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"Issue 16" is the 16th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 24th issue overall.


Steven and Amethyst sneak out to go to a concert with Jenny and Kiki, but they soon encounter trouble on the way there….[1]


Steven and Amethyst go to eat at Fish Stew Pizza, where Jenny shows them and Kiki a song from her favorite local band. They're all impressed by the music, and Jenny suggests that they all go to a house show that the band is performing that night. However, Kofi overhears this and forbids her daughters from going out that night, because he wants them to be rested in preparation for the business rush that he anticipates on the next day, due to it being National Pizza Day. He threatens to ground Jenny if she touches the car that night. Kiki brings up the idea of sneaking out, which Jenny latches onto. Amethyst and Steven go along with their plan, although Steven worries about getting them into trouble.

That evening, the four of them meet up and set off in Jenny's Car, and they all enjoy the chance to take a break from their responsibilities. As Jenny drives, Kiki uses her phone to navigate. However, she keeps on receiving faulty directions, and they end up stranded in a wooded area after the car gets a flat tire. They have no luck trying to push the car, even after Amethyst turns into the Purple Puma. Kiki feels that their only option is to call their dad, but her phone's battery is dead, and Jenny does not want to call him in order to avoid getting into trouble. Steven tries to call his dad, only for a mysterious shadow to dash by and steal his phone. They suspect that a gem monster is responsible. This scares the Pizza sisters, but Jenny remains adamant about not calling their father. Instead, she makes an attempt to call Buck and Sour Cream, but the call goes unanswered as the two are already at the show and one of them left his phone behind.

Amethyst reaches out to Jenny as a fellow 'cool sibling' and convinces her to act seriously in order to protect her sibling. Jenny finally relents to calling her father, while Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz to confront the potential gem monster. However, they find that the mysterious being was just Lion all along and defuse shortly afterward. They then defuse, and Kofi arrives with Greg in the latter's van. Greg and Amethyst work together to put a new tire on Jenny's car. Kofi then drives his daughters home and grounds them for a month. He still rewards them for calling him by promising them that they can go to a future music show, but only under the condition of him driving them there.







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