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This article is about the 2014 issue. You may be looking for the 2017 issue.

"Issue 7" is the 7th issue of Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios, and the 7th issue overall.


Pearl takes an interest in one of Connie's books, thrilled to have something in common with one of the Gems, Connie tries to set up time with Pearl. Pearl ends up taking story time to an extreme and Connie is going to have to learn to adjust quickly to make sure they make it to the end!


Story 1: "Story Time"

Steven plays his video games while Connie and Pearl are talking about books. Pearl says she didn't know humans have such interesting imaginations and that books are like minor aspects of the gem culture. Connie tells her about a book that involves the adventures of a warrior named Mearl who Pearl imagines is like her. Connie tells her that Mearl inherited her family throne and she created a fake identity in order to reunite her people. Connie then mentions that Sir Argarate had to rescue Mearl but Pearl begins to disbelieve Mearl has ever been rescued. Connie then tells her that Mearl's mentor had been banished behind the shadow curtain and Pearl doesn't believe her. Pearl asks why doesn't Sir Argarate just go and save Mearl's mentor. Connie tells her the Shadow Curtain is the only barrier between Mearl's world and the Heavy Sphere and that once you pass it, your body is broken down and only your essences lives. Pearl exclaims that the author doesn't know anything about actual curtains. Connie then says she just wants to finish her story and tells Pearl that Mearl accepts her place at the throne and the story continues with Pea Pod as the main character. Pearl then doesn't want to listen to her story anymore. Steven asks what's going on. Pearl then states that Connie is telling lies. Connie says it's just a book. Amethyst and Garnet then take Pearl to help with their mission and they warp away. Steven tells Connie that Pearl can get too carried away in certain situations. The Crystal Gems then take on a monster but Pearl charges head on and defeats the monster single-handedly with Pearl exclaiming that she challenges Pea Pod to do what she did.

Story 2: "Wild Animals"

The story begins with Amethyst as a dog fighting another dog, then a raccoon eating disgusting food, and finally a mouse in a maze. Amethyst comes back to the temple and later goes with Steven and Connie to the boardwalk where Onion gets some fish from the pet store. He releases them out in the ocean where Steven and Connie try to save the fish because they are fresh water fish and would die in salt water. They succeed in saving the fish and return them to the pet store clerk that sold them to Onion. Amethyst then wonders if the fish would be happier out in the open instead of being in a tank. At night, Amethyst attempts to set the fish free, but is caught by Steven and Connie. Amethyst then turns into a crow and says that she was just trying to set the fishes free. Connie tells her that she can't just do that. Amethyst transforms into a pterodactyl and flies away exclaiming that they're just fish who are stuck in the fish tank and they don't even realize it. Amethyst transforms into a dog hoping that that night will be fun. However her dog friends are asleep, no deer want to mess around with her, and being a firefly is boring. Amethyst later comes back to the temple, however, Steven is asleep. Amethyst ends the story by watching T.V.

Story 3: "Car Trouble"

The story begins with Greg driving Garnet and Steven in his van on a rainy day. Greg's Van then gets stuck in the mud and Greg tries to free it. Steven asks Garnet to help Greg in making the van move. Due to Garnet's strength however, the van is pushed far away from them, and Greg, Steven and Garnet have to chase after it.

Story 4: "Mean Look"

The Crystal Gems are fighting a Gem monster while Onion is sitting down near the battle, eating popcorn. Steven sees Onion and tells the Gems that he needs to take Onion far away from the battle when suddenly Onion is teleported in front of the monster. The monster then smacks Onion's popcorn to the ground and Onion becomes enraged, Steven and the Gems then look for Onion where they see Onion, whose eating popcorn, and the monster under rocks.





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  • Steven can be seen playing a game very similar to Nintendo's Pikmin.

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