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But I can't say no to my favorite twin.

—"Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service"
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Jennifer "Jenny" Pizza is a resident of Beach City and an employee at her family's restaurant Fish Stew Pizza. She made her debut in the episode "Frybo". She is Kiki's twin sister, and one of "the Cool Kids", as well as a former member of Sadie Killer and the Suspects.


She wears large gold hoop earrings, a pale cream-colored shirt, a dark brown leather jacket with a beige fur-trimmed collar, lavender shorts (previously long pink pants), and mint-colored flats. While at work, she wears reddish-magenta capri pants and a mauve-colored t-shirt under her apron. She has brown skin and wears her hair in a puffy bob hairstyle. At the beach party, from the episode "Beach Party", she wore a bright red and white striped crop top, a black mini-top underneath, and pale sea-foam green jeans. In "Joking Victim", she wore a white top and dark pink pants.


Jenny is a chill, fun-loving teenager. Like most teens, she shirks her responsibilities, even at work where she sleeps on the job at the family-owned Fish Stew Pizza. She is not as enthusiastic about the family business (even stating she hates the smell of pizza) as her sister Kiki, and certainly not as much as her father, Kofi. She does, however, enjoy hanging out with her grandmother Nanefua.

She cares most about hanging out with her friends, and isn't afraid of a little danger or doing something possibly illegal. Being one of the few with access to a car, she drives her friends around town. She is also selfless and brave, standing in front of Garnet's fist right before she is about to punch the Escape Pod that Steven is trapped inside. Jenny is also friendly, as she quickly accepts new people into her friendship group and is willing to drive them around.



She's seen running in terror out of Beach Citywalk Fries with Buck, Sour Cream, and Kiki. While the girls escape, Buck and Sour Cream are dragged back into the restaurant by Frybo.

"Lars and the Cool Kids"

Jenny is seen hanging out with Buck, Sour Cream, and Kiki at Fish Stew Pizza. She leaves the shop with the other Cool Kids, asking Kiki to tell their dad that she will be back later. Outside, the Cool Kids are greeted by Steven, and after a brief conversation, invite him and Lars along for a ride. Jenny drives the group around town as they decide on where they should go. She eventually suggests they go to Dead Man's Mouth. At the lake, the Cool Kids and Lars decide to go for a swim despite the police tape and Steven's insistence to return to the boardwalk. The Cool Kids jump in and are quickly engulfed by the Magic Moss. Using Jenny's car, Lars and Steven bring the Cool Kids to Brooding Hill, where the sunlight frees them from the moss by causing it to bloom. From the hill, they appreciate the view of Beach City and praise Lars for driving them there.

"Beach Party"

While Kofi is complaining about his wrecked sign, Jenny comes out of the shop with a yawn, unconcerned about the damage to the shop. While Kofi gets angry at Jenny, Nanefua quickly breaks up the argument with a fish joke. Later, Jenny shows up at Steven's beach party with her family, remarking that she hasn't seen this stretch of beach before. She later asks why the temple looks like it is falling apart. In the volleyball match, Jenny is paired with Amethyst, and both of them continue to cheat against Pearl and Kiki's team, asking Kiki if she is afraid of getting sand in her hair. When playing Garnet and Kofi, Kofi tells Jenny she will be grounded if she touches the ball, causing them to lose. Everyone gets into an argument because of cheating, including Jenny. When the pufferfish monster appears, Jenny is protected by Amethyst and helps the Crystal Gems defeat it.

"Ocean Gem"

Jenny is seen in the crowd, looking at the empty seabed, and later applauding Steven as he brought the ocean back.

"Keep Beach City Weird"

Jenny is seen buying fries from the fry shop.

"Three Gems and a Baby"

Young Jenny and Buck Dewey are seen playing in the snow, right before giving Greg their sled.

"The New Crystal Gems"

She’s seen standing at the car wash, watching Connie, Pumpkin, Peridot, and Lapis Lazuli argue.


Jenny very briefly walks past Ronaldo.

"The Good Lars"

Jenny hang out with Sadie, Buck, and Sour Cream, getting ready to start their band.

"Dewey Wins"

She’s seen cheering on Nanefua with her campaign, being joined by many others.

"Sadie Killer"

Jenny hangs out yet again with Sadie, Buck, and Sour Cream, this time practicing songs for their band.

"Lars of the Stars"

She’s seen in a photograph by Lars, to which he gets very upset by.

"The Big Show"

Jenny and her band are playing many horror songs throughout the episode, with Jenny happily playing along.

"Letters to Lars"

She’s seen working at Fish Stew Pizza at the register.

"Can't Go Back"

As Lapis looks at Beach City, Jenny can be seen walking with her friends.

"What’s Your Problem?"

Jenny walks into Fish Stew Pizza to talk with Kiki after getting a large tip.


She is one of the many Beach City residents that come to Garnet’s wedding.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

She watches with disbelief as Steven flies away in Pink Diamond’s ship.

"Change Your Mind"

Along with her band she’s seen preforming for Beach City.

