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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
(Garnet opens the episode with a serious tone.)
Garnet We need to track down Peridot. We found her pod. We know she's out there somewhere. She came to Earth with a job to do and odds are, she's still gonna try to do it. That's why I've gathered you here.
(Steven, Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst are then seen folding Steven's t-shirts together.)
Steven I thought it was so you can help me fold all this laund-a-ry!
Garnet That too. The chore wheel idea you had fell apart fast.
Amethyst Wasn't me.
(The Crystal Gems turn to look at the chore wheel pasted on the refrigerator, where everyone's names are struck out and replaced with Pearl's name, written in her handwriting. Pearl and Garnet exchange looks.)
Pearl I just really enjoy doing all of those things.
Garnet It's better if we do them together.
Amethyst Humans should just stop wearing clothes, be a lot funnier.
Steven Hey! I'm a civil-i-fied part human, thank you very much. Clothing is a must. *looks at the laundry pile* Hmm... This is a lot. I bet this folding would go faster if Ruby and Sapphire were here!
Garnet I'm sure they'd be glad to see you Steven. But I am not unfusing for laundry.
Steven Aww.
Pearl Garnet, you don't think Peridot would come looking for us, do you?
Garnet We weren't her priority. She was sent here to do something in the Kindergarten.
Pearl Do you think she's still going to try to reactivate it?
Garnet Mmm... If she gets it back up and running, the Injectors will turn back on.
Steven In-jec-tors? What're those?
Pearl You've already seen them. Well, you've seen them disabled. *projects a hologram from her gem* If Peridot reactivates them, they'll pick up right where they left off, planting Gems in the crust of the Earth, where they'll incubate and suck the life right out of the ground. We can't let Peridot restart Gem production here, if we do, the entire planet will become...
Garnet ...Janked.
Amethyst Garnet! *chuckles* That mouth!
Garnet Don't worry, we'll stop her. C'mon, Crystal Gems. *approaches the Warp Pad*
Pearl Coming! *follows Garnet*
Amethyst As long as we don't have to fold anything. *summons her whip and follows*
(Steven continues folding his t-shirts.)
Garnet Steven.
Amethyst C'mon, that means you too, right?
(Steven quickly gets up and rushes excitedly onto the warp pad with the Gems.)
Garnet You're a civilified part-gem too after all. *ruffles Steven's hair*
Pearl Garnet, are you sure we should bring Steven? This might be dangerous.
Garnet Peridot's got nothing we can't handle.
(The Crystal Gems warp out.)
[Trans. Ext. Prime Kindergarten]
(The Crystal Gems venture through the Kindergarten, with Pearl projecting a beam of light to illuminate the path.)
Pearl Well, nothing looks activated. In fact, i-it doesn't look like anything's budged since the last time we were here.
Garnet You're right. But just because Peridot hasn't been here yet, it doesn't mean she won't come.
Steven Hm!
Garnet Let's do a thorough check of the perimeter.
Steven Mmhm!
Garnet That way, we can monitor any future entry.
Steven Hmm! Sounds good to me!
(Steven starts treading off on his own, looking around the Kindergarten, when he hears Peridot's voice.)
Peridot (Off-screen) Log date 6-5-2.
(Steven, startled, turns away and sees Peridot rising from an underground elevator.)
Peridot *fiddles with her finger screen* This is Peridot, updating status. Still stuck on this miserable planet... The fusion experiments are developing properly. A few have even emerged early-
(Peridot spots Steven and shrieks in shock. Steven silently stares at Peridot, as she looks around.)
Peridot *whispers* Are the other ones with you?
(Steven slowly shakes his head, and then nods his head quickly, shrugging.)
Peridot *dissipates her finger screen* Of course! Why not... *facepalms*
Garnet *distantly* Peridot!
Pearl There she is!
(The Crystal Gems charge forth. Peridot gasps and runs away, and the Gems start pursuing her.)
Amethyst Nowhere to go!
Pearl You're cornered!
(The Crystal Gems chase Peridot to a wall. Peridot begins scaling and running up the wall.)
Steven Hey! I can't do that!
Pearl Neither can she!
(Pearl hurls her spear upwards, and it shoots past Peridot.)
