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Speaker Dialogue
Episode opens on a distance shot from space, where the Star Skipper ship is falling.
Stevonnie tries to gain control of the ship as a screen of Lars pops up in the communicator
Lars That did it! Emerald is on the run!
Stevonnie Lars! We're hit! Nothing's working!
Lars (shocked) Wha-Hold on! What is your course? I'll try to intercept-
The connection is suddenly cut off and the screen disappears.
Stevonnie Lars? (presses random buttons on a panel) What is wrong with you, ship?
The screens on the ship display warnings everywhere while beeping.
Stevonnie Oh, pretty much everything. Well, at least the display works.
The display of the ship suddenly disappears.
Stevonnie (shouts) Downer!!
The ship goes down into a nearby planet
Stevonnie I can't pull up, we're gonna crash!
Stevonnie looks up and braces for impact as the ship crashes into a tree. Debris falls down and Stevonnie rolls down in Steven's bubble
Stevonnie (groaning) Oh boy. (gets up and looks around) Where are we now? Uh, hello? Anyone out there? Anyone at all?
A large flower blooms from a bud, surprising them
Stevonnie Ah! (relaxes) Okay, we're fine. I'm fine. (continues walking) I'll find the ship's radio and Lars will pick us right up. Whoa...
Camera pans up to the sky where they see an Earth-like broken structure floating in the sky. Suddenly, they hear a humming and they turn to see the radio of the ship
Stevonnie {gasps) The cockpit! (runs over) Hello?! This is Star Skipper calling Sun Incinerator. It's Stevonnie! Steven and Connie? We're stranded. We need help! Come on! Don't leave me here!
The radio stops humming and powers off.
Stevonnie What do we do now? That was our best chance. We can't fix the radio, the ship's beyond hope, no one knows where we are. (groans in frustration) What do we do?!?
Suddenly, they hear a sound from the bushes. In time, they activate Steven's shield to catch an unknown beetle-like creature who latches onto the shield but they throw it off.
Stevonnie An alien!
The creature hisses and jumps towards them but Stevonnie uses Rose's Sword to cut it in half as it is in midair. The two halves of the creature fall towards the ground, and Stevonnie is surprised to see one of the halves grow legs and the creature begins walking again. The creature hisses at them again before jumping back into the bushes
Stevonnie Uh... glad they're okay! ...Wait. If life can thrive here, then so can I. I've just got to hold out until Lars finds me. (walks towards the other half of the creature and stabs it with the sword) Until then... we survive.
Cut to a montage of Stevonnie walking around on the planet. They cut through a forest and use a grabbling hook to pick some fruit from a tree. They also go to a river and drink some water along with another creature. Finally, they stand in a crater-like structure, as rain pours down, pulling a cloth tied to a stick onto the crater as a cover. They also cut some facial hair using the sword, to their excitement.
Cut to later, where they hold out their hand to a small bird-like alien creature.
Stevonnie Come on, we have to, we're out of energy bars! (hand pulls back) But it's so cute! (hand reaches forward) But we need the protein for a healthy diet. There has to be another way! We can just take the fruit! Fruit's good!
The creature rolls away under the bush and Stevonnie turns around, seeing a larger version of the creature. It roars and they scream, running down a hill. They look up and see a tower in the distance and run towards it as the creature follows them. They squeeze through the nearly closed doors and hide until the creature is unable to get in.
Stevonnie Phew. Have I-been here before. No, that's ridiculous. Well. Guess I'm camping here tonight.
Cut to a campfire being made in the ground and Stevonnie builds a hammock lying down
Stevonnie Finally. Goodnight Stevonnie. Goodnight, Stevonnie. Sweet... dreams. (closes eyes)
Stevonnie is shown moving up through a carpet and they wake up, looking around. They notice they are in the Maheswaran Residence.
Stevonnie W-What? I'm... home?
A rumbling is heard and they see Dr. Maheswaran rise up from the carpet, phone pressed to her ear.
Dr. Maheswaran You were told to be prepared cycles ago. There will be no more excuses. Get it done. And don't expect me to look kindly upon this transgression. Embark at once.
Stevonnie Mom? What is she talking about? (ducks out of the way as she walks by)
Dr. Maheswaran Yes I know there's organic life on the surface, it's an invasion.
Stevonnie (shouting) Hey mom! What are you talking about?
Dr. Maheswaran You will stick to my orders and you will destroy them!
Stevonnie Hm. I hate it when she ignores me.
Dr. Maheswaran No. No. I will not repeat myself.
Stevonnie jumps on the couch, to a coffee table, then floats up to the window's edge.
