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Jasper is a Quartz-type Gem created on Earth for Pink Diamond in the Beta Kindergarten.


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Jasper was created in the Beta Kindergarten for the sole purpose of fighting against the Crystal Gems halfway through the Rebellion. She is said to have popped out of the ground with her helmet already on her head, and took out eighty Crystal Gems that day. Jasper fought until the end of the war, and is one of many Gems who were able to evacuate the Earth when the Diamonds used the Corrupting Light. Jasper grew an immense hatred for Rose Quartz, believing the story that she had shattered Pink Diamond (not knowing they were the same person).

After the war, Jasper was regarded as the best Quartz soldier produced on Earth and became one of Yellow Diamond's Gems. 

Thousands of years after the Rebellion, Jasper is assigned by Yellow Diamond to be Peridot's escort to Earth while the latter checks on the Cluster and its prototypes. Jasper willingly accepts, in the hope that she will have the opportunity to destroy Rose and the remnants of her army.

Season 1

"The Message"

Jasper is indirectly mentioned by Lapis in her message to the Crystal Gems, where she explains that Peridot is coming to Earth with backup.

"The Return"

The Return 209.png

In "The Return", Jasper arrives on Earth with the mission of being Peridot's escort, assigned by Yellow Diamond, while she checks progress on the Cluster. Upon observing the Crystal Gems, Jasper believes that they are a waste of her time and then ponders where Rose Quartz is because she was looking forward to fighting her. Jasper proceeds to insult each of the Crystal Gems and tells Peridot to blast them with the ship. To Jasper's surprise, the Crystal Gems survive the explosion thanks to Steven's shield. Jasper immediately recognizes the symbol on the shield being Rose Quartz's. She asks Steven, thinking he is Rose, why he took the form of a human boy.

The Return 261.png

In response, Lapis Lazuli begs Jasper not to hurt him, which prompts Jasper to become enraged at Lapis for withholding information from her. Jasper then disregards the mission and wants to show Yellow Diamond what has become of "Rose". Garnet attacks Jasper, but Jasper summons her Crash Helmet, deflecting her punch. She then causes Garnet to unfuse and poof, using her Gem Destabilizer. She lifts up Steven by his shirt, still thinking that he is Rose, and mocks him, explaining how the Crystal Gems are weak and that Rose has failed. She headbutts Steven and places him, the other Crystal Gems, and Lapis, in jail cells on the Gem Warship.

"Jail Break"

Jail Break 127.png

In "Jail Break", while on the Gem Warship, Jasper tells Peridot that they are going back to Homeworld with the captured Crystal Gems and Lapis. Peridot disagrees, explaining to Jasper that the whole point of coming to Earth was to check progress on the Cluster. Jasper, once again, disregards the mission and tells Peridot that delivering Rose Quartz (Steven) to Yellow Diamond takes priority. Later, Jasper discovers that one of the imprisoned Gems is missing from her cell and finds Garnet in the center of the ship. Jasper is annoyed that Ruby and Sapphire are fused again, and she explains to Garnet that "Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger."

Jail Break 287.png

Garnet and Jasper begin fighting; Garnet dodges Jasper's attacks and breaks her destabilizer. Jasper then spin-dives at Garnet and causes both of them to fall through the deck and into the ship's engine room. While Garnet sings, she continues to fight with Jasper, once again dodging many of Jasper's attacks. Finally Garnet catches Jasper and throws her into the ship's main power source, causing it to explode.

After the ship crashes on the beach, Jasper crawls out of the ship debris, obviously injured, and explains to Garnet that she only won because she is a fusion. Jasper catches Lapis when she tries to fly away and asks her to fuse with her. Lapis agrees, and the two proceed to fuse into Malachite. However, Lapis uses chains made of water to tie down their fusion. Jasper struggles to escape, and Lapis drags them both to the bottom of the ocean.

Season 2

"Full Disclosure"

While singing "Full Disclosure", Steven flashes back to several moments from the previous episodes, such as Jasper destabilizing Garnet, hiding from her on the Gem Warship, Jasper stopping Lapis from escaping, and finally Jasper being trapped underwater as Malachite.