Peridot looks back and grins* Ha! Missed!
(Pearl's spear hits the leg of an Injector stuck on the wall and dissipates. The Injector then begins to collapse off the wall. Peridot sees the falling Injector and tries to flee, but the Injector hits her and they crash onto the ground.)
Steven Do you think she's hurt?
(Peridot emerges from the rubble and flees again.)
Amethyst *laughs* Nope!
(Amethyst tethers the fleeing Peridot with her whip. Peridot then generates an electrical current with her fingertip, electrifying the entire whip.)
Amethyst *drops her whip quickly* Who-o-oa! Hot whip! *growls*
Peridot You Crystal Clods! *flees again* Go ahead! Wreck this place! See if I care, I already got what I needed!
Pearl *chases after* Get back here!
(Peridot quickly turns her fingers into helicopter-blades, lifting her from the ground. She laughs maniacally as she flies off.)
Amethyst I'm gonna bop her good!
Pearl I'll help!
(Pearl and Amethyst pursue Peridot deep into the Kindergarten.)
Steven Hurry, Garnet!
(Steven tries to pursue Peridot too, but Garnet holds him back by lifting him off the ground.)
Garnet If Peridot's mission was to reactivate the Kindergarten, the injectors would be on. Look. They're not.
Steven Oh! Oh...
Garnet Let's see what she was actually doing. *lifts up the collapsed Injector, revealing the elevator shaft Peridot ascended* Down here.
Steven Oh. Oh! You're brains and brawn! The whole package! *high-fives Garnet*
Garnet Thank you!
Steven Is it cause you're a fusion?
Garnet I have to keep some of my secrets.
Steven Aw, please? I wanna know!
(Garnet chuckles in response. The pair then slide down the hole.)
Steven Is the strong part of you Ruby and the wise part of you Sapphire?
Garnet It's all of both. When two Gems combine, it creates something greater than the sum of their parts. That's why I'm so great.
Steven What's it like to stayed fused all the— Whoa.
(Garnet and Steven arrive at the bottom, at the Kindergarten Prime Control Room. It is dark and empty, except for several dirt pillars hanging from the ceiling, and a couple more on the floor. Some of the pillars are cracked open. Garnet sets Steven on the floor.)
Steven I don't know how but... this place is even creepier than the last time we were here.
Garnet Yes. There's something going on.
Steven The power's not on. What was Peridot doing?
Garnet It looks like she pulled these out of the walls. Something's strange.
(A noise is heard coming from a dirt pillar. Garnet approaches it to investigate.)
Steven Garnet? *runs up to Garnet*
(Garnet touches the dirt pillar, and it begins to shake. Steven and Garnet slowly back off.)
Steven Is there... something in there?
(A strange creature then falls from the ceiling behind the pair, startling Steven. Garnet and Steven turn around and see it to be an amalgam of a blue hand and a red foot. Garnet then picks up the creature.)
Steven Whoa.
(Garnet and Steven look up, and several more similar creatures, all made up of limbs, falls from the ceiling.)
Steven What are they? AAHHH!
(The creature in Garnet's hand pounces onto Steven's face, and Garnet quickly poofs it. She then holds in her hand a pair of gem shards welded together.)
Steven What is it?... It looks like... two gems shards, stuck together.
(Garnet grunts in disgust and throws the welded gem shards on the floor, in front of the limbs cluster creatures.)
Steven Is that what all these things are? Gems... stuck together? (Garnet gasps in horror.) Garnet?
(The shaking dirt pillar from before start to crack.)
Steven What was that?
(The dirt pillar bursts open and reveals a Cluster Gem inside. Four silhouettes, fused together at the waists and silently screaming, desperately try to pull themselves away from the fusion, but fail. With a final scream, the fusion glitches and turns into a Cluster Monster, in the form of a hand consisting of other hands. It shrieks and starts crawling towards Steven and Garnet. Garnet is rooted on the spot in fear, breathing agitatedly.)
Steven Garnet. Uh, Garnet. What do we do? AH!
(A limb cluster grabs onto Steven, and the Hand Cluster grabs onto Garnet. Steven kicks the limb cluster away.)
Steven Please, talk to me! Ah!
