Season 1

Car does not move 'till we're all buckled up.

—"Lars and the Cool Kids"

It's just the delivery car for my Dad's lame shop. Makes me smell like pizza.

—"Lars and the Cool Kids"

I don't need sleep to look pretty.

—"Beach Party"

You afraid of gettin’ a little sand in your hair, Kiki?

—"Beach Party"

Whoa! Daddy, you cheatin'!

—"Beach Party"

We should probably move, huh?

—"Beach Party"

Jenny time!

—"Beach Party"

Re-lax! Who cares where it came from? This shirt is the funniest thing I've seen in my life!

—"Shirt Club"

Season 2

Hey Steven, welcome back to Earth.

—"Joy Ride"

Puh-lease, you're just walking in cake with that talk. You guys don't even know what bad is until you have a sister. Look, I don't know why I have to spell it out that I'm the evil twin and she's the good one! Don't ask me to help you with your homework, I'm at some metal concert.

—"Joy Ride"

That's heavy.

—"Joy Ride"

This biz is empty.

—"Joy Ride"

Steven, come take a selfie with me and this thing.

—"Joy Ride"

Hey, cut him some slack!

—"Joy Ride"

I'm sure whatever you're having him do is important, but everyone needs a break once in a while.

—"Joy Ride"

Oh, they are c-ra-zy! One of them tried to knock me in the face! I ain't mad though.

—"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Season 3

Whoa. Where's your chill?

—"The New Lars"

Steven, how do you think we feel?! Do you know how many metal concerts I've missed because of this war?
Kiki: How many?
Mm, like... one?

—"Restaurant Wars"

Ronaldo: No way! We can't do this because I... have a girlfriend.
Where's she at, though?

—"Restaurant Wars"

Shut up, Ronaldo! Nothing bad is going to happen, and you'll get to spend time with the cutest girl in Beach City.

—"Restaurant Wars"

Yes! That's why you're my favorite twin!

—"Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service"

But I can't say no to my favorite twin.

—"Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service"

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