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You're a fusion. You're full of surprises! You just don't know it yet.


"Know Your Fusion" is the 2nd episode of the fourth season of Steven Universe and the 105th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven and the Gems delve deep into what makes a fusion so special.[2]


Know Your Fusion 029.png

Inside the Beach House, Steven and Amethyst are planning to perform some tricks. Amethyst suggests performing the "dog walker" next time, but Steven encourages otherwise and to perform before Pearl and Garnet get suspicious, which, predictably, they already have. Pearl asks Garnet if they should ask them what is going on, but Garnet says that she can't. Pearl asks Steven and Amethyst if the two have something to say. Steven and Amethyst recall their showdown against Jasper in the Beta Kindergarten and how they and Peridot won the battle. However, they pop the question: who beat Jasper? Pearl guesses Steven and Amethyst, and Garnet guesses Peridot. It did not exactly land the way Steven and Amethyst intended, but they continue regardless and offer Garnet and Pearl the privilege to meet someone. Steven and Amethyst begin to fuse and form Smoky Quartz, the one who beat Jasper.

Know Your Fusion 052.png

Pearl and Garnet are clearly shocked that Steven and Amethyst successfully fused. Smoky Quartz begins to do some tricks with their yo-yo, ranging from "walk the dog" to "dog walking's just my day job 'til I finally get that call back". These tricks smash various objects in the Beach House, like kitchen utensils and the TV. A distressed Pearl asks for some help from an overly-excited Garnet, resulting in them fusing into Sardonyx, who catches the yo-yos and aborts the performance by Smoky Quartz. Sardonyx reminds Smoky Quartz the rules with weapons in the house: mostly allowed, but with a few exceptions. Sardonyx is pleased to meet Smoky Quartz, who has made quite the impression (at various affected locations around the house). Smoky Quartz apologizes for getting carried away and makes a joke to ease things, saying they can "reel it in." Sardonyx states that while Smoky Quartz's act is tremendous, their stage is too small. Sardonyx suggests moving to a more "infinite" room, which turns out to be Sardonyx's room.

Know Your Fusion 080.png

Smoky Quartz is surprised that a room exists for Sardonyx, who clarifies that the room only exists as long as she does. They both enter the room, which is pitch black because, as Sardonyx says, the show has not started yet. At that moment, Sardonyx Tonight begins, a talk show hosted by Sardonyx herself. Sardonyx is excited to welcome the show's guest star, enough to "shatter", in her words. She welcomes Smoky Quartz and asks the crowd for their applause. Sardonyx starts the talk show by asking Smoky Quartz to tell everything there is to know about them. Smoky Quartz begins by saying they like long walks through the Kindergarten. It is also where Smoky Quartz came to be and where they beat Jasper in a showdown. Sardonyx makes witty remarks regarding Jasper's demise. Smoky Quartz does so as well, claiming Jasper's insanity though a corrupted fusion is the cause of Jasper's "short fuse." Smoky Quartz notices the easy-going crowd and asks where Sardonyx got them; she replies that she made them herself (to Smoky's mild discomfort).

Know Your Fusion 108.png

Sardonyx busts out the question everyone wants an answer to: "who is Smoky Quartz?" Smoky Quartz admits that they have only existed for about ten minutes, so they do not know much about themself. Smoky Quartz does present their tricks with the yo-yo, but Sardonyx has "seen it, lived it, loved it," and wants to know the rest of Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz says they are not exactly a deck of cards, but they can lick their three elbows. Sardonyx stops the show to let in a word from her sponsors and begins to talk to Smoky Quartz, "fusion to fusion." Sardonyx is persistent with her desire to learn more about Smoky, believing that they are full of surprises other than their yo-yo. Sardonyx's plan is to help Smoky Quartz learn more about themself because a fusion is bound to acquire something new, whether it is a weapon, power, or something else.