"Love Letters"

After emerging from the ocean, Garnet states she was looking for signs of Lapis and Jasper.

"Chille Tid"


When Steven enters Malachite's Realm, it is revealed that Lapis has control of the fusion. Steven's presence, however, distracts Lapis, and Jasper momentarily takes control. Jasper appears exhausted, and when she notices Steven, she becomes enraged. She crawls towards him, repeating the word "You!". When she gets close, she tries to grab Steven. However, she is stopped by Lapis, who once again regains control.

"Cry for Help"

In her message to Homeworld, Peridot explains that she's lost both Jasper and Lapis.

"Message Received"

While Peridot is contacting Yellow Diamond, she is asked where Jasper is.

Season 3

"Super Watermelon Island"

Super Watermelon Island 212.png

The civilization of Watermelon Stevens on Mask Island attempt to sacrifice one of their numbers to Malachite to stop the earthquakes that troubled the island. Thanks to Steven's vision of the event, the Crystal Gems track her down, and fuse into Alexandrite to fight her. Lapis finally loses control of their fusion and Jasper takes over. She releases the chains that kept Malachite back and is ready to fight Alexandrite.

Super Watermelon Island 233.png

As Malachite, Jasper states, "You know, you're right. There really is something more to this fusion thing! It's not just a cheap trick. You've really shown me a whole new world of possibilities!" Malachite is eventually defeated and forcibly defused by the Gems, with the aid of the Watermelon Stevens. Shortly after the fight, a Cluster-related earthquake takes place, creating deep fissures in the ground. Due to Jasper being unconscious, her body slides down a crack. Pearl tries to catch Jasper, but she is too late to save her from falling.

"Same Old World"

Garnet states that the amount of time and strain Lapis spent fused with Jasper meant she would need a lot of time to recover. When she's awake, Lapis realizes she can't go back to Homeworld after what she did to Jasper.

"Hit the Diamond"

Yellow Diamond sends five Ruby soldiers, Eyeball, Doc, Army, Navy, and Leggy, to retrieve Jasper. It is revealed that she was considered the "leader" of the mission, much to Peridot's surprise. Peridot, unaware that her fellow Crystal Gems do not know Jasper's whereabouts, tells the Rubies that they know Jasper's location. Steven lies to the Rubies and tells them that Jasper is on Neptune.

"Alone at Sea"

Jasper follows Lapis while she is on a boat with Steven and Greg. Jasper makes multiple attempts to board the ship, such as pulling down and snapping the string off of the fishing rod while Lapis is fishing, and trying to force her way on, causing multiple loud bangs to be heard and making the ship's engine fail. Jasper finally climbs aboard via the anchor chain and expresses her joy at seeing Lapis again. When Jasper sees Steven, she called him Rose but a "dulled-down" version of her and thinks that he is working for Lapis.

Alone at Sea 179.png

Steven summons his shield to protect Lapis, but Jasper laughs it off and says that it should be the other way around since Lapis is much more powerful, as Jasper describes her to be a "monster". Eventually, Jasper aggressively hits Steven which flings him across the ship's deck. Jasper gets down on her knees and holds Lapis' hand, begging her to fuse with her again since Malachite was so powerful. Jasper acts manipulative, claiming that she changed, but Lapis rejects the offer. Steven sticks up for Lapis once more which causes Jasper to aggressively charge at him, but with quick reaction, Lapis shoots a water fist through the deck floor, hitting Jasper high into the air and far away to an unknown location.

"Gem Hunt"

Gem Hunt 212.png

Jasper follows two Corrupted Gems in the Great North. She poofs one of them (Biggs Jasper) off screen, and later appears in front of Steven and Connie when they are in the middle of fighting a Corrupted Gem. Jasper brutally injures the monster, throwing punches to the face and slamming her to the ground by her tail. Jasper manages to poof the monster by forcefully pulling her gemstone from her body. Steven, Connie, and Pearl (who later shows up) are shocked to see Jasper. Jasper teases Steven, saying "Rose, look what I got.", revealing both of the monsters' gemstones. Jasper then walks away and disappears into the snowstorm.

