I don't give up that easily.


Onyx is a Gem created under Red Diamond, she works with Turquoise, Emerald and Sunstone, having a love interest in Emerald and fusing with him often.


Onyx likes to get the job done quickly, she loves to do things her way, as she thinks they always end up working.


Onyx has a light cut out for her gem, the bottom portion of her body is completely black, her hair is black and her upper body very dark gray.



Onyx likes to spend time with Emerald, loving him for his goofy attitude, she likes to fuse with him into Choarite. They work together when fighting and are more together than Turquoise and Sunstone.


Onyx likes Sunstone as he is somewhat like Onyx. She showed surprise when he revealed his true identity, Red Diamond.


Turquoise is Onyx's least favorite of the team, she thinks he is too unintelligent and isn't fast enough to fight off enemies.


Onyx can pull out a sword which can be thrown great lengths.


Image Description
Onyx's gemstone is located on her chest, featuring no facet. Its overall shape is that of a round circle.
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