(Steven summons his shield and starts fending off the limb clusters crawling towards him. The Hand Cluster knocks Garnet's visor off, revealing her terrified and traumatized face.)
Garnet *starts tearing up* These were Crystal Gems, shattered into pieces. They were buried together.
Steven Why aren't you moving?
Garnet They were forced together... They were forced to fuse! This is wrong! Uh, uh, I'm sorry. Aauugghhh!
(Garnet begins to separate in the trauma, a hole forming in her middle, and Steven becomes afraid.)
Steven NO! No, Garnet, you're coming undone! Garnet! Garnet! *pushes another limb cluster away* Garneeet! Please, what's the matter?! This isn't LIKE you!
(Upon hearing Steven's words, Garnet regains composure and pushes back the Hand Cluster. Slowly regaining her form, Garnet grabs onto the Hand Cluster with her gauntlets and forcefully rips it apart, effectively poofing it. The cluster gem drops onto the floor and Garnet bubbles it.)
Steven We did it! (Garnet remains silent.) Garnet?
Garnet (Ruby) So this is what Homeworld thinks of fusion!
Garnet (Sapphire) We couldn't have known they would do this...
Garnet (Ruby) This is where they've been. All the ones we couldn't find. They've been here the whole time!
Garnet (Sapphire) Rose couldn't have known.
Garnet (Ruby) This is punishment for the rebellion!
Garnet (Sapphire) *sobbing* It's not our fault!
Steven Garnet!
Garnet *sends the cluster gem into the Burning Room and turns to Steven, stuttering* St-Steven...
Amethyst Yo. *enters the control room with Pearl* We're back.
(Garnet resummons her visor.)
Pearl Garnet, we lost Peridot. Her fingers were too fast for us. (A limb cluster climb up on Amethyst.) Um... *grabs the cluster* What are these things?
Garnet Put them down!
Steven Uh!
Pearl Wha... *throws the cluster away*
Garnet We need to poof and bubble all of them. We can't let any escape.
(Garnet poofs the limb cluster and the screen turns black.
[Trans. Ext. Crystal Temple]
(Back at the temple, Steven warps onto the intact hand of the temple statue, with a washer and a clothes dryer on it. He then notices Garnet leaning against the thumb of the hand.)
Steven Oh. Hey, Garnet. How's it going?
Garnet Still damp.
(Steven looks the clothes dryer, still drying the laundry.)
Steven Oh, right. The clothes. There are towels in there. Do we even have plumbing up here? How do you get the washer and dryer to work?
Garnet *waves her hand* Magic. *smiles*
(Steven laughs at Garnet's antics, but quickly notices her frowning again.)
Steven Are you... alright?
Garnet I wish you hadn't seen that...
Steven Oh it's okay.
Garnet It's not okay.
Steven ... Why?
Garnet What Homeworld did, taking the shards and parts of fallen gems and combining them, these gems weren't asked permission. Fusion is a choice, those Gems weren't given a choice. It isn't right; it isn't fusion!
(The dryer buzzes, and Steven starts taking the laundry out of it. He then looks back at Garnet, still agitated.)
Steven What's it like, being a fusion?
Garnet You fused.
Steven I mean, like, all the time. Do you forget who you used to be?
Garnet You forget you were ever alone. *smiles* You know, when you fuse, you don't feel like two people, you feel like one being. And your old names might as well be names for your left arm, and your right.
Steven When you split up, is it like you disappear?
Garnet I embody my- I mean, Ruby and Sapphire's love. I'll always exist in them, even if I split apart. But the strength of that love keeps me together, so I can stay Garnet for a very long time. *smiles*
Steven *smiles widely* That's why you're so great.
Garnet *still smiling* Ha.
(Steven chuckles along with Garnet, when a wind suddenly blows a white and baby blue sock off the laundry basket.)
Steven *gasps* Oh no!
(Garnet quickly grabs the sock before it flies away.)
Garnet Don't wanna break up a pair.
Steven Yeah. You're right. They belong together.
(Steven hands a similar-looking white and light pink sock to Garnet. She folds the socks together and drops them onto the laundry basket. The star iris then closes in on the pair of socks, ending the episode.)

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