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"Island Adventure" is the 30th episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 30th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven takes Lars and Sadie on a vacation to a magical beach to mend their friendship.[3]


The episode starts with the Crystal Gems on Mask Island. As Pearl and Garnet stand on the island's beach, they discuss what seems to be a gem monster and that it's missing from the island. As Steven admires the ocean view, Amethyst tells Steven it's time to go. Before going, Steven asks if he could warp them home which Pearl jovially allows. Steven is then shown to be able to safely warp all of the Gems back to the house (Calling himself, "Warp Master" before Amethyst pranks Steven by turning her head into a fly's head, making it seem that Steven's warp skills are what caused it). When Pearl mentions they have to warp out again, Steven asks if he can warp the team again, but Pearl tells him no, as they'll be underwater and Steven needs air to breath. To compensate for his lack of adventure, Steven goes and tells Lars and Sadie that he's the warp master.

At the Big Doughnut, Steven bursts in and calls himself the warp master, only to see Sadie and Lars are lying at the counter with the latter asleep. As Sadie tries to get Steven a doughnut, she knocks over Lars and wakes him up, throwing the two into an intense argument. Watching them, Steven once again says he's the warp master, and explains that he can warp the three of them to an island for vacation. Once there, it's revealed that it's the same Geode island that the Crystal Gems were previously at. Confused and angry, Lars asks Steven why the Gems were there in the first place, and Steven explains that they were looking for a dangerous monster gem. Bursting with anger, Lars stubbornly marches off to the warp pad, only to find it missing. Seeming to be lost, the trio spend the night on the island.

The next day, Sadie tries to hunt for fish on the island while Lars tries to find a signal on his phone. Asking Lars to help (who refuses as he looks for a signal), Sadie gets frustrated with Lars and stabs the water with her hunting stick, and catches three fish. Angrily, Sadie tells Lars that while they're on the island, she'll hunt for fish, and Lars will cook it. Later that day, Lars cooks the hunted fish and is complemented by Sadie on his cooking skills. Cracking a joke about fire, Lars is able to get a laugh out of Sadie. Seeing progress in the friends relationship, Steven sings the song, "Be wherever you are". As the song plays, it shows several days pass by and shows key events: The three build a hut to sleep in, Lars gives his shirt to Sadie, Sadie is bit by a giant fish (which is later cooked for dinner that night), and Lars uses his pant leg to wrap Sadie's bitten arm. As the three sleep, Lars and Sadie cuddle.

The next morning, Sadie wakes up alone and asks Steven where Lars had gone. Shrugging, Steven points outside to Lars panicking and still searching for a signal. As Sadie tries to calm him, Lars ends up throwing his phone away in the ocean. Crying, Lars admits that he's very homesick. As Sadie reassures that she's there for him, she tries to fist bump him, only to see that he's stroking her hand. Sadie, as Lars asks her if she gets lonely, even when people are around, sadly watches him and nods. Lars then kisses Sadie on the lips as Steven watches on and interrupts them with the conclusion to the song.

The two yell at Steven, as they were having a moment and Steven rudely interrupted them. Before scolding him further, the three are confronted by a floating gem and get knocked off the side of a hill. Steven then deduces that the gem is the monster they were looking for: It never really left, it was just invisible! As the three run away, Lars starts to sob and desperately exclaims that he wants to go home. Sadie, watching with a look of guilt, leads the three through the forest to a large lump covered in leaves. Uncovering it, it is revealed to be the warp pad, as Sadie had hidden it in a panic knowing that Lars needed the vacation. Blaming her for everything that happened, Lars starts to yell at Sadie, even going as far as to say that she forced herself onto him. Shoving him, Sadie accidentally pushes Lars off a cliff where the monster is hiding.

Terrified, Lars is thrown around by the beast until Sadie comes down and knocks the beast over. Fighting it, Sadie is able to tackle and aggressively shove the beast around, and eventually destroy it as Steven had thrown her hunting stick to Sadie, telling her to use her "fish-murdering skills" to destroy the monster which she does. Obviously hurt, Sadie gets up and uses the stick to walk to the warp pad. As Steven complements Sadie's awesome fight, Lars awkwardly compliments her too, to which she replies that it's not an action to read into. Before they warp away, Steven tells them that they should do this again sometime.



Production Notes




  • It is possible that this episode is continuing where Lars and Sadie's friendship left off at the end of the episode, "Joking Victim."
  • This episode shows Lars and Sadie kiss for the first time.
  • Based on the day to night transitions, Steven and company spent around a week on the island which would make it the longest known time that Steven spent away from the Gems.
  • A sneak peek of this episode was shown at New York Comic Con.
  • This is the second episode in which Steven battles a Gem monster without the Gems, the first being "Bubble Buddies."
  • This is the first time that a Gem is shown being defeated by a human, that human being Sadie wielding her hunting stick to take it down.
  • This is the fourth episode where the Crystal Gems have a minor role. The first was "Bubble Buddies," the second was "Lars and the Cool Kids," and the third was "Lion 2: The Movie."
  • This is the second time Steven's bubble shield is actually destroyed, the first being Lion 2: The Movie.
  • This is Sadie's second major role and Lars' third major role.
  • It is revealed in "Marble Madness" that the name of the island is "Mask Island."
  • It is revealed that since Steven is half-human, he stills needs air to breath unlike the Crystal Gems.
    • But in the episodes "Ocean Gem" and "Space Race," he can still breath in the vacuum of space.

Cultural References

  • The title might be a reference to the Adventure Island series, or even the Islands of Adventure theme park at Universal Studios Florida.
  • Amethyst made a reference to the 1986 movie "The Fly" when she morphs her head into a fly after being transported on the warp pad by Steven.
  • The Invisible Gem Monster and Lars' statement to burn the island are most likely references to the novel "Lord of the Flies", as the plot of the story is children are stranded on an island, and develop a paranoia of a beast residing on the island. Eventually the boy's actions (due to the paranoia and other events) cause them to burn down most of the island.
  • The fight between the Invisible Gem Monster and Sadie may also be a reference to the 1987 movie "Predator" where the main character fights an invisible foe utilizing mud as camouflage, primitive weapons and hand to hand combat.


  • At 1:02, when Steven is approaches Pearl, the star in Garnet's uniform is colored black.
  • During the Song Be Wherever You Are, Steven's ukulele goes through his left shoulder but in the next scene there is a change of position.
    • At the end of the episode, Steven doesn't have his ukulele.


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