Steven Universe: The Movie

She performs the song Disobedient during their concert.

"Little Homeschool"

She’s mentioned by Steven when he tells Cherry Quartz about her.

"Little Graduation"

Jenny is at the graduation ceremony and party for the Off Colors.


Kiki Pizza

Kiki is Jenny's twin sister. They appear to have a good standing, but not a terribly close relationship. Kiki can be seen as the "good daughter" who's upright work ethics clash with Jenny's more kickback "take it easy" attitude. Jenny even goes as far as to identify herself as the "evil twin" (It is also revealed that even though Jenny is the "evil twin", it appears that she is the one helping Kiki with her schoolwork and not the other way around). Their relationship is further explored in "Restaurant Wars", when Jenny said that she is the cutest girl in Beach City, and kissed her cheek, showing they have a good sisterly relationship with minor faults. In "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service", Jenny is shown to take advantage of her sister's charitable nature, having her cover shifts for her for weeks. This, however, is not based on any sort of malice, as she is perfectly willing to cover for Kiki when she decided to take a day off.

Kofi Pizza

Jenny's father allows her to use the car but doesn't like it when she shirks her duties or sleeps late. He is a strict parent who doesn't mind threatening her with the removal of privileges if it can benefit him. This is seen in "Beach Party"; however, he may have been joking in this particular instance.

Nanefua Pizza

Jenny's grandmother, Nanefua, does not chastise her for sleeping late or skipping work at Fish Stew Pizza. Among everyone in her family, Jenny seems to get along best with Gunga. Jenny compliments her, laughs at her jokes, shows concern for her safety, and watches the New Year's Eve fireworks show with her. Nanefua has also stood up to Kofi for being harsh, and distracted him from getting Jenny in trouble.

Buck Dewey and Sour Cream

Jenny and her friends taking a selfie.

Jenny's two best friends are assumed to be Buck and Sour Cream, knowing Buck as early as when Steven was a baby. They hang out with her as part of the "cool kids" group in town, and she drives the group around in her family's Fish Stew Pizza car.

Steven Universe

Steven and Jenny are good friends; she finds Steven to be a good kid and likes his straightforward attitude. She lets him ride along with her and her other friends in "Lars and the Cool Kids", "On the Run", and "Joy Ride". Jenny genuinely enjoys hanging out with him and risks her life by jumping in the path of Garnet's fist right before she is about to destroy the Escape Pod that Steven is trapped inside.

Sadie Miller

Sadie is formally introduced to Jenny, along with the other Cool Kids, at the potluck at Sour Cream's house in the episode, "The Good Lars". During the party, the Cool Kids and Sadie get along well; they perform a song together after which the Cool Kids compliment Sadie on her singing. In "Sadie Killer", wanting to give Sadie the opportunity to have band practice with them, the Cool Kids and Steven decide to plan their practice to accommodate her busy schedule. At one point, they decide to have practice at Sadie's house, where Jenny is amazed by Sadie's horror movie collection, erasing Sadie's initial embarrassment. The group decides to watch one of the movies, which ultimately leads to an impromptu song performance by Sadie. Jenny is so impressed by Sadie's singing that she recommends that she be the frontman for their band.

By the episode "The Big Show", Sadie and the Cool Kids have become close friends; they enjoy hanging out with each other and working together in their band, Sadie Killer and the Suspects.

Lars Barriga

Jenny tolerates him, considerably more so after Steven credits him with driving them to the hill overlooking Beach City in "Lars and the Cool Kids". Jenny is seen hanging out with Lars, along with Buck and Sour Cream in "Joking Victim". She thanks him for inviting them over. However, in "The New Lars", when she walks out of the shop and sees Lars is there, she shows irritation with a sigh, as if she in fact does not really enjoy his company. This could be due to his grumpy personality, as she very much welcomes his out of character niceness and compliments.


Though not very knowledgeable about the Crystal Gems, her personality and Amethyst's are very much alike as they are both carefree and love having fun. This is shown as they play volleyball on the same team in "Beach Party" and pose alongside each other in "Joy Ride". She also doesn't mind giving Amethyst a ride in her car in "On the Run".

Crystal Gems

In "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies", she called the Crystal Gems crazy because Garnet almost punched her in the face. She seemed upset by that, although she said she wasn't mad at them.

Ronaldo Fryman

When she asked about his movie in "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies", Kiki tells her to "let him be." In addition, Ronaldo introduces Jenny as an "Intimidating teenage girl" in his video. This implies she might be known for picking on or messing with him, but this has yet to be gone into.

Episode Appearances


  • Jenny and her sister Kiki are both voiced by Reagan Gomez-Preston, who voiced Roberta Tubbs in Seth McFarlane's The Cleveland Show after Nia Long's departure.
  • All of the Cool Kids have parallels with the Crystal Gems.
    • Like Amethyst, Jenny is fun-loving and dislikes responsibility. She also has similar cat-eyes to Amethyst, similar full lips, and are both made of circular shapes.


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