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Lapis trapped within a mirror.

Lapis Lazuli is a Lapis Lazuli-type Gem created for Blue Diamond on Homeworld thousands of years before the Gem War.


Lapis visited Earth during the era of its Gem colonization and was caught in the midst of the Rebellion, the preceding event to the Gem War. While trying to escape the planet, she was poofed by Bismuth.[1] Homeworld's forces recovered her gemstone but believed her to be a Crystal Gem and an enemy of Homeworld, resulting in her incarceration in a magical mirror. Homeworld intended to question her for information about the Rebels and Rose Quartz, but Lapis was unable to answer. The Homeworld Gems eventually fled the planet having lost the war over Earth to the Crystal Gems. Lapis' mirror was left at the Galaxy Warp, trampled by retreating Gems and cracked. Thousands of years on, the mirror is recovered by Pearl and stored inside her gemstone.

Season 1

"Mirror Gem"

Did you even wonder who I used to be?!

—"Mirror Gem"
Mirror Gem 187

Lapis strikes at the first sight of the Crystal Gems.

The mirror is handed over to Steven by Pearl so he can learn about Gem culture. When Pearl is not able to activate it, she assumes that it is broken. However, when away from Pearl, Lapis Lazuli reveals herself to Steven by talking to him through the mirror's recordings. Lapis is then able to communicate with Steven, persuading him to free her. Steven releases her physical form and individual consciousness by removing the gemstone from the back, shattering the mirror. When discovered by the Crystal Gems, she asks Steven to return "home" with her, to which he is not able to respond. Disappointed by his apparent rejection, she escapes into the ocean before she can be recaptured.

"Ocean Gem"

Ocean Gem 146

Lapis at the top of her tower

Lapis draws a section of the Atlantic Ocean[2] into a spire in an attempt to reach all the way to Homeworld. She fights the Crystal Gems from atop the spire by creating Water Clones to attack them. However, Steven manages to persuade her to talk and uses his saliva to heal her cracked gem. Thanking Steven, she forms wings of water and flies off into space, to return to Homeworld.

"The Message"

The Message 240

Lapis helps the Crystal Gems by sending Steven a message about the upcoming invasion.

Lapis sends a video message via the Wailing Stone warning Steven that Peridot is coming to Earth with another Gem. Lapis urges Steven and the Crystal Gems not to put up a fight, as Gem technology has advanced since she has last been to the Homeworld, and a fight will only lead to devastation.

"The Return"

The Return 257

Lapis tries to explain herself to Jasper

Lapis is brought to Earth by Peridot and Jasper aboard the Gem Warship against her will. She is sent to Earth with Peridot as an informant, and it is seen that she has omitted facts from the crew for Steven's sake. Once Jasper takes out the Gem Destabilizer, Lapis stays frozen in place as Jasper poofs Garnet, beats Pearl and Amethyst and knocks out Steven.

"Jail Break"

Jail Break 463

Lapis prepares to fuse with Jasper.

Lapis is imprisoned in a ship jail cell after Jasper believes Lapis has withheld information from her. When Steven tries to free her, she believes it is for the best that they do not try to escape and remains in her cell. After the ship is destroyed, she attempts to flee but is caught by Jasper who asks Lapis to fuse with her, saying that the Crystal Gems are traitors and used her. After considering the offer, she seemingly agrees, however after fusing, she reveals that she fused with Jasper into Malachite so she could trap both of them at the bottom of the sea.

Season 2

"Love Letters"


Lapis struggles inside Malachite, keeping Jasper immobilized.

Garnet mentions that she has been searching the ocean floor for Lapis and Jasper, but thus far has not found any trace of them.

"Chille Tid"

Lapis is shown to be able to communicate with Steven through his dreams. Lapis states that she does not want Steven and the other Crystal Gems to find her because she is committed wholeheartedly to staying fused as Malachite in order to prevent Jasper from escaping or gaining control of Malachite (and from hurting Steven).

