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"Issue 15" is the 15th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 23rd issue overall.


Garnet takes Steven on a solo mission.[1]


Garnet comes to Steven while he is playing a video game and asks him to come with her on a special mission to retrieve a pair of volatile gems that are of a similar nature as the Shooting Star. They set off without Pearl or Amethyst and arrive by a temple containing the gems in question. Steven challenges Garnet to a race, which Garnet allows him to win. Once they arrive at the temple, they find the gems they seek in the hands of a statue. The gems are known as Frozen Fragment and the Scorching Shard, and they are protected by a special security system that warps the gems back into the hands of the statue if any disturbance is sensed. This prevents them from bubbling the gems immediately.

As the gems are temperature-sensitive, Garnet's plan is to defuse into Ruby and Sapphire, who can each handle one of the gems. The plan initially seems to be successful, as Ruby and Sapphire each grab one of the gems, and they start to make their way out of the temple. However, they are overconfident and distract each other by flirting, which results in the security system being set off. They briefly reunite into Garnet to save Steven from the resulting fire trap. Garnet defuses again for a second attempt. They grab the gems again and assess how they went wrong the first time. However, this quickly digresses into them flattering each other and losing the gems, setting off the security system again. This time, it is Steven who protects Ruby and Sapphire with his bubble against a wave of icy spikes.

In the aftermath of their second failed attempt, Ruby becomes frustrated with how difficult things are when they are not fused. Sapphire also talks about her future vision and how she thought that they would avoid the possibilities of failure that she foresaw. She also remarks that their chances of success were supposed to be higher with Steven's presence, but she is not sure why. This makes Steven realize that his true purpose on this mission must be to guide the two of them. They make one more attempt to grab the gems. This time, Steven holds hands with both of them to keep them from being distracted and successfully leads them out of the temple with the gems. The gems are then promptly bubbled and sent away. Ruby and Sapphire flatter each other and fuse back together, at which point Garnet congratulates Steven.







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