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The Jungle Moon is the moon that orbits a former Gem colony that first appeared in "Jungle Moon". The moon is full of organic life, with thick vegetation and alien creatures. Because it orbits a Gem-controlled planet, the Jungle Moon has a Moon Base on the surface that was occupied by the Great Diamond Authority (specifically Yellow Diamond).


The only areas viewed on the satellite's surface were from Stevonnie's perspective; its entire surface geography is still largely unknown. But from what has been seen, the Jungle Moon is filled with different types of life, from plants to creatures. The surface of the planet has an orange tint to it, and the sky appears to be a mixture of yellow and green. The Jungle Moon (and the planet it orbits) orbits a star which gives it day and night cycles like Earth. The Moon also appears to have an atmosphere with oxygen, as clouds cover the sky, rain occasionally falls, and Stevonnie, being mostly human, can breathe there.


From space, the Jungle Moon's topography appears largely the same throughout the entire satellite, with large green continents and islands surrounded by orange colored oceans.

The area visited by Stevonnie is largely covered by orange soil. Large boulders with holes in them, resembling meteorites, are scattered throughout the landscape. The area is covered in a dense verdant forest of what are seemingly gigantic herbaceous plant life.



  • Arthropod Aliens: The "Arthropod Alien" are a species of creatures that resemble a horned-beetle. They are pale-blue colored and have four eyes and a spiked horn in between their eyes. They have the ability to grow legs from their head when decapitated.
  • Ball Birds: The "Ball Birds" are a species of blob-like creatures. They have a turquoise blue color with small arms and start out extremely small but can be much taller than a human. Ball Birds, as their name suggests, can roll into a ball-like shape.
  • Ungulate Aliens: The "Ungulate Alien" are a species of creatures that somewhat resemble cattle. They have a turquoise blue color with pale yellow stripes, a long camel-like back, a beak for drinking water, and a similar body structure of an ungulate.

The different species of Plants on the Moon's surface.


  • Massive stalked plants can be seen in the emergent zone of the forest. These massive plants have thick zigzagging green stems that tower high above the canopy. The plants themselves seem to not posses any leaves and each forms a single massive pink flower at the tip of the stem.
  • A large bulk of the density of the forest seems to be made up of a tree-like plant life. They have dense green leaves and are usually found growing to their maximum height at the middle levels of the forest to form the canopy.
  • Along with the trees, large pine-cone-looking plants can be seen. The length of their stems vary, from nearly entirely underground to reaching the canopy. Additionally, these plants seem to have a massive green cone at the end of the stem. The scales of the cone can unfurl and reveal a pink underside which gives the cones the appearance of a flower in bloom. They can be seen throughout the canopy and the understory.
  • A plant species resembling liana grows within the hollow boulders on the surface. These plants have thick green vines which produce large edible pear-like violet fruits.
  • A relatively short flowering plant is seen on the ground. The plant has green stalks with bulbs at the end of them. When they sense movement nearby them, the plant responds by flowering immediately. The flower has varying colors of pink to fuchsia.
  • Short purple bushes can be seen on the jungle floor.
  • White finger-like plants can also be seen growing inside the hollow cratered boulders.


The planet that the Jungle Moon orbits was chosen to be a colony under the control of Yellow Diamond thousands of years ago. In order to oversee the colonization process, a Moon Base was built on the Jungle Moon for Yellow Diamond's (and by extension any Diamond's) use. After Homeworld Gems destroyed the planet, they abandoned the colony as well as the Jungle Moon Base.

"Lars of the Stars"

Emerald's Destiny Destroyer catches up to Lars' Sun Incinerator near the Jungle Moon. After being damaged by Emerald's warship, the ship that Stevonnie is piloting begins falling towards the moon.

"Jungle Moon"

Stevonnie crash lands on the Jungle Moon and is forced to survive there until Lars and the Off Colors can find them. While there, Stevonnie is able to use the planet's creatures and fruit for food, while finding fresh water at lakes. Stevonnie also sets up a camp to live in when it begins to rain. After being chased into the Jungle Moon Base by a Beaked Alien, Stevonnie falls asleep there and learns how Yellow Diamond once was in charge of the unknown planet's colonization, and how Pink Diamond was present as well. Using the Jungle Moon Base's technology, Stevonnie is able to contact Lars and get picked up from the Jungle Moon.

Unknown Colony

The colony in present day.

The Jungle Moon orbits an unknown planet that was colonized years ago under Yellow Diamond. The planet used to have green landmasses, a yellow ocean, and organic life on the surface. However, the planet is a husk of its former self (likely due to Gem reproduction), completely barren and fragmented due to Homeworld's influence.


A hologram of Earth, as a finished Gem Colony.

  • Despite the fact that the planet the Jungle Moon orbits was colonized by Yellow Diamond, it bears very little similarities to how Earth was projected to appear once it was completely colonized by Homeworld. This might imply that colonization was never completed, or the planet was only used to grow more Gems, and no permanent structures were built on the surface.
  • Unlike Earth's fauna, which can have various kinds of jaws, the fauna on the Jungle Moon all appear to have toothless beaks despite having no apparent close relation to one another.
  • The animal life of Jungle Moon bears strong similarities to that of Snaiad , both bearing beak-like jaws and possibly hydraulic bodies. However, they lack the iconic second head of Snaiad's vertebrates.


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