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"Kevin Party" is the 10th episode of the fifth season of Steven Universe and the 138th episode overall.[1]

Official Synopsis

Kevin is throwing a party, and Steven is invited.[2]


The episode begins with Steven at Fish Stew Pizza, putting up missing posters of Lion in the window, whom he hasn't seen since he left with Connie. He leaves and heads out onto the boardwalk, where Kevin's car screeches to a halt before him.

Kevin gets out and leans against the car, asking Steven what he's doing that Saturday. Steven ignores him and goes to retrieve the fliers he dropped. Kevin continues to pester Steven, admitting to him that Stevonnie is a lot cooler than he is, and that he wants them to attend the party. Steven refuses until Kevin mentions "inviting the other kid for nothing", which prompts Steven to accept the invitation. They exchange contact information and Kevin drives off.

That Saturday night, Steven arrives late to Kevin's party. Kevin promptly tosses the snacks that Steven brought along, saying that the party was already lame enough. He reiterates that if Stevonnie were to make an appearance, it would make the party one people would remember.

Steven then notices Lion in a group of people socializing, thinking that Kevin had him, before he turns around to reveal Connie talking with the other party guests. Her and Steven both notice each other, prompting Steven to hide behind Kevin, where he begins to soliloquize. Kevin interprets that they have "broken up", and gets angry with Steven for not mentioning it. Steven suggests he leaves, but Kevin stops him and decides to help.

Overcome with regret and emotions, Steven tries to go apologize to Connie before being stopped by Kevin, who pulls him aside and tells him that being too outright with his emotions will only scare her off, as if speaking from experience. Kevin then goes on to suggest that he pretends that he doesn't notice her.

After a while, Kevin suggests he talk to her briefly. The two exchange awkward words and Steven rushes back to Kevin, telling him that it went terribly. Connie runs over and demands Steven explain what's going on, she only came to see how he was doing, and thinks that he and Kevin are now best friends.

Steven rushes after Connie who had gone to leave, where she explains that she wasn't ignoring him and that she just needed time to think. She thought it best to talk in person, but when she tried he was away on vacation. Steven goes on to tell her that feelings were completely valid, and that he should have been more thoughtful. He apologizes for letting her down, and the two hug and make up, joking that they both wanted to talk so bad they associated with Kevin and exchanging pleasantries.

Seeing that the two made up, Kevin grabs a microphone and announces that Stevonnie will be appearing. However, the two mount up on Lion and take their leave, Steven thanking Kevin for the help. Kevin gets angry, saying that in exchange for his help they owe it to him to have Stevonnie make an appearance. The two ignore him and compliment him on the party, but Kevin is still irate, shouting at them as they exit via Lion's magical gate.




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Instrumental Songs

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  • Kevin reveals that he is allergic to dogs.
  • Delmarva is confirmed to be the state Beach City is located in.
  • 301, the area code of Steven's phone number, is a real-life area code in western Maryland.
  • This is the last episode to be aired in 2017.

Cultural References

  • When Kevin met Stevonnie in the past, he thought that Steven's name was actually "Clarence", which is a reference to the eponymous protagonist, Clarence Wendle, of the Cartoon Network show Clarence.
  • One of the snacks that Steven brought to the party resembles the popular Japanese snack, Pockys.


  • Steven and Connie reconcile their relationship in this episode after the disagreement they had in "Dewey Wins".
  • Connie's attempt at the "silent treatment" of not talking to Steven may be reminiscent of "Full Disclosure", where Steven avoided Connie and only texted her about breaking up until she wanted to hear Steven actually say in person that they should break up, with Steven ultimately reconciling and not breaking up their friendship.
  • Steven wears the shirt that Connie gifted to him in "Steven's Birthday".
  • Connie has a new hair cut, a shoulder-length bob, for the first time.
  • Steven mentions the events of "I Am My Mom" in this episode.




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