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This article is about the 2014 issue. You may be looking for the 2017 issue.

"Issue 8" is the 8th issue of Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 8th issue overall.


The Gems and Steven go on a mission to a forgotten temple. But getting up the hill turns out to be harder than planned when stone knights come out of the ground to stop the Gems. It's a race for Amethyst and Steven to make it to the top to save Pearl and Garnet!


Story 1: "Clock Work"

The story starts with Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, and Steven trekking a mountain to find a Clock Tower. While riding Amethyst in giant spider-form, Steven talks about his watch and all its gizmos that it has. Pearl asks Steven does it even tell time, to which Steven answers that if it does, he hasn't found it yet. They climb on top of Amethyst as Steven is riding Garnet's large shapeshifted hands. Amethyst asks Pearl what time it is; Pearl finds it annoying and yells at her. Amethyst asks why it matters since time had stopped there, and Pearl answers that it will matter once they reset the clock. A piece of the tower chips off the cliff and knocks Garnet off balance. The stone bricks that fell are sentient and attack the Gems. Pearl destroys the stone brick soldiers, but at the cost of losing Garnet's balance. That leaves Steven and Amethyst to fend off the remaining brick soldiers, which Amethyst accomplishes with her spider thread. She also uses this thread to reach the top of the tower where the clock is located. The two of them enter the clock where Steven finds a gemstone embedded on the center platform. Amethyst tries to start the clock herself but is stopped by Steven. He feels that starting the clock manually would be against the gem's permission, so he instead encourages the Gem with a voice prompt from his watch that says "YOU DID GREAT!"

The clock then starts with the loud bell ringing. The tower then starts to rumble, and Amethyst flies Steven away from the tower in her pterodactyl form. They observe the tower's now decrepit form, with Amethyst stating that all the time it wasn't keeping has finally caught up with it. Steven asks Amethyst to fly him closer to the clock, and the two land on its hand. They find that the clock is still ticking.

Story 2: "Opal's Day Off"

The story starts with Opal about to unfuse, but Steven interrupts her stating that there are still very important missions at the amusement park. Steven takes Opal to various games in Funland, which she wins with her abilities. At the end of the day Steven buys a couple of hot dogs and gives one to Opal, but Amethyst's love for food and Pearl's hatred for it conflict, causing Opal to split up. Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl are shown walking back home from the amusement park.

Story 3: "Dog Show"

The story starts with Amethyst at a dog talent show, transforming herself into various types of dogs and a cat, winning every category in the talent show. The judges then discuss either it's against the rules for winning every category.




  • Steven's Watch (debut)


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  • At the end of "Opal's Day Off" Pearl is seen carrying a stuffed toy shaped like the character Mordecai from Regular Show.

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