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Season 1

Do you know how you can save my world? Sign here, please.
Steven: Ah!
Barb yells at me if I don't get signatures.

—"Cheeseback Backpack"

Wait, Steven! What is a Wacky Sack?

—"Cheeseburger Backpack"

Season 2

Steven: So where you been at?
Oh, you know, just spendin' some time where all the big pictures are made....
Steven: Uh, where's that?
Just a little place called Kaaaansas!

—"Love Letters"

Yeah, life is crazy. One day you're right here in Beach City delivering mail and then the next thing you know, you're on a bus to Kansas, following your dreams of becoming an actor. "Follow your dreams," they said. But no one said anything about all the rejection and sadness there was to be found. So many auditions day after day. So much rejection day after day. That's why I came back. One more rejection would have destroyed my fragile heart.

—"Love Letters"

Ah, young master Steven, pray thee, where is Lady Garnet?

—"Love Letters"

How can a guy have no faults? To be human is to be flawed. A real hero must struggle!

—"Historical Friction"

This could either make or break my career.
Steven: You could lose your job at the post office?
This could either make or break my hobby.

—"Historical Friction"

Season 4

Steven, save yourself... after you save us!

—"I Am My Mom"

No, Garnet, I've moved on, I swear!

—"I Am My Mom"

Season 5

People of Beach City! Are you ready to laugh your butts off?

—"Letters to Lars"

We've got a killer lineup for you tonight! So please welcome the Beach City Laugh-guards!

—"Letters to Lars"

I heard "plumber", and now the Beach City Laugh-guards will preform a completely improvised scene, based on the word "plumber".
Pearl: No, do "Steven"!
Steven: Wait, "cats"!
And no more suggestions for the rest of the show!

—"Letters to Lars"

No no no, cut, stop. Notes, Barb, love how you set up the scene. Amethyst, you don't have to become a plunger, just pretend to have one. Observe, and learn.

—"Letters to Lars"

Peridot: That's way too confusing. You could be holding anything.
I'm holding a plunger.

—"Letters to Lars"


Is the camera ready?


Special, delivery! Can I get a copy of this for my reel?

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