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This article is about the Steven & The Crystal Gems issue. You may be looking for the 2014 issue, the 2017 issue, or the Steven Universe: Harmony issue.

Issue 4 is the fourth and final issue of the Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems miniseries.[1]


Steven and the Gems try to defend themselves against the Glass Ghost.[1]

Product details[1]

  • Print Length: 23 pages
  • Publisher: BOOM! Studios (June 29, 2016)
  • Publication Date: June 29, 2016
  • Language: English


The issue begins with the Gems bursting through the wall of It's a Wash after hearing Steven's screams from earlier. They ask if he is okay and Steven tells them that he is okay and that the Glass Ghost was there, but his bubble managed to push it away, where it then retreated through the wall. Garnet mentions that the Ghost is solid enough to touch things but hollow enough to go through them, to which Pearl theorizes that the Ghost must then have control over its density and that they should attack it while it is solid to take it down. Amethyst then finds a trail of broken glass and they follow it to the forest.

In the forest, Amethyst shapeshifts into an owl to get an aerial view while Garnet, Pearl, and Steven search for the Glass Ghost on the ground. Steven finds it attempting to touch a flower but turning the flower into glass instead, which makes him wonder what it is doing. Amethyst suddenly falls from the sky to make a "surprise aerial attack" on the Ghost, but its form is so solid that her punch does nothing and she ends up being grabbed and turned into glass. Garnet and Pearl rush in to help and are both subsequently turned into glass as well.

Steven notices the glass flower again and has a realization, saying to the Glass Ghost that he knows it cannot control its powers and is unable to touch things, but that it is okay and the Ghost can hug him inside his bubble since he will be safe. As the Ghost is hugging the bubble, it begins to squeeze it too hard which causes the bubble to pop and the Glass Ghost to poof. Everyone who was turned into glass is freed, and the Gems run over to Steven and hug him as Amethyst notices that the gem of the Glass Ghost looks strange. Garnet replies that corruption does strange things to a Gem, and stories do strange things to the mind too.

At the Crystal Temple, Steven and the Gems are in the Burning Room bubbling the Glass Ghost's gem. Pearl remarks that the Gem's ability to pass through objects is rare and Garnet says it must have been a strong gem like a Quartz. Amethyst shapeshifts into the Glass Ghost to scare Pearl as payback for the times she was scared by the Glass Ghost story, and the comic ends with the Gems deciding to watch a movie.




  • Flower


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  • Garnet suggests that the Glass Ghost is a type of Quartz due to its strength.



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