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This is a transcribed copy of "Island Adventure". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Mask Island]
(The Crystal Gems are searching, assumingly for a Gem Monster, on an island. Their search comes to an end on the island's beach.)
Pearl Are you sure it's here?
Garnet It was.
Pearl Do you think it swam away?
Garnet We'll have to look.
Steven *gazes out to the ocean* Whoa...
Amethyst *picks Steven up* Come on! It's time to go. *carries him to the island's Warp Pad*
Steven Awww, already? *steps on the Warp Pad* Wait, wait, can I warp us back?
Pearl *smiles* Alright.
Steven Yes!
(Steven extends his arms to his sides and begins concentrating. The warp stream then beams the Crystal Gems away.)
[Trans. int. Beach House]
(The Crystal Gems arrive safely back at the Crystal Temple's Warp Pad.)
Steven *gasps happily* I did it! I'm the warp master!
Pearl You did great.
Garnet Good job.
Amethyst *has a head of a fly, screaming* Steeeeven-!
Steven Waaaaahh!! *falls off the Warp Pad in shock*
Pearl Amethyst! That's not funny!
(Amethyst shapeshifts her head back to normal with a smile on her face.)
Garnet Ehh, it was a little funny.
Pearl Regardless, we need to warp back out.
Steven *gets up* Can I warp us there?
Garnet We're going underwater.
Pearl *smiles worriedly* And you do need air to breathe.
Steven Then can I tell all my friends I'm the warp master?
Pearl I guess, but-
(Steven runs out of the house before Pearl can finish her sentence.)
[Trans. Big Donut]
(Steven runs towards the Big Donut and enters it.)
Steven I'm the warp master!
Sadie *without enthusiasm* That's nice, Steven.
Lars *mumbling angrily in his sleep* Steven...
Sadie You want a donut?
Steven Chocolate jelly, please.
(Sadie tries to get over the fast-asleep Lars but falls over, collapsing on top of Lars and waking him up.
Lars Wha— huh? Sadie! I, like, just got to sleep! Now I have to start all over!
Sadie Then don't sleep at the counter! I'm trying to work!
Lars Why don't you not work at the counter when I'm trying to sleep!
(Lars and Sadie begins to argue, and Steven ponders to himself.)
Steven Something is having a bad effect on their relationship... and their customer service.
Sadie You could get fired!
Lars Who cares? I'm sick of this place. I wanna go somewhere new.
Steven *gasps* That's it! I'm the warp master!
Sadie Yeah, Steven. I know.
Steven I can take us on vacation! Somewhere warm, and beautiful, and magical. For just the two of you.
(Lars and Sadie look at each other, when Steven barges in.)
Steven And me!
Sadie It could be worth a try.
[Trans. Int. Mask Island]
(Steven warps Sadie and Lars onto Mask Island.
Steven We're here! Come on, this way!
Lars This is way too weird. I'm going home.
Steven No, no, follow me! You gotta see it!
Sadie Come on, Lars! Give it a chance!
Lars Ugh. Fine, but if it blows, I'm out of here.
(Lars and Steven walk ahead, leaving Sadie looking slightly dejected. The group then walks through to the island jungle and arrive at the island beach.)
Steven Welcome to paradise!
Sadie Oh, Steven, it's beautiful.
Lars It's a beach. WE LIVE ON A BEACH!
Steven It's a magical beach!
Lars Is that why my phone has no reception? Why were you even here?
Steven We came here to look for a dangerous Gem creature, that we never found.
Lars Yup, I'm gone. *turns around and walks away*
Sadie Huh? Lars? Wait, Lars, this could actually be kind of fun!
Lars If I'm going to be bored out of my mind, and possibly die, I'm gonna go to work, and get paid for it.
(Lars goes back through the jungle back to the warp pad, but cannot find it.)
Lars Okay, where is it?
Steven What?
Lars The teleporter thing! Where is it?!
Sadie Oh, it wouldn't disappear, would it?
Steven No, no, no. Well, maybe.
Lars WHAT?!
Steven It's okay! The Gems will come to save us when they see I'm missing! Eventually...
Lars Steven! How could you do this?! *grabs Steven* We're stranded!
Sadie Calm down! *gently pushes Lars away from Steven* Is this really the worst place to be stuck in?
Lars Ugh, you calm down. I'm gonna find better reception.
(The group ventures deeper into the jungle, reaching a waterfall with geode formations.)
