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This is a transcribed copy of "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
(Steven is setting up the table in the living room, in preparation for a seemingly fancy dinner.)
Steven *sets a fork down next to another fork* Two forks, it's fancy. *pours orange juice into a wine glass and sips it* Mm-hmm. *turns on a fake candle* Some mood lighting. *slams a vase with two roses on the table* Some classy decor. There! Mwah!
(Steven does a chef kiss and admires his table setup.)
Steven This is so nice! *hears knocking at the door and gasps in excitement* Pizza time!
(Steven runs to the door and opens it, finding Kiki standing outside, sweating and holding several pizzas.)
Steven Kiki!
Kiki *laughs* Hey, Steven! Cheddar cheese crust with double pepperoni?
Steven Oh, thanks! (Kiki hands him his pizza.) But doesn't Jenny usually do deliveries?
Kiki I had to take double duty today because Jenny busted the pizza car.
Steven What?!
Kiki *sighs* Yeah. Who knew blasting one of Sour Cream's mix tapes could blow out the tires?
Steven Well, his drops are pretty dirty.
Kiki Guess so. Anyways, it means I've gotta deliver all these orders by foot while Jenny takes the car to the shop. *notices Steven's table setup* Oh? Looks fancy! You having anybody cute over, Steven?
Steven You mean, besides... me? *glances amorously at Kiki and chuckles nervously* I'm taking some "me" time. You want in?
Kiki Thanks, Steven, but I still have to run around town and deliver all these pizzas. *turns slightly distressed* There's a lot of other people having "me" time tonight. *smiles again* But it's alright. I love running. Anyways, Gotta get back to it! Later, Steven! *picks up more pizza and runs off*
Steven *walks on the pouch and waves goodbye to Kiki* See ya!
(Kiki pants as she runs off into town.)
Steven Poor Kiki. *returns back into his house shortly* Pizza time! Whoo!
[Time-Skip - Night-time]
(Steven is fast asleep on the couch after indulging himself with his pizza, and making a mess of the table.)
[Trans. Int. Steven's Dreamscape]
(Steven begins dreaming that he is flying through the sky with rocket flip-flops.)
Steven Yeah, whoo! Oh! Oh! Oh! *giggles* Whoo-hoo!
(Steven draws his own initials "SU" in the sky in smokes from his rockets, and puts on a pair of sunglasses.)
Steven Those initials are looking pretty slick, Steven. Whoa!
(Steven takes off his sunglasses and finds himself flying over a land of pizza.)
Steven Cool! A pizza dream! Hey, look!
(Steven flies down and sees a reflection of him on the shiny cheese surface.)
Steven It's cheese me! *dunks his hand into the cheese and laughs* Oh, gross!
(A hand suddenly emerges from the cheese and grabs onto Steven's arm.)
Kiki *screams* Ew, ew!
(Steven tries to fly away, unintentionally pulling the hand out of the cheese, revealing to be Kiki, coughing and gasping for air.)
Steven Kiki?! *holds onto Kiki's hands properly* Are you all right?
(An arm made of cheese suddenly grabs onto Kiki's leg.)
Kiki My leg! *grunts and screams*
(Another cheese arm then emerges from the cheese. Steven screams and tugs harder with his rocket flip-flops. successfully pulling Kiki away from the cheese arm's grip.)
Steven What was that thing?!
Kiki Keep going! It won't give up!
Steven Wha?!
(The cheese arms extend and try to grab Steven and Kiki, as they try to fly away. Steven then lands Kiki safely on a pepperoni.)
Steven I'll take care of this! *jets off*
Kiki Steven, be careful!
Steven Don't worry about me! Anything is possible when you have... rockets for bones!
(Steven shoots two rockets from his elbows and destroys the cheese arms.)
Kiki Steven, that was so brave!
Steven Well, it's cheddar than nothing
(Dogcopter emerges from the ground and picks up Steven.)
Steven Oh, hey, Dogcopter.
Dogcopter Meow.
Steven See ya, dream Kiki!
Kiki Oh, okay. See you, dream Steven!
Steven *snickers delightfully* Dream Steven!
(Steven rides atop Dopcopter and they both speed off into the sky.)
[Trans. Ext. Fish Stew Pizza, The Next Day]
(Steven, now awake, strolls along the streets towards the back alley of Fish Stew Pizza.)
Steven Man, I can't wait to tell Kiki about my weird- (Steven arrives and finds Jenny begging to Kiki outside the pizzeria.)
Jenny Please, Kiki, just one more time? I seriously can't miss this show. It's Uber Rage's first concert back in the States since they got banned!
Kiki Jenny, I'm not sure. I've covered for you for almost two weeks now!
