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This page contains content that is considered "level 2 canon" and may be contradicted by the TV series.
This article is about the 2014 issue. You may be looking for the 2017 issue, the Steven & The Crystal Gems issue, or the Steven Universe: Harmony issue.

"Issue 2" is the 2nd issue of the Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios, and the 2nd issue overall.


It's not every year Steven is old enough to enter the Annual Beach City Bike Race, the Gems are going to have their hands full in trying to convince their friend to back out of the competition for his safety... and the rest of Beach City!


Story 1: "Bike Race"

Steven and Connie walk back from the store when they see Buck Dewey stapling ads for the Annual Beach City Bike Race. Buck tells them to enter the race, but Connie says she can't because the race seems too extreme and she has a book report to do. Steven asks the Gems if he could enter the race, but is rejected by Pearl.

Steven argues saying that a bike race isn't as dangerous as what the Gems go through on a daily basis, and Pearl says that the Gems are there to protect Steven whenever circumstances go poorly and mentions that the Gems are too old to enter the race, and Steven is barely old enough to make the cut himself. Steven leaves the house and goes to It's A Wash to visit Greg. Greg tells him that the Gems are just concerned about Steven, and they know that he could get hurt easily, but says that they don't understand how it is to watch a man grow up and encourages Steven to join the Annual Bike Race and tells Steven to wear a helmet. The next day, Connie helps Steven train while Pearl is watching them. Amethyst, eating a slice of pizza, asks what's going on and says Steven can just reform in his gem but Garnet says that they don't know if that can happen. Amethyst says that even if Steven can't retreat back to his gem, he can just go to a hospital. Amethyst then points to the Television where they see a man on a hospital bed whose badly injured, Pearl then wonders if there was a way to protect Steven and let him participate. Later that day, Steven is taking a nap while the Gems work on his bicycle.

At the Annual Beach City Bike Race, Steven and the other contenders are waiting to start with Mr. Smiley telling them to start. However, when the race begins, Steven blasts off at super-speed. The Gems go after him wondering who put the conjunction destabilizer which doesn't work well with the Sunnyside Prisms that are in his wheels. Garnet says that's Steven passed the Canary Cove and tells Amethyst to warp there in order to intercept him. Amethyst, however, arrives too late and misses Steven. Garnet calculates that Steven is at the Moors of Marcoon and Pearl warps there. Greg frantically asks where Steven is and Garnet says she is recalculating and which she tells Amethyst that he may be in The Towers of Desolean, Amethyst prepares to warp there when suddenly Pearl comes back and bumps into Amethyst and later begins to argue with her. Garnet says that the arguing isn't helping. All of a sudden, they hear cheering and see that Steven has reappeared and won 2nd place, with Sour Cream being 3rd, and Sadie winning 1st. The Gems then are relieved with Pearl saying that they shouldn't have worried because, after all, it's Steven.

Story 2: "Lion Tamer"

Steven and Lion are walking by a building when Steven notices a poster for Beach City Pet Contest which the contenders are competing for obedience, beauty, and talent. Steven says that they should enter until he sees Onion walking his pet alligator, Steven then realizes the competition may be challenging and decides to train. Steven and Lion begin their training with Steven throwing a ball to Lion and Lion to throw it back. This, however, fails when Lion doesn't throw it back. Steven then does Lion's mane but Lion ruins his perfect mane. Steven then wants Lion to show off his talent but Lion leaves. Steven then goes back inside the temple, where he is gloomy. Pearl asks what's wrong and Steven says that Lion isn't taking the contest seriously. Pearl says animals aren't meant to be tame but Lion, however, follows Steven thus meaning Steven is special to him and he doesn't need to win a contest in order to prove it. Amethyst overhears the conversation and wants to help Steven win by transforming into a cat, they win the contest with Onion looking at them, jealous.


Night on the Beach

On the 4th of July, Steven and Connie sit together on the beach in front of the Temple. Steven is playing a handheld video game, while Connie watches. Next to them is a picnic basket. Garnet stands behind them, while Amethyst and Pearl run towards them carrying a cooler. Fireworks erupt in the night sky behind them.





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  • "Bike Race" takes place after "Steven the Sword Fighter" and before "An Indirect Kiss", as evidenced by Pearl's regeneration and Connie's glasses containing lenses.
  • The scene depicted in "Night on the Beach" takes place before "Steven the Sword Fighter" and after "Bubble Buddies", as evidenced by Pearl's regeneration and the fact that Connie and Steven already seem to be friends.
  • "Lion Tamer" takes place after "Steven's Lion" and before "Steven the Sword Fighter", as evidenced by Pearl's regeneration.


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