Stevonnie Hey mom!
Dr. Maheswaran Hm. That is simply unacceptable. Well, you'll have to remember, won't you?
Annoyed, Stevonnie jumps onto her coat and climbs up to her shoulder.
Dr. Maheswaran The dullness of this exchange tires me. Just land the dropships and do your pathetic job for once. Or I'll shatter you and your crew myself.
Stevonnie (moves her hand away) Hey mom, what are you doing?!
Dr. Maheswaran opens her eyes, revealing them to be yellow with diamonds as her pupils, and she looks at Stevonnie for a second.
Dr. Maheswaran (picks her off on her shoulder) Honey, please. Give me a moment.
She sets them down on the floor, the setting changing to a Diamond Moon Base. Stevonnie looks back and Yellow Diamond (portrayed by Dr. Maheswaran) sits on a chair, summoning a panel with her hand.
Stevonnie Huh? (she turns and sees the earth like structure on the planet and ships fly by.)
Stevonnie (squeals happily) Whoa, cool! Yelloooow! (jumps up to her chair) Hey Yellow!
Yellow Diamond Oh, you're still here.
Stevonnie What are you doing?
Yellow Diamond I'm commanding the dropships to colonize this planet.
Stevonnie I wanna command a dropship!
Yellow Diamond Well, when you have your own colony, you can command whatever you want.
Stevonnie I want a colony!
Yellow Diamond presses buttons on the panel with four diamonds.
Stevonnie I want one now!
A screen unlocks revealing a dropship on the panel.
Stevonnie What's this?
Yellow Diamond I'm contacting the leader of the fleet.
Stevonnie (amazed) Let me do it! (starts pressing buttons on the screen but Yellow Diamond grabs her arm)
Yellow Diamond (angry) Don't touch that!
Stevonnie Why not? You have so many worlds and I don't even have (stomping foot) one! It's not fair! I want (stomping foot) one! I want my own army! I want my own planet! I deserve it! I'm just as important as you!
Yellow Diamond (angry) Then why don't you act like it, Pink?!
Stevonnie walks away, holding their arm, angry. They approach a window and their fist clenches. Pink Diamond is seen through their reflection and the hand punches the glass smashing it.
Stevonnie suddenly wakes up from the dream, falling out of the hammock on the ground.
Stevonnie (through Connie) Whoa! (breathing hard) Steven, what was that?
Stevonnie (through Steven) Diamonds. I'm having Diamond dreams again. But, why now? Why here? (they look up and sees a mural of Yellow Diamond)
Stevonnie No way. (they climb up an open window) This is just like the Moon Base orbiting Earth.
They climb up another open window to the top, and notice the area was similar to the dream.
Stevonnie Whoa...(looks at earth like structure) That must have been a colony. Wait a second. (walks over to where the smashed glass still stands) Pink Diamond was here. Oh! (runs over to the chair) And Yellow! (pulls down the panel that is covered with vines) I hope this thing still works. Hmm. (presses a white diamond button in the middle) That pattern.
Stevonnie presses the diamond buttons that appear in the similar pattern Yellow Diamond had done. They scroll through a screen that opens.
Stevonnie Ooh. (swipes) Nope. (swipes) Nuh-uh. (swipes and sees a photo of Yellow Pearl and Yellow Diamond) Uhh yikes! (swipes and sees Lar's ship) (gasps) it's Lars's ship! (they click on the screen and it opens a communicator to Lars)
Lars Keep searching! We're not giving up on them, no matter what!
Stevonnie Lars! Hey Lars! Hey!
Lars (looks at screen) There you are! We've been looking all over for you!
Stevonnie Oh my gosh Lars, it's so good to see you!
Lars Send cords to their signal! It's good to see you too.
Stevonnie Thanks, Lars.
Suddenly on the glass, they see the bird-like creature from yesterday crawl on the glass, looking down at them, growling.
Stevonnie Hello, bird blob. My old friend.
The creature roars and starts breaking the glass with its beak.
Stevonnie Lars, hurry! We've got company!
The creature turns to see the ship heading down
Lars Yee-haw!-(looks at creature) What the heck is that?
Stevonnie I don't know, but it's not here to play nice.
Lars Charge the blasters!
The ship fires blasters and the creature crawls up the glass and jumps, flying away. Stevonnie sighs in relief as the ship stops.
Lars Hah! Looks like we just saved your butts! Let's get you up here and back home through my head.
Stevonnie (touches face) Yeah... I think I'm ready to go home.
The episode ends with Stevonnie getting off the chair and looking at the broken window.

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