Know Your Fusion 153.png

Sardonyx Tonight comes back on the air. Sardonyx makes a meta-joke about how cartoon characters can make people want to buy toys of them, particularly her possible toys which would help keep Sardonyx Tonight on the air. Sardonyx presents her next segment, "Hit That Bird", which is similar to "whack a mole". She recalls Opal's adventure at the Sky Spire and how she took down a flock of birds with her bow. Sardonyx gives Smoky Quartz a bow to see if they have that "Opalescent aim." Smoky Quartz examines it, thinking it is like a yo-yo before Sardonyx starts the timer. Corrupted bird targets pop out of the mountain prop, and Smoky Quartz begins to shoot at said targets to no success, nearly hitting Sardonyx with their poorly aimed shots. This continues until the clock rings, signaling that "Hit That Bird" is over. Smoky Quartz scored zero, but Sardonyx is not yet discouraged and moves on to the next segment of her show.

Know Your Fusion 170.png

Sardonyx introduces the next segment, "You Like That, Little Man?” Its name is said by Sugilite's voice, and the game itself is a variation of Ring the Bell. Sardonyx remarks that "everybody loves a callback”, and then starts to question if the use of Sugilite's voice requires that she be paid despite the fusion not being in the episode. She asks someone offstage to confirm this, who replies affirmatively (to her mild displeasure). Sugilite is a symbolic fusion for a heavy-hitting powerhouse, but Sardonyx thinks that Smoky Quartz might have something that can top Sugilite's mighty swing. Sardonyx gives Smoky Quartz a mallet with a head resembling that of Sugilite's flail. Smoky Quartz strikes the base, the puck almost reaching Pearl's picture. Sardonyx suggests giving it an extra spin, which gets Smoky Quartz's record next to Stevonnie's. The machine taunts Smoky Quartz, who responds by getting their record to Garnet's level. The machine continues to taunt Smoky Quartz, and Sardonyx wonders if Smoky Quartz is hitting it wrong, but ultimately concludes Smoky Quartz is strong "in a different way."

Know Your Fusion 224.png

As they walk toward the next segment, Sardonyx reassures Smoky that it is just the two of them and that they shouldn't worry about the audience. She then tells Smoky Quartz that they're holding out on her, and Sardonyx cannot wait for Smoky Quartz's main event. The next segment is called "Breath of Fire", consisting of a target suspended by a rope. Sardonyx makes a callback to Alexandrite, who can breathe a fiery blaze, and asks Smoky Quartz to unleash any elemental chaos she might possess at the target. Rather than elemental chaos, they let out a burp instead, which only mildly sways the target. Sardonyx jokingly claims that they are currently experiencing some magical difficulties, but asks the audience not to change the channel.

Know Your Fusion 262.png

Sardonyx tries to think of a "common thread between Steven and Amethyst that's heightened by their fusion." Smoky is skeptical and begins to disparage themself. Sardonyx realizes that Steven and Amethyst were planning their main act all morning and that their intent was to impress Garnet and Pearl rather than explore their new powers. Feeling terrible for unintentionally "stealing the show," Sardonyx unfuses into Pearl and Garnet. However, because Sardonyx does not exist anymore, the room starts to collapse. Garnet and Pearl reach out to try and fuse again to stop the crumbling, but they are both too far away. Smoky Quartz saves Garnet and Pearl by utilizing their yo-yo to grapple the doorway that was "glitching out" and pulling themself, Garnet, and Pearl back into the Beach House.

Know Your Fusion 293.png

As they tumble into the living room, Smoky unfuses. The Gems get up with groans of pain as Steven apologizes for the rough landing. Pearl and Garnet deny the apology and instead tell Amethyst and Steven that they are amazed at what Smoky Quartz was able to do with the yo-yo. Pearl lets Amethyst know how much of a good influence she is to Steven, although Amethyst thinks it is the other way around. Garnet is impressed that the yo-yo could grapple, and Steven states that it can do many things. Pearl asks if they use it like a lasso or a flail, to which Amethyst says it is “better than a flail”, with Steven chiming in that it is more of a toy. Pearl, also impressed, observes that "it's so unexpected!" Garnet requests a play-by-play of the showdown with Jasper, which Amethyst begins to tell as the episode ends.







