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"Issue 23" is the 23rd issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 31st issue overall.


Steven asks Connie to join him in helping Garnet navigate cat ownership with her new kitten, Cat Steven.[1]


Steven finds Garnet while she is taking care of Cat Steven. Garnet attempts to keep Cat Steven hydrated by spraying a water bottle near her, but Steven corrects her and gets a dish of water for the cat to drink from. He calls over Connie to help Garnet to learn how to properly take care of a cat, as Connie has learned some advice from a veterinarian friend of her mother's. Garnet is not sure if she needs help, because her future vision enables her to foresee Cat Steven's needs, but she decides to make a challenge out of seeing who can help the cat better.

First, they see that Cat Steven needs a bath and has not had a proper bath, as Connie does not feel that finding the cat on a rainy day or Lion grooming her counts. Garnet prepares to bathe her in the bathtub, but Connie corrects her and shows her that the sink is the proper place to clean a kitten. Next, they decide to take out some toys and play with Cat Steven. Garnet decides to take a toy and throw it out through the screen door, then she asks Cat Steven to fetch it. The cat does not respond, and Garnet says that she had done so because it hard worked with Amethyst. Connie proceeds to demonstrate a better way to play with a cat using the toys. They then decide to feed her. Garnet decides that one can does not look like enough for a full meal, but Connie stops her from overfeeding her.

Garnet begins to feel that she is not cut out for properly taking care of a cat, but Connie assures her that she is learning all of the basics and can be a great caretaker for Cat Steven. They then find Cat Steven after she nearly runs away and save her from falling off of a rock. Garnet proceeds to feed the cat the proper amount, and the kids assure Garnet that she's learning how to take care of Cat Steven. Amethyst arrives with the toy that Garnet had thrown outside, and she turns into a cat to play with Cat Steven. Lion soon intervenes and decides that it is nap time. Lion, Cat Steven, and Amethyst's cat form nap together.





  • This seems to be set early in Garnet's ownership of Cat Steven, implying that it takes place not long after "Pool Hopping".

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