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This article is about the 2014 issue. You may be looking for the 2017 issue, the Steven & The Crystal Gems issue, or the Steven Universe: Harmony issue.

"Issue 4" is the 4th issue of Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios, and the 4th issue overall.


Looks like Fish Stew Pizza is in need of a delivery car and Steven comes up with the best way to help his friends: Lion. This establishment is going to get the ride of their life but at least Fish Stew Pizza isn't going to go out of business... we hope.


Story 1: "Taxi"

Steven and Pearl are at Fish Stew Pizza when Kofi is yelling at Kiki for not telling him that the delivery car was impounded. Kiki says she's been holding onto the tips in order to pay for the ticket. Kofi turns to Jenny, saying that this wouldn't have happened if Jenny had a better relationship with her own sister. He then tries to find out how they can make a delivery when they don't have a car. Steven, from the counter, says maybe he can help them by letting them ride Lion, but Pearl advises him that it wouldn't be a good idea. However, Steven asks her what's the worst that could happen. He then uses Lion to deliver the pizzas, and takes Jenny and Lars to their friend and drops off Kiki at the community garden. Steven returns to the temple, exhausted. Amethyst makes a joke saying that Steven is working for the "man".

The next day, Steven makes Lion into a personal Cab Cub. Nanefua runs up to them and uses Lion to get to the hair salon. Lion then takes Onion to a garden hill and then lets Amethyst, who's dressed up, ride him across a block and takes Buck, Sour Cream, and Jenny to a fast food place where he suddenly leaves them. The Beach City residents then come to Steven and Connie, asking where Lion is and starting to complain. Connie says Lion has missed three appointments, and Steven says he'll fix this.

He then goes to It's A Wash, where he asks Greg to drive some of the residents to their locations, but Greg says he has to take care of his own customers and that gas is expensive. Steven runs off to the Crystal Temple in order to use the Warp Pad to find Lion. The Gems are watching a cooking show where they learn that it's never too early to plan for Halloween. Steven goes to the Warp Pad, but has no knowledge of how to use it. Amethyst transforms into a Squid, and grabs Steven's leg. Steven then goes to the Cab Cub service and tells the residents that the service is no longer running. The residents then leave, and Ronaldo says if he can't get his manga, he'll be upset with Steven. Connie then says that they tried their best, but Steven complains and says Lion had a job to do, and he disappeared while doing it. Connie tries to console Steven, but he walks off saying he needs some exercise.

Steven finds Lion near a shore and questions Lion about where he was, but Lion ignores him and leaves. Steven goes back to the temple and complains while Pearl is trying to comfort him, saying that nobody will remember it in the morning, when suddenly they hear a noise from outside. The Gems go to see where it's coming from and find a monster attacking the residents and see Lion, who is saving the residents, and the Gems go to aid him.

Story 2: "Where In Beach City..."

Gem monsters have invaded the Beach City Boardwalk Party, causing Steven and the gems to get separated and some of Steven's stuff to get misplaced. The reader is tasked with finding the missing friends and objects.

Story 3: "Doppelgänger"

Ronaldo and Steven are looking at a magazine with a person who looks like Garnet. However, Steven doesn't see the resemblance, and Ronaldo wants to prove that the model is indeed Garnet. He starts following them around and taking pictures of Garnet and Steven. Aware that he's following them, Garnet confronts Ronaldo and Steven says Garnet isn't a model, she's a Gem warrior. Ronaldo, however, believes that models are actually magical and posts it on his blog, Steven is dismayed when he sees it.


Cookie Cat

Cookie Cat is on an alien planet inhabited by beetle-like creatures.





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  • Steven recalls the events of "Lion 2: The Movie" when he comes up with the idea to use Lion to provide transport for the Pizzas.
  • When the upset Beach City citizens crowd around Steven, a person that resembles Suitcase Sam sans mustache can be seen standing on the left side of Sadie.
  • The title "Where In Beach City..." is a reference to Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.


  • "Taxi" takes place after "An Indirect Kiss" and before "Island Adventure", as evidenced by Connie's glasses having no lenses and Steven's inability to activate the Warp Pad.


  • When Lion helps the people escape the Slug Monster, he creates a portal that leads immediately to another location, something he is unable to do in the show.
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