyone, and rushing him towards Steven. Garnet leaps towards Steven, giving him a hug and explaining calmly she wants to help him as he struggles to escape her arms, and he finally comes to a stop. Everyone hugs him and tells their feelings towards him about all that he's done for them and how they can understand different facets of what he feels, wishing to help him overcome these problems. Even the Cluster grabs his hand, showing that they care for him too. Connie comes up to him last, stating that she understands everything he went through and how he was scared to show his more negative side to those close to him and reassures that everyone will always be with him, as he was always there for them. She kisses him in an attempt to revert him back to normal, as the scene cuts to black, with pink droplet appearing. The scene then cuts to show pink drops falling into the ocean, as Steven cries from everyone's touching words and unconditional love for him. His tears start to glow, and then the rest of him as he starts to transform back.

As the scene fades to white, Steven has fully returned back to normal (but is covered by a sheet due to his clothes being destroyed in the process of his transformation because he's naked). He wakes up to find all of his friends and family standing over him, everybody standing on the Cluster's open hand and happy to have him back to normal. Steven starts to remorsefully tear up over the trouble he has caused at first, but then Lion licks him in comfort. This causes Steven to feel a little better, and he finally lets out his emotions and bursts out crying while hugging his beloved guardian pet, thus ending the episode.









  • The episode's title is a reference to the episode "I Am My Mom".
  • This is the third episode with "monster" in the title, after "Monster Buddies" and "Monster Reunion".
  • This is the only episode to take place outside Steven's point of view without someone telling him the events that happen.
  • When everyone is hugging and embracing Steven, Bismuth's distorted kick drum plays as she leaps onto him, as well as Spinel's distorted vinyl sound playing when she leaps in.

Cultural References

  • Steven's monster form is most likely a reference to Godzilla.
    • Steven's monster form may also be a reference to the Great Ape (Oozaru) forms of Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta from the Dragon Ball franchise. The creature even has a similar roar to the Oozaru.


  • The episode takes place immediately after "Everything's Fine".
  • Garnet's line "He needs love" is a reference to her song "True Kinda Love".
    • An instrumental version of the song can be heard in the background when Connie is giving her speech.
  • Garnet's line "I'm here. I'm here" may be a reference to her song "Here Comes a Thought".
  • The Cluster makes its first appearance since "Reunited". 
  • Peridot is shown to control Bismuth's armor again, the first time being in "Change Your Mind".
  • Spinel, crying over Steven's condition, laments wiping his friend's memories and trying to destroy Earth during Steven Universe: The Movie.
  • White Diamond, who is crying for the same reasons, laments how Spinel was angry over Pink. She herself also laments how she hurt Pink, as well as Yellow, Blue, and Steven along with everyone else before and during the events of "Change Your Mind".
  • Connie uses her voice to encourage everyone as she did in "The New Crystal Gems".
  • During the group hug, there are several callbacks to previous episodes:


  • Sour Cream's phone isn't colored in.
  • When Lapis says "Sorry, buddy, I need you to stay here" before pushing Steven back with water, no Gems are visible on the land next to the Diamond Mech despite previously being there in the shot before.


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