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"Issue 28" is the 28th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 36th issue overall.


Lars and the Off-Colors face their biggest fears under the influence of hallucinogenic nebula gases, and Stevonnie takes over the spaceship controls while analyzing the effects of this gas![1]


Aboard the Sun Incinerator, Stevonnie cannot think of a way to wake the Off Colors up, so they opt to focus on getting the ship safely out of the nebula. Elsewhere, Lars confronts Sadie within his dream and apologizes to her for running away when she needed him. The dream version of Sadie is understandable and helps Lars to face his insecurities. This gives Lars hope that he can face the real Sadie when he returns home, and he reverts to his pink appearance. Lars is then able to meet his dream and reunites with most of his crew.

The Off Colors find that they are still separated from their bodies and need to reunite with them to wake up. First, they find Fluorite and rescue her from her trial nightmare. They then seemingly wake up and meet with Stevonnie. However, they are quickly boarded and attacked by Emerald. They ultimately realize that they are still under the effect of the nebula's gases and that Emerald isn't real. After this, all of them are able to wake up for real. This includes Stevonnie, who defuses in the process. Steven explains that they will be safe from Emerald, because it will take her a long time to go around the nebula, and because Stevonnie was also able to solve their fuel problem by funneling some of the nebula gases while fueling out the harmful parts.

Steven and Connie finally deliver their care package. This contains an invitation from Buck Dewey and the other members of Sadie's band to a potluck that will be held for Lars when he returns home. Lars leaves Steven with a message for Sadie: that he'll be home soon and wants to hear her sing.







  • When the dream version of Sadie talks about her music career, an image of the performance from "The Big Show" can be seen in the background.
  • As with other issues of this arc, there are several references to the Lars's actions from "The Good Lars" and "I am My Mom".

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