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"Issue 24" is the 24th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 32nd issue overall.


Steven, Connie, and the Crystal Gems work together to restore a historic site special to the Crystal Gems from the past.[1]


Connie has passed a difficult test at school lately, so Steven has been thinking of rewarding her by taking her to a "cool gem place". He goes through Buddy's Book to find ideas, and Pearl points one out to him. It is a grove containing special lunar blossoms and luminous insects. Pearl recalls how she showed that area to Rose in the early days of the Rebellion, and Rose proceeed to make a flower crown out of the blossoms for her. Pearl takes Steven there on the warp pard, only to be disappointed when she finds that the grove has deteriorated over the years. There are no signs of either the blossoms or the insects, and Pearl feels that the place is beyond saving, so they return home.

Steven tells Garnet and Amethyst what happened, and Garnet feels that they should make sure that there is no way to help the grove. The three of them travel to the grove and inspect it more closely. It turns out that the lunar blossoms are still there, but they are covered by an invasive plant that has grown over time. Steven, Garnet, and Amethyst work together to remove the invasive plants and vines. They also create a clearing for moonlight to enter through. This allows the lunar flowers to blossom. Steven excitedly brings both Connie and Pearl to the grove, and Pearl is touched to see that it has been restored. Even the luminous insects return to the area! The Crystal Gems end up making flower crowns for each other, while Steven and Connie celebrate.






  • This issue was "originally pitched as a completely different story where Steven and Amethyst coached Pearl in dating etiquette and convince her to call one of the numbers stored in her gem." [2]
  • Steven was originally going to take Connie to a Gem Place for her birthday but Cartoon Network wanted no markers of time so it was changed. [3]
  • The Gems removing the invasive species from the grove is inspired by Grace Kraft's experiences in High School. She says that "Two High School summer of mine were spent working with the Student Conservation Association. Most of my time was spent removing invasive species of plants from forests, like buckthorn, barbary and honeysuckle." [4]

Cultural References

  • Grace Kraft states that "one of [her] favorite romantic Disney scenes is the song “Love” from Disney's Robin Hood and [the Pearl and Rose] flashback scene draws strongly from it." [5]


  • Steven consults Buddy's Book, from the episode of the same name.
  • Garnet recalls having been to the lunar grove in the past, with an accompanying flashback showing her original appearance that was seen in "The Answer".

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