Instrumental Songs


  • Garnet was taken completely by surprise when she and Pearl found out Steven and Amethyst can fuse, in spite of her future vision.
    • This could be that Steven and Amethyst fusing was not one of her probable outcomes. This may also be from her simply not choosing to use her vision in favor of being a part of the surprise, which could be why she told Pearl she was unable to ask Steven and Amethyst what was going on.
  • As Smoky Quartz tells Pearl not to bother putting her socks back on, one of Pearl's socks literally slides down to her ankle.
  • On Sardonyx's desk, there is a mug saying "I ❤️ E C" (I love Empire City).
  • The background of Sardonyx's show has the view of Empire City.
  • This is the first canonical episode to feature a fourth-wall break with "Say Uncle" being the first to do so. However, in "Say Uncle", Uncle Grandpa himself admits that the episode isn't canon.
    • Sardonyx continuously breaks the fourth wall, referring to TV networks pulling shows for not selling well, how Sugilite's voice actress, Nicki Minaj, is being paid for her voice being featured in the segment, despite not actually being in the episode or recording new lines and how the clips of the other fusions are shown with "Footage Courtesy of Cartoon Network" on them.
    • There is also another instance of possible fourth-wall-breaking, coming from Garnet. When asked by Pearl to ask a question to Steven and Amethyst, she replies "I can't".
      • This is a reference to the way Garnet is written: the writers have a special notation that Garnet never asks questions. 
  • In the strength tester, "You Like That, Little Man?", small illustrations of other characters are displayed to compare Smoky Quartz's strength. In order from weakest to strongest are Pearl, Stevonnie, Garnet, Opal, and Sugilite.
    • Pearl is the only non-fusion shown on the strength tester.
  • It's unknown if all fusions have their own room.
  • This episode's name was first revealed in the episode listing on the Cartoon Network website.[3]
  • This is the last episode of the "Summer of Steven" event.
  • This is the first time Sardonyx is seen destabilizing instead of intentionally de-fusing.
  • Despite she's fused, this the first season 4 episode were Pearl became obsessed to something. In this case, is the popularity and the fame.
  • When Sardonyx was shown de-fusing, a very short glimpse of the silhouettes of Ruby and Sapphire can be seen along with Pearl.
    • This is the second time Ruby and Sapphire's silhouettes have been seen while de-fusing from a fusion consisting of three or more gems, the first being Alexandrite in "Fusion Cuisine".
      • In both instances, the fusion was destabilizing instead of unfusing at will, heavily implying that destabilization causes Garnet to split at the end of the fusion's de-fusing process.

Cultural References

  • The Wilhelm scream is heard as Sardonyx throws her pencils away while talking to Smoky Quartz.
  • In some of Sardonyx's fourth wall breaks, she pulls down a TV monitor broadcasting footage of previous Steven Universe episodes. The footage on the monitor is captioned, "Footage courtesy of Cartoon Network", the TV network which Steven Universe is aired on.
  • The third fusion test for Smoky Quartz has the name, "Breath of Fire", which references the Super Nintendo RPG of the same name.
  • Sardonyx Tonight is a reference to late-night talk shows.
  • The I ❤️ E C logo is a parody of the famous I ❤️ N Y logo; with E C representing Empire City.
  • Sardonyx is shown tapping pencils on the table, a trope commonly associated with late-night talk show personality David Letterman.
  • When Sardonyx introduces the new fusion, Smoky Quartz, she says that she is so excited, she could shatter. This is a reference to the human saying “I’m so excited, I could die.”


  • Sardonyx refers to the events of "Giant Woman" and "Super Watermelon Island".
    • She also indirectly refers to the song "Strong in the Real Way", from "Coach Steven".
  • Steven, Amethyst, and Smoky Quartz refer to the events of "Earthlings".
  • Sardonyx says, "Good evening, everybody!" as she said in "Cry for Help".
  • Garnet asking for the play-by-play contradicts how she said "We don't need the play-by-play" to Pearl in "Kindergarten Kid".
  • The quote "You've made quite the impression already," made by Sardonyx could be a reference to "Jail Break", when Steven asks Garnet if he made a good first impression, with Garnet replying that they both already loved him.


Note: Time is displayed in [mm:ss]; [00:00] refers to the point after the title card is displayed and before the episode's start.


  • [06:31] As Sardonyx is guiding Smoky Quartz towards her next segment, "You Like That, Little Man?" the tails on her coat are gone.


  • [01:13] When Smoky Quartz says "This is a little trick I like to call 'Walk The Dog'," the star on their yo-yo didn't spin.
  • [01:33] When Sardonyx raises her hand to catch Smoky Quartz's first yo-yo, part of her hand quickly disappears.


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