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This article is about the 2014 issue. You may be looking for the 2017 issue, the Steven & The Crystal Gems issue, or the Steven Universe: Harmony issue.

"Issue 3"is the 3rd issue of Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios, and the 3rd issue overall.


Greg Universe plans on entering Beach City's monthly Open Mic Night to really show Steven and Beach City that even though he may not have a lot of hair, he is Greg Universe. Meanwhile, the Gems are busy tracking down a beast that the residents of Beach City claim exist but cannot be confirmed. It's nothing but fighting and might fine tunes in this super fun issue!


Story 1: "Open Mic"

The story begins with Greg preparing a picnic while singing a song. He later goes in his van and plays the guitar. Steven surprises Greg and drives to go have the picnic until Steven sees the Gems chasing a monster and tells Greg to stop the van and leaves to help the Gems. Greg goes to the Big Donut and sees a poster for Open Mic, Sadie asks if Greg wants anything. Greg says he was curious about the Open Mic and Sadie explains that he could sign up and they'll put his name in the hat, Greg then asks for two jelly donuts to go.

Steven comes back later in the day and talks about the monster that the Gems were fighting until he falls asleep. Greg carries Steven home while thinking about how he played music in the past. After taking Steven home, Greg plays his guitar until he feels rumbling and is tossed around in his van by the monster's presences, due to him playing music and which the monster feeds off of. The Gems arrive after the monster disappeared and about to leave. Greg asks them how Steven is doing with fighting monsters and Garnet says he is doing great.

The next day, Greg looks into Steven's window to see if Steven was there only to find him gone. Later that same day, people begin to play music at the Big Donut where the Open Mic is being held. The Gems find the monster, however, and see that it senses the music that's being played at the Big Donut and follows the sound waves. Greg begins to play, and Steven sees that his dad is playing, not knowing that he was playing tonight. The monster is then being powered by Greg playing music, Amethyst tries to attack it but the monster manages to get in the Big Donut. Everyone in the Big Donut begins to panic except Greg who is still playing his song who is unaware that he is powering the monster. Steven then gets in and plays the guitar with Greg, but he plays a bad note which defeats the monster. This ends with Greg then saying he's going to teach Steven how to play a proper note.

Story 2: "The Storage War"

The story begins at It's A Wash where Greg is taking a nap. Steven and Connie are both in the storage room playing a game where they're fighting for room, Connie talks to the toys saying that they have been pushed back to 80's clothes mountain where Steven ambushes her. Connie retreats to the bed fort and pulls out the T-shirt cannon and fires it at Steven, Steven pretends to be weaken by the shirts and crawls to a mask and puts it on. Steven then picks up a putt-putt club and challenges Connie where she uses a mop. Connie hits Steven in the face and removes the mask where Connie forces Steven down. Steven exclaims he'll never surrender when the alarm goes off, Connie then says she has to go home for dinner, and Steven says that they should play again in Amethyst's room because there's more weird junk in her room but Connie says it's not a good idea.

Story 3: "Disco"

The story begins with Steven begging the Gems to let him accompany them on a mission involving "super special rare gems". Pearl tells him that these gems are too volatile and that he may be able to go if he had a better grasp on his powers. Garnet gives Steven a disco ball that they got for him to keep himself occupied. After the Gems warp away, Steven, mistaking it for a gem, determines that the disco ball is a test to see if he can harness its secret powers and earn the right to go on missions. Later that day, the Gems return and find Steven lying on the floor, exhausted. He couldn't discover the secrets of the "special gem" and returns it to Garnet in defeat, saying that he now understands why they don't let him go on missions. The Gems then inform Steven that it is a disco ball, not a gem. Garnet plugs the ball in and turns it on, causing the ball to light up and spin. Steven, in awe, exclaims that the disco ball is more amazing than he could have imagined.





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  • "Open Mic" takes place after "Steven the Sword Fighter", and before "The Return", as evidenced by Pearl and Garnet's regenerations.
  • "The Storage War" takes place after "Bubble Buddies", and before "An Indirect Kiss", as evidenced by the facts that Steven and Connie are friends and that her glasses still contain their lenses.
  • "Disco" takes place before "Steven the Sword Fighter", as evidenced by Pearl's regeneration.
  • The Cover A shows a destroyed Gem Sloop.


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