Jenny Kiki, seriously, this concert is gonna change my life! And the ticket was, like, $40!
Kiki Is that a lot for a concert?
Jenny It's... more than average?
Kiki Okay, I'll cover you.
Jenny Yes! *hugs Kiki* That's why you're my favorite twin!
Kiki I'm your only twin.
Jenny Mwah! I'll get you a shirt or something. *gets in her car and starts it up* Hey, Steven! Oh, and don't tell Dad! *drives off*
Steven That was really nice of you!
Kiki Yep, that's me: the nice one.
Steven I came here to tell you I had the craziest dream about you last night, Kiki! I was flying around, and I pulled you out of an ocean of cheese! (Kiki listens with shock.) And then these hands formed and came after you-
Kiki And then you saved me and flew off on a rocket dog!?
Steven "Dream Kiki" was you!?
Kiki "Dream Steven" was you!?
Steven I'm-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to go into your mind, I-
Kiki No, this is great!
Steven You're not mad?
Kiki Steven, I always have that dream, and I always drown! I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in weeks! You're my total hero, Steven, can you do it again?
Steven Oh! Of course! I'd really love to help!
Kiki Thank goodness! Because... I seriously have that dream, like, every single night. *hears the phone ringing inside the pizzeria* Oh, I got to go! Seriously, Steven, thank you so much! See you later!
Steven In your dreams!
Kiki Ha ha! Nice!
[Trans. Steven's Room, Night-time]
(Steven goes to bed wearing a bandanna, with a determined look on his face.)
Steven I'm a dream warrior!
(Steven falls asleep and enters Kiki's nightmare once again.)
Steven Hey, Kiki! It's time to cut the cheese! Hyah!
(Steven summons a giant pizza cutter and hurls it at the cheese monster, slicing it in half.)
Kiki Wow!
(The next day, a refreshed Kiki greets Steven outside Fish Stew Pizza, giving him a high-five, and at night, Steven prepares to be Kiki's dream warrior again.)
Steven *in bed* Dream warrior! Dream warrior! *in dreamscape* Prepare yourself...for my grate-est technique yet! Hyah!
(Steven summons a giant cheese grater and attacks the cheese monster.)
Kiki Whoa! *claps*
(Next day, Kiki hangs out with Steven inside the pizzeria, when Jenny begs Kiki to cover for her again. At night, an increasingly tired Steven goes to sleep.)
Steven Dream warrior. Dream warrior... Dream warrior...
(In the nightmare, Kiki is once again attacked by the cheese monster, and the exhausted Steven drifts in to her rescue.
Steven Here I come. *yawns* Hey, Kiki.
(Steven starts biting on the cheese monster's hand, much to Kiki's confusion.)
[Trans. Steven's Room, Day-time]
(Steven, with visible eye bags, snores and grunts as he slowly wakes up lying on the edge of his bed.)
Steven Huh?
Kiki Steven?
Steven Kiki? *notices Kiki standing next to his bed*
Kiki *giggles* You're upside down! Did you sleep okay?
Steven *yawns and sits up* Yeah, like a baby. What's happening?
Kiki Here. *holds out a box of pizza to Steven*
Steven Pizza? For breakfast?
Kiki ... It's 3 o'clock.
Steven Oh. More of a late-afternoon lunch. *takes a pizza slice and bites into it* Delicious.
(Steven dozes back to sleep again and falls off the bed.)
Kiki AH! *kneels down to Steven* Steven?
Steven *quickly gets up* Kiki, you got to quit your job!
Kiki What?
Steven I think you have a serious problem with pizza.
Kiki I don't have a problem with pizza.
Steven I don't know, Kiki. I think you do! (Kiki stares at Steven, startled.) I'm sorry. I- I didn't mean to yell.
Kiki No, it's okay. I get it. I've been asking too much of you. I just wish these dreams would stop.
Steven Maybe we've been going about this all wrong.
Kiki What do you mean?
Steven Hmm. We've just been looking at the toppings of the problem. We've got to track this back to the sauce! But after this, I can't help you anymore, okay? I'm just too tired.
Kiki I understand. *smiles*
Steven *smiles back* All right. Tonight, we end these nightmares once and for all!
[Time-Skip - Night-time]
(Steven snores in his sleep, as he enters Kiki's nightmare for a final time. He lands next Kiki in the dreamscape and they exchange determined looks.)
Kiki You ready, Steven? *pulls out a pizza cutter*
Steven Time to cut the cheese. Shing! *pulls out a pizza cutter too* Sorry for using the same pun twice.
Kiki That's not a pun, but I forgive you!
