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"Issue 17" is the 17th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 25th issue overall.


When Steven invites Peridot over to play his new video game Golf Quest Mini Rumble, he gets more than he bargained for when Peridot becomes more than attached to the game.[1]


Steven has just acquired a new video game called Golf Quest Mini Rumble and shows it to Peridot. He teaches her how to play the game. She quickly becomes good enough at the game to defeat Steven multiple times in a row until he leaves to hang out with Connie . Peridot continues playing the game non-stop, even while Steven is asleep, and he starts to grow concerned about her.

Steven confronts the other Crystal Gems about Peridot's addiction, and they agree to try to help get her away from the video game. First, Amethyst and Pearl try to suggest alternate activities to her (a trip to Funland and collaborating on an invention, respectively), only for Peridot to refuse. Garnet goes on to propose that one of them try to beat Peridot at the game. Peridot claims to have mastered how to battle every character in the game, and so she manages to defeat both Pearl and Amethyst in separate matches. Finally, Garnet steps up to battle and plays as an elderly antropomorphic tortoise known as Tartan Tam O'Shanter, who is allegedly the slowest and smallest character in the game. Even so, Garnet is able to use the character to easily defeat Peridot's character.

After being defeated, Peridot becomes aware of how long she's spent playing the video game, and she admits that constantly playing the game and winning at it made for a comforting distraction from thinking about Lapis's absence. The others sympathize with her about this. Steven tells her that he was only worried about her closing herself off from everyone. He reminds her that they're here for her and suggests that they continue playing the game. Peridot declines, feeling that she's had enough of Golf Quest Mini Rumble, and then she becomes excited when Steven tells her that there are other games she can play. Steven decides to teach her how to play a new video game, at a slower pace this time. Steven and Peridot proceed to play a new game together while accompanied by Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst and Pumpkin , as well as two boxes of pizza.



  • Steven
  • Peridot
  • Pumpkin
  • Pearl
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst




  • This comic takes place sometime after "Kevin Party", as Peridot and Pumpkin are living in the bathroom, and Steven mentions hanging out with Connie.
  • The video game featured in this comic, Golf Quest Mini Rumble, is a fighting game version of Golf Quest Mini, the video game that Steven was playing in "Rose's Room". Most of the characters from that game reappear as characters in Rumble.


  • Peridot observes that Windmill, one of the characters from the Golf Quest video game, reminds her of the robot she created when competing with Pearl, in reference to the events of "Back to the Barn".
  • Amethyst suggests that Peridot go with them to Funland, "shorty squad style", in reference to "Too Short to Ride".
  • Peridot mentions that the video games made for a good distraction from thinking about Lapis having left, in reference to the events of "Raising the Barn".
  • Amethyst mentions having gotten "really deep" into a TV show when trying to forget her feelings. This seems to refer to her and Greg's shared addiction to Li'l Butler, from "Maximum Capacity".
  • Garnet also mentions that she spent an entire day playing a video game once, just because it was hard to pull away from. This seems to be referring to the time she played Meat Beat Mania in "Arcade Mania".

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