Sadie Well, I think it's amazing, Steven.
Lars *looking for a phone signal* Nothing!
Steven *gasps* Guys! Check it out! I found these rocks that look like pillows!
Sadie Heh. Good job, Steven.
Lars My rock is too close to those other rocks.
(Lars moves his rock far away from the others and lays down on it.)
Steven Sadie, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Sadie Tell me about it.
Steven You were gonna love it here soooo much, you'd never want to leave.
Sadie Don't worry, Lars is just a tough nut. He can't keep up the shtick forever.
Lars I could do without the audio commentary!
Steven *sighs* Goodnight, Sadie...
Sadie Night, Steven.
[Time Skip — Next day]
(Sadie and Steven are trying to catch fish on the beach. A fish jumps out of water and startled Sadie. She tries to spear it, but misses.)
Steven Any late-lunch-early-dinner yet?
Sadie *sigh* No luck. What about you?
Steven Mmm... no.
(Lars walks by in the background.)
Steven But I can see why. *reveal a wiggling worm with a happy face on his fishing line* My bait is too adorable to eat. Everything on this island has such a bright happy smile.
(Sadie and Steven turn and look at Lars.)
Lars Ugh, no signal over here either. *walks away*
Sadie Hey! Uh, maybe you should help out! If you wanna eat!
(Lars covers his ears, feigning ignorance. Sadie grunts and stabs her spear into the water in frustration, unintentionally spearing three fishes in one go.)
Steven Sadie! We're gonna live!
(Sadie goes over to Lars and holds the speared fishes out to him.)
Sadie I catch, you cook!
Lars You ain't the boss of me. (Sadie grabs Lars's shirt and drags him away.) Whatever.
[Time Skip — Night time]
(Lars cooks the three fishes and pokes one with a stick.)
Lars I don't know, looks done to me. *places a cooked fish on a leaf* Ooh! Who's first?
Steven Me, me, me!
(Lars hands the cooked fish to Steven. Steven stares at the fish in the eyes, unwilling to eat it.)
Steven It keeps looking at me!
Lars Maybe it knows it's your fault for getting us lost. *hands a fish to Sadie*
Sadie Thank you.
(Lars continues to cook his fish. Steven sighs as he puts a leaf over the eyes of his fish.)
Sadie *eating her fish* Mm, mmm! Lars, this is really good!
Lars Hm?
Sadie You can really cook!
Lars Heh, fire. Nature's microwave.
(Sadie giggles at Lars' statement, causing him to chuckle along too. Steven smiles widely at the friendly sight and stands up in joy.)
Steven Could this night get any better?!
(Steven begins to play his ukulele and sings "Be Wherever You Are". As he sings, a montage of the group surviving on the island is shown as several days pass by. do on the island is shown. Sadie and Steven do the fishing and Lars does the cooking. Together, they build a hut, and make crystal necklaces and daisy chains. The relationship between Lars and Sadie has also improved as at one time, Lars saves Sadie from a giant fish attack, tends to her wound, using his pants as a bandage, and even hugs her in their sleep. A new morning breaks as Steven finishes his song.)
[Time Skip — Morning]
(Sadie wakes up and find Lars is not around. She instead finds Steven nearby, tuning his ukulele.)
Sadie Did you see where Lars went?
(Steven shrugs in response. Outside, Lars can be heard talking to his cellphone again.)
Lars Hello? Come on. Come on!
(Sadie, visibly saddened that Lars is still on his phone, walks up to him.)
Lars Dumb piece of junk! No bars. No bars! NO BARS! YAAH! *tosses his phone out to the sea*
Sadie Did that... help?
Lars No! *sits down angrily* I-It's just... *starts weeping* What if I never get back home?
Sadie Oh! You're just really home sick.
Lars Duh! What'd you think?
Sadie *smiles at Lars* No, It's okay. (Lars breaks down and starts crying.) We're okay! *sits down next to Lars and hugs him* Steven said the Gems could be coming for us any day. And, you know... Until then, I got your back.
(Sadie offers a fist bump to Lars, when she notices him stroking her hand.)
Lars Sadie... *still crying* Do you ever get lonely... even when you're around people...?
(Sadie nods sadly and Lars presses his lips into Sadie's. They both start kissing and embracing each other, when Steven starts singing nearby, strumming his ukulele, and interrupts their moment.)
Steven ♫ Why don't you let yourself just be-
Lars & Sadie STEVEN!
