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This article is about the 2017 issue. You may be looking for the 2014 issue.

"Issue 8" is the 8th issue of the 2017 Steven Universe comic series published by KaBOOM! Studios and the 16th issue overall.


When Peridot and Lapis turn their corn field into a "haunted" corn maze, the Gems uncover scares and secrets while trying to solve it! [2]


The comic begins with Steven and Garnet standing at the entrance to a corn maze made by Lapis and Peridot. Steven is holding a map and explaining how the maze works, mentioning to Garnet that she should forgo the use of her future vision to avoid cheating. Garnet replies that ignoring her future vision could compromise the 'safety of this mission', but agrees to make an exception for the occasion.

Behind them, Lars and Buck approach the entrance. Lars attempts to impress Buck, scoffing that the scarecrow decorations constructed by Lapis and Peridot aren't even scary. Much to his embarrassment, Buck explains that it's more of a primal terror - a personification of humanity's over-consumption of natural resources.

Buck greets Steven and Garnet and thanks them for the invite. After Steven explains their costumes to him (Steven as a jellyfish and Garnet as ‘a very good mom’), he challenges everyone to a race to see who can complete the maze first.

As he traverses the maze, Steven comes across a hole in the ground bearing mysterious scratch marks. He is surprised to discover that the other side leads directly to the maze's exit. Another discovery comes when he notices a nearby raccoon sitting next to a different hole. This, however, is short-lived when the creature is swiftly dragged inside by a green hand.

Upon investigation, Steven finds a ladder leading downward, although no such thing had been mentioned on the map. Before making his descent, he nervously calls out that it would be a good time for Garnet to ignore his earlier request by using her future vision.

Steven finds himself inside a bunker of sorts. The raccoon is also inside, now accompanied by two additional raccoons. He tries to warn them that there must be a monster nearby but the action becomes unnecessary when the trio suddenly climbs atop a Monster Lizard Gem. Steven promptly summons his shield but, before any kind of conflict can ensue, Garnet calls into the bunker asking him if he is in there.

He climbs out of the bunker to assure Garnet that everything is okay. This fails miserably with the offhanded mention that no monsters are down there. Noting Garnet's look of displeasure, Steven explains that they should leave the monster alone. She isn't there to do harm, she is just trying to care for her raccoon babies. He convinces Garnet that any humans passing through will be safe if the maze's path to the exit is rerouted.

Before they can make this change, Lars and Buck emerge from the hole and approach the bunker. Lars is dragged inside by the monster but comes out unscathed after Garnet poofs it. She notices Steven's sad expression and reassures him that the raccoon babies will be alright.

Inside the Beach House, Steven is wide awake and still worrying about the raccoons. He decides to sneak into The Burning Room to find the lizard monster's gemstone, but instead finds Garnet waiting for him with its bubble.

After successfully rerouting the maze's path to the exit, they return to the bunker's entrance to release the lizard monster back into her home, allowing her to care for her babies. The comic ends with Steven wondering if Lapis and Peridot should be warned about the monster and Garnet replying that, in most possible outcomes, they'll be fine.




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Cultural References

  • A scarecrow version of All Might from the anime My Hero Academia is depicted in the corn maze. He is shown in his smaller 'true form'.


  • Lars continues his trend of trying to impress members of The Cool Kids.


  • Garnet is drawn without either one of her Gemstones in this issue.
  • On page 15, Steven is missing the decorative tassels on the back of his costume.


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