I am made o-o-o-o-of lo-o-o-o-ove. And I'm stronger than you.


"Jailbreak" is the 49th and last episode of the first season in Steven Universe, and the 49th episode overall.


Steven and the Crystal Gems attempt to escape Jasper's and Peridot's clutches.


Following his defeat by Jasper, Steven wakes up in a prison cell blocked by a yellow force field. He is able to walk through the force field as he is half human, then he sets out to find the others. He sees an irate Gem prisoner named Ruby, who is surprised to see him penetrate the force fields so easily. They then hear singing from far away, Ruby recognizing it to be from her lover, Sapphire.

They run through the hallways, and as Ruby calls for Sapphire, Steven discovers that they are in the hand-shaped ship orbiting above Earth. They then find Lapis Lazuli, who is also imprisoned. Before Steven tries to free her, Ruby runs off to go find Sapphire. Then Lapis begs for Steven not to fight their captors and stays in her cell. Not wanting to allow his friends to be hurt anymore. Before he continues down the hallway again, Steven promises Lapis he will come back for her.

As Steven nears Sapphire's cell, he overhears Jasper commanding Sapphire to stop singing, then ordering Peridot to set a course for the Gem Homeworld despite her original mission to visit The Cluster, as Steven (mistaken as Rose Quartz) is top priority.

After waiting for Jasper and Peridot to leave, Steven approaches Sapphire's cell and tells her that he likes her singing, freeing her. Sapphire thanks Steven for freeing her before hearing Ruby call her once more. Grabbing Steven's hand, Sapphire pulls him along too fast for him to touch the ground. After finding Ruby in a large hall, Sapphire drops Steven and she and Ruby reunite, embracing. After reassuring each other of their safety, Sapphire kisses Ruby and they fuse into Garnet. Now whole again, Garnet apologizes to Steven for meeting her halves in this situation, before telling him to rescue Pearl and Amethyst then head to the control bridge, with the help of her future vision.

Garnet is able to hold her own and overpower Jasper in a rematch, while Steven rescues the others and takes over the control bridge, tying up Peridot in the process. By the end of their battle, Garnet throws Jasper into the ship's core and causes it to crash land back on Earth, near the temple. Peridot escapes her captors and falls to Earth in an escape pod somewhere in North America.

After the crash, it is revealed that Steven saved the gems using a protection bubble, and Garnet thanks him. Steven says he "can't believe [Garnet] was a fusion the whole time!" to which Amethyst shows excitement that he met Ruby and Sapphire, and Pearl shows dismay at Steven finding out. Garnet explains that she had planned to tell Steven on his birthday.

After this, Jasper breaks out from under part of the destroyed ship and insults the gems, hypocritically stating that if she had someone to fuse with she'd be able to defeat the Crystal Gems. After she says this, Lapis Lazuli reveals herself by breaking out from under another part of the ship. After looking around she attempts to fly away, but gets grabbed by Jasper. As a last resort, Jasper convinces Lapis to fuse with her in an act of revenge, forming the enormous Malachite.

However, before she can do harm to the Crystal Gems, Lapis reveals that she betrayed Jasper and uses her hydrokinesis to chain their fusion, dragging it into the ocean, saying that she and Jasper will remain on Earth together in misery. Lapis says, "I'm done being everyone's prisoner... Now you're my prisoner, and I'm never letting you go!" and drags the fusion into the ocean. Malachite attempts to un-fuse, but stays intact and vanishes under the water. The Crystal Gems stare at the ocean in disbelief and Garnet states that "[Jasper and Lapis] are really bad for each other."

After this, Steven's phone rings. It is a distressed call from Connie, whom he left a message for earlier. This leads directly into the events of the next episode, "Full Disclosure".








Production Notes

  • This episode was originally the last season one episode; however, in order to air this episode during StevenBomb week March 9th-14th 2015, a few season one episodes had to be pushed back, which caused some episodes to air out of order.


