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"Issue 10" is the 10th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 18th issue overall.


Connie and Steven head to the beach to work on a school project, and Amethyst's attempts at helping out lead to some surprises with the animals who live in the water.[1]


The comic begins with Steven and Connie returning from a training session with Pearl. As they compliment each other's teamwork, Connie suddenly remembers a homework assignment that is due. She explains that she must study some animals in their natural habitat for her biology class.

Amethyst overhears this from the fridge. She tells Connie that she doesn't need to go out and find animals when she can see any that she wants, and subsequently shapeshifts into various animals to prove her point. Connie politely declines Amethyst's offer, as she needs to study actual animals for her assignment.

She leaves the Beach House with Steven in search of an animal to study. They decide to start with seagulls, an abundant species on the beach that don't fear humans as much as other animals might. Steven throws a couple Chaaaaps out so that the seagulls will land and allow for closer observation. This seems to serve its intended purpose until a shapeshifted Amethyst swoops down to steal the chips, scaring the other seagulls away in the process.

Steven and Connie scold Amethyst for disrupting their study. She responds that she was merely meeting them halfway and that, since she's the only seagull around, Connie will have to study her for the project. The aforementioned explains to Amethyst that she may look like a seagull, but still lacks the mannerisms of one.

Steven and Connie leave in search of another subject to study, this time choosing crabs. As they're watching the crabs interact in the water, a purple one scuttles in as well and the other crabs flee. Frustrated, Amethyst says that she was a convincing crab and doesn't understand what the big deal is. Connie explains again that Amethyst doesn't know how crabs interact in the wild, and that the purpose of the assignment is to observe them to find out.

Amethyst, now offended that they won't accept her help, leaves to go to Beach City Woods. While she's monologuing about how rules are dumb and that she admittedly wanted to show off her shapeshifting prowess a bit, an acorn suddenly hits her on the head. She looks up to find that the culprits are a group of squirrels, who run away after she admonishes them. This leads to her realization that Connie had a point: looking like an animal is not enough if she doesn't know how to behave the way they do.

With this new realization, Amethyst decides to try something different. She shapeshifts into a squirrel and offers the fallen acorn to the group of other squirrels. A fast friendship soon follows. As Amethyst engages one of the squirrels in a game of chase, the branch she's on snaps and she falls below, landing on Connie's textbook. She attempts to save face by explaining that this was merely a coincidence - she wasn't trying to help them this time. She apologizes to the duo for interfering earlier and receives an apology back for her hurt feelings.

Steven wishes that they could view an animal up close instead of through binoculars. Amethyst grants this by bringing her squirrel friends down for them to observe. The comic ends with the realization that Amethyst's shapeshifting was the solution after all, it just needed to be applied differently.





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  • Steven and Connie reference their training sessions with Pearl. They first started training together in "Sworn to the Sword".
  • Amethyst shapeshifts into her cat form which is first seen in "Cat Fingers".
  • Connie calls Steven "jam bud". This term was first coined by Steven in "Sworn to the Sword"
  • Steven feeding the seagulls Chaaaaps shares similarities to him feeding Nephrite Chaaaaps in "Monster Buddies".


  • Amethyst is wearing her debut outfit, despite it being established that this issue takes place after Steven and Connie have already started taking training sessions with Pearl. Amethyst has regenerated prior to this happening.
    • Ironically, Amethyst is incorrectly shown with her debut outfit in part of "Sworn to the Sword", the episode that Connie first began her training sessions.
  • On page 20, Amethyst's hands are flipped.


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