(Steven and Kiki gasp as the cheese monster approaches them. They both begin fighting in confidence, slicing the cheese with their pizza cutters, until they realize its speedy regeneration.)
Steven Huh?
Kiki We can't keep fighting off the cheese. It just won't stop!
Steven You're right! We got to find out where all this cheese is coming from!
Kiki and Steven Oh!
(The cheese arms engulf Steven and Kiki and begin to drown them underneath, but Steven manages to burst out with his rocket flip-flops just in time. With Kiki on his back, Steven flies through the sky.)
Steven Look!
Kiki Huh?
(Steven and Kiki encounter a giant head of Kiki, made entirely out of melted cheese.)
Steven Whoa!
Kiki It's me? Now, that is nasty.
(Steven and Kiki enter the head through a hole and travel through a tunnel on a river of cheese. Several pizza-themed lifeforms begin to attack Steven and Kiki from the cheese river.)
Steven Aah! Anchovies! And Pepperanhas!
(Steven flies higher, avoiding the lifeforms.)
Steven Ahh. That was close! *hears someone groaning in the distance* Who's that?!
Kiki They sound like they're in pain! We got to find them!
(Steven and Kiki enter a room with a large pond of cheese and lands in front of it. They stare at it when a pizza version of Jenny emerges from the cheese pond.)
Kiki & Steven Jenny?
Pizza Jenny *groans* Kiki!
Kiki I'm here, Jenny! Oh!
(Kiki reaches out to grab Pizza Jenny's hand, and cheese begin engulfing her arms.)
Steven Oh, no! I'll help you, Kiki!
Kiki Wait, I think she's trying to tell me something!
Pizza Jenny Kiki...
Kiki What is it, Jenny?
Pizza Jenny Thanks for delivering all those pizzas for me.
Kiki Oh, it's okay. I totally don't mind. That's what twins are for. Whoa!
(A strand of cheese emerges from the cheese pond and wraps around Kiki. Kiki grunts and struggles as it attempts to drag her into the cheese pond.)
Steven Kiki, you're lying!
Kiki What?
Steven You totally do mind!
Kiki Aaagh, it doesn't matter!
Steven Yes, it does!
Steven Your feelings matter. Just tell her "no".
Kiki Ugh, I- I can't!
Steven Why not?
Kiki I... I don't want to let her down! I'm her favorite twin!
Steven When I said I couldn't help you anymore after this, you understood!
Kiki But this is different. She's my sister!
(More cheese begin engulfing Kiki's body.)
Steven That's right! And she cares about you, too! Do you think she'd want to put you through this?
Kiki No.
Steven Does she even know this is happening to you?
Kiki No!
Steven You got to tell her!
Pizza Jenny Hey, Kiki, I want to ask you something. There's gonna be a really cool cheese rave in the pizza cave tonight. I have to be there. Will you cover for me again?
Kiki ...No!
(The cheese start retracting from Kiki's body back into the pond and Pizza Jenny lets go of her hands.)
Pizza Jenny *groans* Okay, fine.
(Pizza Jenny begins melting into the pond, as the land of pizza all around Steven and Kiki melts away too. The dreamscape slowly changes into a beach shore at night, with pizza pillars in the distance.)
Steven You did it!
Kiki Yeah! All the cheese is gone! *looks down and sees a Pepperanha* Well, most of it.
(Steven and Kiki sit down on the shore and take in the beautiful view.)
Kiki Man, dreams are weird.
Steven Yeah. *yawns* They sure are.
(Kiki stares at Steven as Pepperanhas chomp on him.)
[Trans. Ext. Fish Stew Pizza, The Next Day]
(Steven walks up to the pizzeria and finds Jenny sweeping the floor and opening the restaurant for the day.)
Steven Hi, Jenny.
Jenny Oh, hey, Steven.
Steven Is Kiki around? I wanted to see if she's doing okay. *yawns* I just spent all night helping her fight her inner cheese demons.
Jenny *stares at Steven in confusion* I don't know what that means, but Kiki is fine. She's taking the day off. This morning, we had a twin talk. She said I was using up all her "me" time, and I was like, if you're just gonna spend your "me" time running anyway, you might as well carry some pizzas for me. But I can't say no to my favorite twin.
Steven So where is she?
(Steven and Jenny turn and see Kiki on the beach, jogging and enjoying herself. Steven sighs deeply in relief.)
Jenny She deserves a break after working so hard for me. Right, Steven?
(Jenny turns to Steven and notices that he has dozed off, snoring while standing upright.)
Jenny Steven?
(Jenny pokes Steven with her broom to try to get a response, to no success. The star iris then closes onto Steven's face, ending the episode.)

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