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"Issue 19" is the 19th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 27th issue overall.


The Gems tell Steven about how they built his house and the struggles that ensued working together. Guest starring fan-favorite fusion Sugilite! [1]


Steven, the gems and Greg work together to fix the Beach House's roof after it was damanged by a recent storm. Amethyst is frustrated by getting something wrong, and this prompts Pearl to reminisce about when they first built the house.

In flashback, the Crystal Gems prepare to build the Beach House. Pearl is confident that they can complete the house in a day without any help from Greg. Greg accepts this and leaves, while promising to return the next day. Amethyst quickly becomes impatient with the work and convinces Garnet to fuse together into Sugilite in order to speed it up. Sugilite's brute force is helpful, but she also keeps on getting precise things wrong, and Pearl frustrates her by constantly correcting her. They argue, which results in Sugilite unfusing.

The next day, Greg arrives and helps the Crystal Gems to reconcile. Seeing Baby Steven also helps them to remember why they're doing this. Pearl admits that Sugilite was a big help, so Amethyst and Garnet refuse. Sugilite makes up with Pearl, and they are able to work together more efficiently this time. This leads to a smoother construction of the Beach House. Back in the present day, Steven realizes that he was helping the Crystal Gems' teamwork out from the very beginning. They finish fixing the roof and stop to enjoy the sunset together.






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