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"Issue 29" is the 29th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 37th issue overall.


When Amethyst has a sad spell, Steven doesn't know how-or even if-he can help. But Steven is not going to let them stop him, he's going to cheer Amethyst up whether she likes it or not![1]


Steven and the Crystal Gems work together to defeat a gem monster, but it becomes evident that Amethyst is feeling unusually sad. Steven becomes intent on cheering her up and prepares a giant stack of waffles for her, only for her to dismiss them and claim that she's not hungry. She also says that there is no specific reason for her sadness. Steven goes to talk to Greg about it, and Greg attempts to tell him that sometimes people just need to be sad. But Steven does not process this advice, as he gets a new idea: to throw a concert on the beach for Amethyst. He asks Greg, Pearl, Garnet and Sadie's band to all perform at it.

During the concert, Steven invites her to play drums for Steven and the Crystal Gems, but she declines. The concert fails to cheer her up, but Greg assures Steven that it was otherwise a success. He then manages to explain to Steven how sometimes people need to be sad, and that they could not be forced to feel better. He recalls his own experiences, which enlightens Steven. Steven gets a new idea. At the Beach House, he puts together a "sad nest" for Amethyst to use to be alone while she goes through her sadness. The other Gems are away on a mission, and Steven plans to hang out with her dad in order to give her some alone time. But Amethyst appreciates the gesture and asks Steven to be sad with her. They spend the day in the sad nest, and Amethyst is left feeling better. She says that it helps when people do not make her feel like she is broken due to being sad.

Pearl and Garnet return home to find Amethyst in better spirits. Steven and Amethyst explain the concept of the sad nest to them, and they invite them to try it out sometime.






  • During the concert, Sadie wears the outfit she wore for her performance in "The Big Show".
  • Steven attempts to reunite Steven and the Crystal Gems, from the episode "Steven and the Stevens".
  • Steven and Amethyst's wrestling careers as Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma are referenced, from the episodes "Tiger Millionaire" and "Tiger Philanthropist".
  • Sadie is seen behind the counter at the Big Donut, despite her having quit the job to join the band back in "Sadie Killer". Bill Dewey is also seen in his old suit, even though he stopped wearing it after losting the election, as seen in "Letters to Lars".

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