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This article is about the Steven & The Crystal Gems issue. You may be looking for the 2014 issue, the 2017 issue, or the Steven Universe: Harmony issue.

Issue 2 is the second issue of the Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems mini comic book series.[1]


After Pearl's story of the glass monster, Steven has started having nightmares that it is real. What will he do when the people of Beach City start turning to glass?[1]

Product details[1]

  • Print Length: 23 pages
  • Publisher: BOOM! Studios (May 4, 2016)
  • Publication Date: May 4, 2016
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01E0IZ4RQ


The story starts with the Crystal Gems hearing Steven's screams and rushing to him. When the Gems find him, Steven says that he saw the Glass Ghost. Pearl and Garnet do not believe this, telling him that he was just sleepwalking instead. In the background, Amethyst discovers some broken glass which suggests some truth to what Steven has said, and angrily demands that they go home after getting sick of hearing about the Glass Ghost.

Back at the Beach House, Steven is fearful of various glass objects. Pearl calms him down, assuring him that glass does not compose Gems and that there are no such thing as ghosts as Gems cease to exist if something shatters them. Coming to the conclusion that it seems like a ghost, Steven heads to the Lighthouse to ask Ronaldo what it might be.

At the Lighthouse, Steven describes everything that he knows about the Glass Ghost to Ronaldo, who then begins to describe that there are different types of ghosts. When Steven asks which one he saw, Ronaldo admits that he has no idea but convinces Steven to meet him on the beach to go search for the ghost and possibly help it find peace.

On the Beach, Steven and Ronaldo pick up traces of the ghost and follow its trail of broken glass. Excited, Ronaldo runs ahead which leads to Steven falling behind. When he does manage to catch up, he finds that Ronaldo has been grabbed by the Glass Ghost and turned to glass. The ghost turns on Steven and is about to turn him into glass until Amethyst saves him with her whip from a nearby tree.





Cover Gallery


  • Amethyst's coloring matches that of her previous form in the issue's final two pages.


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