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This article is about the moon base orbiting the unknown Gem colony. You may be looking for the moon base orbiting Earth.

This is just like the Moon Base orbiting Earth.

Steven as Stevonnie

The Jungle Moon Base is an abandoned Diamond base on the Jungle Moon, which debuted in the episode of the same name.


The overall appearance of the Base bears a resemblance to the Moon Base. However, because it has been abandoned, much of the base is covered in overgrowth.

On the inside, there is a similar control room to that on the Moon Base, with a large chair in the middle. It is shown that the base was under the control of Yellow Diamond, therefore the interior has a similar appearance to Yellow Diamond's Control Room. One of the panels on the wall is smashed, due to Pink Diamond's actions. A Mapped Room like the one on the Moon Base is located on the floor between the base level and control room level, with an observation orb in the center that is covered in vines and presumably unusable.


Yellow Diamond used this Moon Base during a colonization of a nearby planet. At one point during the early stages of the colonization, Pink Diamond was present at the base and witnessed Yellow's colony taking form. Pink was fascinated by the fleet of dropships and wanted to contact the fleet's leader. She became overexcited and began pushing random buttons on the control panel. Yellow became angry at Pink's immature behavior and the two argued, with Pink demanding her own colony since she was just as important as Yellow. The argument ended when Yellow angrily asked Pink why she doesn't "act like it." Pink stormed away and smashed a glass panel on her way out.

"Jungle Moon"

During their stay on the Jungle Moon, Stevonnie is pursued by a hostile alien and forced to take shelter inside the Moon Base. They decide to camp inside the abandoned structure for the night, during which they have a dream regarding the base's history. The following morning, after some exploration, Stevonnie contacts the Sun Incinerator using the base's communications system and is rescued.

"A Single Pale Rose"

Before confronting Pearl about supposedly shattering Pink Diamond, Steven becomes nervous, recalling the image of Pink Diamond shattering the mirror in his dream.

"Change Your Mind"

Steven recalls the dream he had as Stevonnie after White Diamond taunts him, saying, "But don't you know things about her you couldn't possible know?" This refers to Steven's recurring dreams of his mother's memories as a Diamond.


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