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"Issue 11" is the 11th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 19th issue overall.


After Steven sees a flier for "A Taste of Beach City," everyone gets inspired to make a dish and enter the competition.[1]


The comic begins with Steven walking into the Big Donut. He looks at the variety of donuts on display but soon realizes that he is unable to settle on a flavor. Noticing his indecisiveness, Sadie offers him a new flavor to try: the pumpkin donut. He praises the creation and asks Lars and Sadie what their 'donut muse' was. In means of an answer, Sadie pulls out a flyer advertising 'The Taste of Beach City', an autumn-themed food contest meant to attract tourists during the off season. She mentions that most things at the contest will be pumpkin-flavored and, upon hearing this, Steven requests a copy of the flier.





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  • For the duration of this issue, Steven forgoes his classic red shirt for a blue sweater with stars on it, first seen in "Maximum Capacity".


  • Sadie mentions that Mayor Dewey made 'The Taste of Beach City' contest to unite the boardwalk businesses and bring tourists to Beach City during the off season. In Issue 3, Mayor Dewey orchestrated 'Beach City Food Truck Rally' for the same reason.
  • Pumpkin enters a state of distress upon hearing that most of the food at the contest will be pumpkin-themed. She has previously shown this level of distress when Steven talked about carving jack-o-lanterns in "Gem Harvest".
  • Lars is flustered when Sadie tries to credit him with the recipe for the pumpkin donut. He has been shown to harbor embarrassment for his recipes in "The Good Lars".
  • Onion shows a disdain for food, much the same as in "Onion Friend".
  • Colonel Kernel's Classic Creamed Corn makes a reappearance. It first appeared in "Rose's Room".


  • On page 7, the tips of Peridot's socks are colored dark green instead of yellow.
  • On page 18, a lock of Ronaldo's hair is incorrectly colored to match his skin tone.


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