Season 3

"Super Watermelon Island"

Super Watermelon Island 208

Malachite is defeated by Alexandrite

The civilization of Watermelon Stevens on Mask Island attempt to sacrifice one of their number to Malachite in an effort to stop the earthquakes that troubled the island. Thanks to Steven's vision of the event, the Crystal Gems track her down, and fuse into Alexandrite to fight her. Malachite is defeated and forcibly defused by the Gems, with aid of the Watermelon Stevens. During the final moments of the fight, a Cluster-related earthquake took place, but the unconscious Lapis is caught by Amethyst.

"Gem Drill"

Lapis is carried by Garnet, unconscious, arriving from Mask Island.

"Same Old World"

Memory Projection

Lapis uses her powers to show Steven her past.

She finally awakens and decides to fly back to Homeworld. However, she later returns to the barn after realizing she would not be able to go back to Homeworld for her actions towards Jasper. Steven finds her on top of the silo and decides to help her find a home somewhere on Earth. Together they visit the countryside, Empire City, and Jersey. While enjoying their flight, Lapis eventually sights the Galaxy Warp, awakening tragic memories in her, causing her to nearly drop Steven before she comes to her senses. She uses her memory projecting abilities to show Steven the story of how she got stuck on Earth. That being that she was only meant to visit for a short time, but she got caught in the middle of war, and is poofed by Bismuth.[1] After finishing her story, she insists they leave the area right away. While flying back to the barn, Lapis says that she thought things had changed, but she was wrong. In response, Steven tells her that, on Earth, things change all the time and that it is not the same world that trapped her. Landing back at the barn, Steven continues, saying that this time she has the choice to stay on the planet or not and Lapis says she wants to stay so she can see more. After making her decision, Peridot suddenly joins their conversation, to Lapis' surprise and dismay. Peridot explains that she is now living on Earth and in the barn, but Lapis responds in denial, claiming that it is her new home, not Peridot's.

"Barn Mates"

Barn Mates 126

Lapis explains how she feels about water after being Malachite for a long time.

Steven and Peridot try to make a compromise with Lapis so Peridot and Lapis can both live together on the barn. However, Lapis turns down every compromise and reveals that she is not listening because she does not like Peridot. Lapis says that Peridot is the reason why she is back on Earth in the first place. Lapis flies on top of the nearby silo and relaxes but is woken up by a screaming Peridot yelling her name. Lapis becomes irritated but only flies down when she hears Steven calling her name. Lapis reads the apology letter written by Peridot outloud and is not thankful of the compliments she receives from her. Later, Lapis is called back down where Steven and Peridot show her the hole from the drill now filled with water with the intention of giving Lapis her own pool. Lapis explains that she is taking a break from water because she has been in the ocean for such a long time and described it as being her "tomb", though Lapis does thank them for their generosity.

Barn Mates 231

Lapis glaring at Peridot before she attacks the Roaming Eye.

Finally, Peridot gives Lapis her tape recorder and she shows her how it works. Lapis turns it on and states that she does not want Peridot's "garbage" and crushes it with her hand and drops it on ground. Peridot becomes frustrated and asks Lapis what she wants to make them be on good terms. Lapis becomes frustrated as well and yells to Peridot that she wants her to leave. Peridot complies and walks away which makes Steven disappointed. Lapis asks Steven why he trusts Peridot and Steven explains that she has truly changed from before. Peridot comes running back and passes the two, into the barn. The Homeworld tracking vessel, the Roaming Eye, follows Peridot, Lapis and Steven run into the barn. Soon, they run back out, and Lapis sees how scared Peridot is. Lapis forms a water hand and makes the Roaming Eye crash into the ground and asks if Peridot is okay, blushing when Peridot responds with a big smile.

"Hit the Diamond"

Hit the Diamond HD 178

Lapis, as "Bob", playing baseball.

When the Crystal Gems are in the barn, Lapis listens to Peridot when she explains why the Ruby soldiers are supposedly after her. When the decision is made to play baseball with the Rubies, Lapis appears nonchalant about it; she laughs to herself and says "this plan sucks" but decides to play. The Crystal Gems, except Peridot, all play and disguise themselves as humans. Lapis's human name is Bob, a reference to "Ocean Gem" when Lapis tells Steven her name is Lapis, not Bob. Throughout the game, Lapis remains unenthusiastic. When a ball flies over her head, she raises her arm after it is well behind her. When Lapis is up at bat, she does not swing. Instead, she holds out her bat, and the ball lightly bounces off of it. Lapis then walks to first base. At the very end of the game, Lapis is on second base, and she walks to home plate when Sapphire gets a home-run. Lapis smiles and gives Ruby a high five.