  • This marks the first time the title card doesn't feature the Crystal Temple's hand.
  • This marks the second time a Gem has had a slight redesign, the first being Pearl in "Steven the Sword Fighter".
  • Garnet's shades changed in dominant color depending on whose (Ruby and Sapphire) behavior she was representing.
  • This is the first episode where two different fusions are performed.
    • Alexandrite was formed twice in "Fusion Cuisine". Being the same fusion in the same episode, Alexandrite would not count.
  • Garnet sings for the second time (not counting the opening theme). The first was "Steven and the Stevens".
    • However, this is her first solo song, her first full length song and first song consisting of more than a word for her.
  • Two new Gems are "shown", but have technically been a part of the Crystal Gems during the entirety of the series; they are Ruby and Sapphire.
    • While "Jail Break" is Ruby and Sapphire's official debut, their silhouettes were both seen for a split second in "Fusion Cuisine" when Alexandrite unfused.
  • Peridot and Jasper used an object called a Gem Destabilizer. Its function is to cause Gems to retreat to their gems, making them unable to fight.
    • In the case of a fusion, it immediately destroys their physical form, and forces the individual Gems to retreat to their gemstones.
    • The same technology is used to create barriers in the jail cells of the Gem Warship, preventing Gems from escaping.
      • Steven managed to pass through the barriers unscathed. This is due to him being half human, which causes the field to deliver a slight shock instead of injury.
        • By the end of the episode, Steven seems to only feel a slight vibration from the fields.
  • After Garnet was destabilized and her component Gems were forced to retreat into their respective gemstones, Garnet re-emerges in a body suit with a different color scheme after Ruby and Sapphire fuse again.
    • Due to the differences in Garnet's outfit, it is possible that Ruby and Sapphire regenerated themselves, wearing different outfits than when they had previously fused as Garnet.
      • However, when they fuse into Garnet again, Garnet's body suit's pattern shows a line going down her middle, where she split apart, rather than her previous form, which had her leg separated. It is possible that Garnet has previously un-fused due to injury, something happened to her leg.
        • This is also shown when Pearl reformed with a wrap around her middle after she was stabbed in the torso by Holo-Pearl.
        • However it could have been either Sapphire or Ruby who had the leg pattern, given that both Opal and Sardonyx have a wrap around their middle.
    • This could also be as when the Gem's regenerate with thought, they have different outfits.
    • This can also be seen with Opal.
    • This episode marks the fifth time Garnet's eyes are shown.
    • This is the first time two fusions are revealed as Garnet was not yet confirmed to be a fusion.
    • It is shown that Garnet does not have her shades when she is formed and must instead create them herself.
      • It is possible that she does this in order to hide her third eye.
    • There are 2 versions of this episode with slight variations; one where Ruby kisses Sapphire during their reunion, the other variation being Sapphire kissing Ruby.

Cultural References

  • In an effort to find Sapphire, they end up finding Lapis Lazuli instead, which could be a reference to how people have often confused the gemstone lapis lazuli for sapphires throughout history.
  • Peridot's line "Go to Earth, they said. It'll be easy, they said..." is a reference to the line from Warcraft 2 (1995). However, it could also be from the unnamed Roman soldier in the "Asterix and Obelix" cartoon film The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976). This line is also a popular meme "They said"
  • Garnet's glass-placing animation just at the beginning Stronger Than You is a reference to Mega Man 7, where in the intro cutscene as soon as the game starts, Mega Man places an incorrect helmet instead of his original, but later corrects it, the animations are very similar. Also, more proof to this was that the intro cutscene was a popular joke during mid-90s.
  • Ruby and Sapphire's dance is a reference to Pazu and Sheeta in Hayao Miyazaki's "Castle in the Sky".[2]
  • A symbol similar to a Triforce can be seen on the first floor shown during Jasper and Garnet's battle.



File:Jail Break Steven Peridot's hand error.png

Peridot's Hand Error

  • When Sapphire grabs Steven's hand to run towards Ruby's voice, she holds his right hand. However, while she's running, she's holding his left hand. Then when she stops, she's holding his right hand again.
  • When Garnet sings the line "But I think you're just mad 'cause you're single", her glove is on her bicep instead of on her forearm where it should be.
  • Peridot can be seen with a full hand during the song "Stronger Than You". This happens when Steven grabs onto the Gem Destabilizer.
  • During the song "Stronger Than You", when Jasper and Garnet are by the ship's core, Jasper's visor can be seen broken before it should have been, which happens just a few seconds later.
  • At one moment, Garnet's gauntlet is attached to her sleeve.
  • When Steven looks out of the window to find they are in space, the ship is shown to be a right hand but in every other scene, including "The Return", the ship is shown to be a left hand.
  • When Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven see Garnet entering the control room, Steven's black eye is a regular unbruised eye. Same thing happens when Steven grabs onto the Gem Destabilizer as seen in the Peridot's hand error photo.
  • Throughout the episode the knot on the back of Ruby's head strap can be seen and and not seen.
  • When Malachite appears, her back right leg is light green with a dark green stripe, then in the next scene, it is dark green with a light green stripe, then in the next scene, it is light green with a dark green stripe again.
  • The moment before Steven turned his head to look in Sapphire's cell, his eye was a normal, unbruised eye.
    • This happens again when Garnet enters the ship's cockpit after beating Jasper.


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