"Crack the Whip"

Jasper rises out of the ocean on the beach with her two monsters. Before Jasper rose to the surface, Amethyst defeats one of the monsters that appeared first, and Steven bubbles her gem. Once Jasper is on the surface, she is seen on top of the other monster with her crash helmet equipped. Jasper reveals to Steven, Connie, and Amethyst that her plan is to create her own army to rival Rose's (Steven's). Amethyst tells Steven and Connie to go after the monster and that she'll take Jasper herself.

Jasper is amused, but is also disappointed because she wanted to fight Steven, and not a "runt". Jasper then brutally knocks Amethyst on the ground and rolls over her helpless body with a spin dash. Jasper becomes bored, and wonders why Amethyst isn't trying her hardest. She says Amethyst is a Quartz soldier like her, but she's defective, and Jasper says she lives to fight. Amethyst tells Jasper that Rose said she was perfect the way she is. Jasper insults Rose by saying that she had low standards, causing Amethyst to become furious. She spin dashes at Jasper, but Jasper easily stops it and manages to poof her by slamming Amethyst to the ground with her helmet. Jasper holds Amethyst's gemstone in her hand and plans to shatter it.

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When Steven and Connie see what Jasper is about to do, they charge at Jasper and fuse into Stevonnie. Jasper is surprised by the fusion, and after Lion launches the monster toward her, the monster tries to flee, but Jasper tugs her by the tail and mounts her. Stevonnie mounts Lion and Jasper is excited to face them head-on. The two charge at each other, on their respective mounts, and at the last second Stevonnie jumps into the air, throws a shield at Jasper, forcing her to catch it, and they poof the monster with Rose's Sword. Jasper takes the monster's gemstone and tells Stevonnie that she will be back and Jaspers always get what they want. She turns away and retreats into the ocean.

"Steven vs. Amethyst"

Pearl and Garnet return to the Beach House after looking for Jasper, only to hear that Stevonnie managed to fight her back. Pearl uses Jasper's return as an opportunity to train with Steven again. While she's fighting Steven, Amethyst proclaims that if she can't defeat him, she'll never be able to beat Jasper.


It is revealed that Jasper was created in the Beta Kindergarten halfway during the war when Homeworld needed to quickly grow more Quartz soldiers. She came out as the perfect Quartz, as described by Peridot. Later, Jasper is shown to have caged up a lot of Corrupted Gems behind metal bars from Injectors in the holes of the Beta Kindergarten.


Jasper talks to one of the Great North Monsters (who is caged up) about how she is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Homeworld along with being a pathetic Quartz. Amethyst attempts to sneak up on Jasper by walking across the edge of a cliff above her, but Jasper notices and Amethyst falls to the ground. Jasper wonders if she wants a rematch, and tells Amethyst that she was destined to lose to her the moment she came out wrong.

Steven runs to Amethyst's aid and explains to Jasper how that isn't true, but Jasper claims that all Gems must serve the order of the Diamonds, and those who stray away from that objective must be punished. Jasper says that to come out wrong, to not serve the Diamonds, and to protect the Earth are disgraceful acts.

Earthlings 143.png

Amethyst swings her whip before Jasper can counterattack and ends up pushing her back twice, but does no damage. Jasper attacks Amethyst and she falls on the ground, but before another attack can be made, Steven launches his shield and causes an injector to fall, separating Jasper and Amethyst. Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz after Steven cheers her up, and Jasper angrily asks if fusion is the only trick the Crystal Gems can pull off. Jasper becomes enraged by Peridot's laughter and attacks Smoky Quartz head on, but they easily jump out of Jasper's way, causing her to slam into the cliff side and release some of the caged up monsters. Jasper notices that the Corrupted Ocean Jasper is still caged up, and fuses with her. Smoky Quartz is still able to stop this corrupted fusion, and the Corrupted Ocean Jasper flees following Jasper's attempts to forcefully refuse with her.