"Alone at Sea"

Steven takes Lapis to a dock to go on a boating trip. Lapis formally meets Greg for the first time, and after Steven convinces her, Lapis agrees to the trip. Throughout the trip, Lapis seems to still be bothered by the fact that that she was underwater as Malachite for so long. When Greg is fishing, Lapis uses her hydrokinesis to take out a large sphere of the ocean water, but Greg says he'd rather fish normally, and teaches Lapis how to fish. Suddenly, something strong pulls on the string and Lapis, reels her in but before the creature could surface the pole snaps. After the ship's engine breaks from an unknown source, Lapis claims that the trip going bad is her fault and not Steven's. Lapis reveals that she misses Jasper after being fused with her for all that time, and that she feels like a bad person.

Alone at Sea 149

Lapis saying that she misses Jasper.

Suddenly, Jasper climbs the boat's anchor chain and gets onto the ship's deck, surprising Lapis. When Jasper throws Steven out of the way, Lapis runs to his aid, but Jasper pulls her back and starts begging to fuse with her again. Lapis asks why she would want to do that, and tells Jasper that she hated her and used fusion to take her anger out on her. Lapis doesn't listen to Jasper's claims of changing and rejects the offer to fuse once more. Jasper then charges at Steven with the plan to attack and shatter him because she believes that he is the reason Lapis doesn't want to fuse. In reaction to this, Lapis manifests a water fist that sends Jasper flying high in the air and far, far away into the ocean, as well as punches a hole in the ship thus sinking it. She flies off of the boat carrying Greg and Steven.


Beta 027

Lapis has acclimated to living at the barn. Although she is still dour to an extent, she has helped renovate the barn and become comfortable living with Peridot, watching Camp Pining Hearts together, and creating pieces of art they call "meepmorps", hers being a baseball bat from when she played baseball, a leaf Steven gave her, and a TV on a stand with two mirrors sticking out of it, looping a scene from Camp Pining Hearts.

"Back to the Moon"

Back to the Moon 003

Lapis helps the others out after imprisoning the 5 Rubies from Hit the Diamond, while Steven questions them one by one. She and Peridot stay behind on Earth while the others travel to the moon's Diamond base.

Season 4

"Kindergarten Kid"

Lapis reading

Lapis noticing the bubble

Lapis can be seen sitting inside the Barn, reading a book titled Pretty Hairstylist. She notices Peridot's bubble containing the Tongue Monster's gemstone materialise in mid-air above her, but it doesn't appear to concern her.

"Gem Harvest"

Steven visits her and Peridot at the barn for a sleepover, discovering that the two had started a farm at the barn, thinking they'd grow sentient vegetables. She's disappointed to discover that's not how harvestables work, so Steven ends up manipulating a pumpkin to grow sentient to keep them company. However, the pumpkin realises Steven as its creator and father, until Steven cuts another pumpkin, where it becomes comfortable with Lapis.

However, before anything, the barn is assaulted by a stranger that starts lecturing the Gems, until Lapis neutralizes him with her hydrokinesis, leaving time for the Crystal Gems to arrive. Eventually its discovered that the stranger is Steven's uncle, Andy, who's fairly unwelcome of the gems, who he thinks are hippies, living in his barn. To convince him otherwise, the Gems decide to host a dinner, where Lapis helps by harvesting the crops with her flying powers. Later, she joins Garnet, Peridot and Pearl on the pursuit for things that can make Andy feel more comfortable, by uniting several human celebrations together.

At dinner, Lapis eats with her family and discusses the events of the day, arguing and even making a self-depreciating joke about her past, determining she's still a bit scarred by it. When Andy decides to leave for no reason, it's Lapis who helps Steven get to his plane, by flying.

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

Lapis agrees to stay on Earth with Peridot to protect Beach City while the Gems go to space to retrieve Greg.

