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"Issue 25" is the 25th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 33rd issue overall.


While on a visit to Lars and the Off Colors, Steven and Connie get more than they bargained for when an escape from Emerald doesn't go exactly as planned.[1]


Lars has a dream that he has returned home and opened his own bakery, known as Galaxy Bakery. Everyone, including the cool kids, enjoy his food. After he wakes up from the dream, he finds that the ship is running out of fuel, and that Fluorite is still trying to repair the ship's Nova Thrusters. He soon opens up to Rhodonite and Padparadscha about his problems: how he misses baking and feels that he is failing as a captain.

At the same time, Steven and Connie work on preparing a new care package to bring to Lars. They make several stops: at his home, they find a notebook containing some of his baking ideas. Then, they go to the Big Donut and pick up the VHS copy of a movie Lars and Sadie used to watch, called Dream Ghost. Back at the Sun Incinerator, Fluorite has managed to get the ship's Nova Thrusters back online. This comes with bad news, as Emerald was able to use that to track them. Lars remembers how he talked to Steven about running away from his problems and decided that was the best plan in this scenario. So, he has the Sun Incinerator retreat into a dangerous Nebula. Emerald remarks that her old ship is now as good as gone.







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