Jasper lies on the ground with inflamed arms and laughs off the fact that nobody she fuses with ever wants to stay. Green spots began to form on Jasper's body, along with spikes, to Peridot's disgust, causing Smoky Quartz to unfuse when realizing it's corruption. Steven tries to calm Jasper down in order to heal her. Jasper still sees him as the enemy, and says "Rose..." out of breath. Steven explains that he is not Rose and tells her his real name and he just wants to heal Jasper.

Steven licks his hand and reaches out to Jasper, which causes her to lash out and knock Steven backwards. Jasper tells Steven that she understands Rose's methods now: she waits until after Gems are weak and useless and then manipulates them to join her team. Jasper points out how Peridot was stripped of everything, and Peridot explains how the Earth is not a bad place and that she is always learning new things, about the Earth and herself.

Earthlings 278.png

Jasper goes on to say, as her corruption worsens, "Earth… is a prison. And I got out because I’m better than this place. I only came back to finish you off. You can’t manipulate me Rose Quartz!... I’ve been fighting from the second I broke free from the Earth’s crust! Because of what YOU did to my colony, because of what YOU did to my planet, because of what YOU did to my Diamond!" Steven asks "Yellow Diamond?", and to Jasper's dismay, she responds, "My Diamond... Your Diamond... PINK! DIAMOND!" before becoming fully corrupted, revealing that Jasper and Rose both belonged to Pink Diamond at some point. Peridot launches a bar of metal through Jasper's chest, poofing her, and Amethyst bubbles and sends her to the Temple, referring to her as 'sis, indicating her sympathy towards Jasper's fate.

"Back to the Moon"

Amethyst shapeshifts, pretending to be Jasper in order to deceive the Rubies, who had recently returned to Earth intent on retrieving her.


Eyeball reveals that she believed that the Crystal Gems were alive due to Jasper's return for Earth. She wanted to learn whether there were any left for closure, but she was never able to speak with Jasper.

Season 4

"Kindergarten Kid"

The Crystal Gems have to clean after Jasper's mess, releasing and taking care of the rest of the corrupted gems Jasper kept prisoner in the Beta Kindergarten.

"Know Your Fusion"

Both Smoky Quartz and Sardonyx joke about Jasper, with the latter remarking she should "go back to preschool.".

"Mindful Education"

Mindful Education 297.png

Stevonnie hallucinates about Jasper's corruption and refusing to be saved by Steven, though Connie assures Steven it's okay to regret it, but not to ignore it.

"Room for Ruby"

Jasper is briefly mentioned by Steven.

Season 5

"Raising the Barn"

Peridot mentions how if it wasn't for herself, Steven would have been "smooshed" by Jasper.

"Change Your Mind"

Jasper is healed along with all the other Corrupted gems by Steven and the Great Diamond Authority at Rose's Fountain, emerging from the waters of the pool and looking over to see Steven, who she still thinks is Rose Quartz, talking with the now uncorrupted Biggs Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Watermelon Tourmaline, and Nephrite and summons her Crash Helmet in preparation to attack Steven, but stops when she hears Yellow Diamond verbally stop her from carrying out her task.

Change Your Mind 996.png

Amethyst then swims over to Jasper and puts her hand on her shoulder and welcomes her back by saying "Hey Sis." to her and explains what is going on; Jasper lets herself sink back into the water. Later on, Jasper and Amethyst were seen apparently having a conversation next to the now uncorrupted Bixbite in the Fountain.

Steven Universe: The Movie

SU Movie 133.png

While singing "Happily Ever After", Steven depicts Jasper as one of the enemies that he fought against when he was younger.

Steven Universe Future

"Little Homeschool

Following the events of "Change Your Mind", Jasper found a new home inside of a cave in the wilderness on the outskirts of Beach City. A circular region of stone surrounds the cave, created by Jasper plucking the grass out of the ground, which she considers to be her territory. Any Earthling that steps inside this zone gets "crushed" according to her. Jasper lives here alone, training by throwing boulders to keep up her strength. It is implied Jasper is frustrated by the changes brought about from Era 3.