Lars *annoyed* How long have you been watching us?!
Sadie Don't you know what privacy is?!
Steven People walk in and out of my room all the time.
Lars *hastily wipes away his tears* Aaugh! *gets up and walks away* I'm gonna go start on a fire...
Sadie *looks at Lars with a love-struck grin, before snapping back to senses* Hey, you don't have to go! W-we're kinda on our own schedule here!
(The group approaches back towards the hut, when the ground starts to rumble. Footsteps and groans are heard as the hut spontaneously collapses, causing the group to scream in shock.)
Lars What the heck?! *latches on to Sadie protectively, and she sighs dreamily*
Steven *approaches the destroyed hut and see a gemstone on the ground* It's a... gem?
(The gemstone lifts off the ground and dives towards Steven.)
Steven Aah!
(Steven quickly encases himself, Lars and Sadie in a bubble shield as the gemstone strikes them, knocking them off a cliff. The bubble pops and the group lands on a ledge on the cliff. A thunder is heard and it begins to rain heavily.)
Steven We have to get out of here!
(The group start running away through the rain.)
Lars What was that thing?!
Steven It must be what the Gems were looking for! It never left the island at all! *grins* It's invisible.
Lars A big invisible thing is after us?! I-I-I want to go home! *starts to cry hysterically* I wanna go home!
(Sadie holds her face in overwhelming guilt as Lars begins to cry uncontrollably. Without hesitation, Sadie grabs Lars and directs the group into the jungle.)
Sadie This way!
Lars *hesitantly* Okay!
(More thunder is heard, as Sadie grabs a pile of leaves and throws them aside, revealing the Warp Pad underneath. Lars is startled in the revelation.)
Steven It's the Warp Pad!
Sadie Lars, come on! Let's go home!
(Sadie tries to pull a heartbroken Lars onto the Warp Pad, who quickly glares at her in anger.)
Lars You knew! *wrenches his arm away from Sadie*
Steven Uh, guys?
Lars It's her fault we've been trapped here! *points at Sadie angrily*
Steven *shocked* Whaaaaaat?!
Sadie Look, I panicked! I hid the Warp Pad! You were just gonna leave, but I knew how much you really needed this! Why don't you ever let me help you?!
Lars Help me?! Are you insane? You trapped me on an island, so you could come on to me! *wraps his arms around himself and sulks*
Sadie Aaaah! *slaps Lars's body* You kissed me on... *slaps Lars again* ...the mouth!
Lars No, I didn't!
(Sadie keeps slapping at Lars.)
Steven Guys, I want to be mad too, but can we do it on the Warp Pad?!
(Sadie slaps Lars too hard and knocks him off a cliff into a pit of mud.)
Lars Waaaaah!
Sadie Lars!
(Sadie and Steven rush forward and look down into the pit.)
Sadie Oh, gosh...
(Lars slowly gets up in the mud pit as he groans in pain, when the Invisible Gem Monster appears and charges towards Lars.)
Lars A-a-aah!
(Sadie slides down into the mud pit and charges into the monster, knocking it into the mud. The Invisible Gem Monster, now covered in mud, roars and engages against Sadie. Sadie keeps ramming into it and the monster keeps picking her up and tossing her away. Steven looks around in hesitation and spots Sadie's fishing spear.)
Steven Sadie! *hurls the spear into the mud pit* Use your fish-murdering skills!
(Sadie puts up the spear and the Invisible Gem Monster charges towards her again, whacking her away. Sadie charges back towards it and stabs the spear into the monster, clinging to its back.)
Steven Go, Sadie!
(Sadie and the Invisible Gem Monster wrestle around in the mud pit. Sadie then manages to pin the monster down and impales the spear all the way through it. The monster poofs away into a blue cloud, leaving only its gem in the mud. Steven then climbs down into the mud pit as Sadie struggles to pick herself up, using the spear as support.)
Steven Oh. Oh, I got this! *bubbles the gem* The Gems are gonna be so impressed. We captured a gem all by ourselves!
(Lars offers a high-five to Sadie, but she just walks past him. The group eventually makes it back on the Warp Pad.)
Steven Sadie! You were amazing!
Lars Yeah... that was really great, how you... uh, s-saved me...
Sadie *coldly* Don't read into it.
Steven We should do this again sometimes.
(Steven warps the group away, as the star iris zooms in on the Warp Pad, ending the episode.)

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