Little Homeschool 096.png

Steven becomes worried about Jasper, feeling guilty about the fact that there is a Gem still hurting because of the Diamonds and his mother. Amethyst tells him that he can't help everyone, but Steven visits Jasper anyway. Throughout their interaction, Steven attempts to convince Jasper to join him and the other uncorrupted Gems at Little Homeschool, but Jasper refuses, believing the idea to be stupid and a waste of time. When Steven tells Jasper that there is no use in training due to there being nobody else left to fight, Jasper tells him that there will always be people left to fight, it's just a matter of whether or not they are worthy of fighting.

Steven grows frustrated, telling Jasper that the uncorrupted Gems fought by her side, and that they are getting the help they need, but Jasper doesn't care. Steven says that if he didn't care, Jasper would still be corrupted. Jasper then retorts "You think because you did something I never asked for, I'm going to obey you?" Jasper then tells Steven that even though he has Pink Diamond's gem, she tells him that he's not her Diamond, calling him a "weak, sappy, useless piece of dirt." and tells him that if he thinks he's hard enough to give her orders, he needs to prove it in battle. Steven accepts the offer, to Jasper's delight. Jasper kicks Steven around in his bubble, chastising him for focusing more on helping a nest of baby birds (or in her case calling them tiny flapping earthlings) rather than fighting her until she has him pinned to the ground with her foot getting ready to crush his chest.

Little Homeschool 199.png

Jasper condescendingly tells Steven "I don't need your help. You're the one that needs help. You think you've beaten me, but you've never beaten me on your own." Jasper continues belittling Steven by making him aware of his weaknesses (such as relying on his friends or fusion to help him win against her), causing Steven to turn pink. To Jasper's amusement, Steven pushes her foot off of him and violently attacks her by making her crash into countless trees, throwing her in the air with repeated punches, and then slamming her back down to the ground

Steven becomes frightened that he may of hurt Jasper and apologizes, but Jasper warns him not to apologize. Jasper is happy to have battled in a great fight. Steven admits that Jasper should be teaching him, not the other way around, and asks her to teach him to fight. Jasper kneels down, telling Steven that the fight was his first and only lesson. Steven asks if he can visit her sometime, and Jasper replies "Do what you want.", returning to her cave. 

"Growing Pains"

Recalling potentially traumatic memories from his past, Steven flashes back to Jasper poofing Garnet, Malachite being dragged into the ocean, Jasper attacking him in Malachite's Realm, and witnessing Jasper's corruption.


Fragments 226.png

Steven, frightened of his uncontrollable Diamond powers, flees to Jasper's cave. Jasper tells him that the best way to deal with his powers is to channel and control them, and agrees to train him in exchange for a rematch. After three days of her hard tutelage, he challenges Jasper to a rematch, quickly losing himself in the thrill of combat, culminating in his accidentally shattering Jasper.

Fragments 237.png

Terrified, he rushes home and places her shards in the healing tub, along with the bottles of the essences of the other three Diamonds. Distraught at the prospect of losing Jasper, Steven breaks into tears. Fortunately, through a combination of the Diamond essences and his tears, he manages to bring Jasper back to life.

Upon reforming, Jasper is momentarily shocked that Steven shattered her. Jasper then collects herself, drops to one knee and pledges her servitude to him.

"Homeworld Bound"

Homeworld Bound 008.png

The Crystal Gems are shocked to see Jasper in the bathroom with Steven. Jasper dismisses the Crystal Gems and continues to call Steven "my Diamond". When Steven leaves to go to Homeworld, he tells Jasper to find something better to do with her life instead of pledging her allegiance to him.

"Everything's Fine"

Steven accidentally projects recent events on his TV, one of which is him holding Jasper's shattered Gem. Later, while ranting, Steven reveals to his family that he shattered Jasper but he fixed it.

"The Future"

The Future 072.png

After being absent since the previous two episodes, Jasper returns and meets up with Steven at Little Homeworld, telling him that she will accompany him wherever he decides to go in the world. Steven denies her offer, saying he can protect himself which Jasper knew would happen, causing her to punch the ground out of frustration and walk away, begrudgingly stating "Farewell, my Diamond..."

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