"The New Crystal Gems"

Lapis appears in Connie's flashback, where she is taken to the Beach House by Peridot. Peridot shows Lapis the bathroom she once temporarily stayed in, and even tries to flush herself down the toilet like she did long before. Peridot is annoyed when Connie busts into the room with her sword drawn, asking if she knocks. Peridot introduces Connie to Lapis as Steven's third best friend after them. Connie asks Lapis if she remembers her as the one she almost drowned in "Ocean Gem", to which she responds that she almost drowned a lot of people. Peridot tells Connie that Garnet appointed herself and Lapis with protecting Beach City while the Gems go into space. Lapis assures Connie that they didn't need her help but Peridot, thinking it over, realizes that they do need Connie's help, and that they should all form a team consisting of themselves acting as other Crystal Gem members to get the job done.

Lapis takes on the role of Amethyst, Peridot takes on Garnet's role, (with Lapis remarking that she was as bossy like her) and gives Pumpkin the role of Pearl. While searching on the beach, Connie notices Buck Dewey's call for help and she, Lapis, and Peridot arrive at Greg's car wash. To help clean Bill Dewey's van, Peridot lifts the truck in the air with her metal powers and Lapis washes it down quickly. When many more Beach City citizens show up the next day at the car wash, Peridot believes that they all came to witness "the Garnet", and levitates Jenny Pizza's Car in the air. As Lapis rinses the car off, Peridot tells her that her performance as Amethyst is lacking, and asks her to make some jokes. They grow increasingly frustrated with their allotted roles and start arguing; Lapis now wanting to be Garnet and insisting that Peridot makes a much better Pearl. This makes them lose concentration and smash Yellowtail's car into the building's sign.

Sometime later, when Connie makes another speech, which this time unites the team, Peridot and the group creates a new and improved sign for Greg's car wash. The team strikes a victory pose.

"Room for Ruby"

Steven takes Navy to the barn to meet Peridot, Lapis, and Pumpkin. While Peridot is eager to welcome Navy as a new resident of the barn, Lapis is not quite so keen on the idea, and even gets upset at Navy after she seems to be used to her new surroundings already. Later, it is discovered that the reason behind this is because of Lapis's jealousy towards Navy. She says that it had taken so long for her to just to get used to Earth, and Navy embraced it all in the span of a day. She wonders if her inability to adapt means that something must be wrong with her.

Later in the episode, when Navy reveals that her desire to be on Earth was just an act so she could get her ship back, Lapis becomes so outraged that she calls Navy a "backstabbing little creep", and she summons all her strength to climb Steven and back into the ship to deliver a righteous smackdown,but Navy promptly shakes the group off of the Roaming Eye and into the ocean below. Steven and friends resurface, none the worse for wear. As Navy escapes into space, Lapis breaks into a fit of laughter, satisfied that at least she was right to be suspicious of Navy all along.

Season 5

"Raising the Barn"

Steven talks to Lapis and Peridot about how Beach City citizens were being abducted and how he had to turn himself in to protect them and how he was then put on trial before Blue and Yellow Diamond, and the second he mentions the latter, Lapis starts wigging out and informs Peridot that they need to leave the Earth immediately, and abruptly hangs up on Steven.

Later in the episode, Steven finds Peridot trying (and failing) to reason with Lapis, coming up with several reasons why they shouldn't leave Earth, with Lapis finding a solution to all of these problems. It is later revealed that Lapis is planning to leave Earth with Peridot and Pumpkin so she could go to another, faraway planet, worried that the Diamonds are going to start another war against Earth, which she does not want to be a part of. Albeit being reluctant to say such, Peridot tells Lapis that she and Pumpkin don't want to leave Earth, which surprises Lapis. She then asks Peridot why she’s telling her this now but not earlier, and why she lied to her. Peridot states that she doesn't want to upset her and explains that if something happens on Earth, she wants to be there when it does. She says that if the Diamonds do try to attack the Earth, that they should stay and fight to protect it, instead of running off with what they can carry on their backs, because she knows they’ll win together. As Peridot attempts to reason with Lapis one last time, she lets her know that Earth is their home now, then extends her hand to her, and asks "isn’t it worth fighting for?".

Unfortunately, this doesn't work, as Lapis proceeds to leave, by using her powers, raising the barn and taking flight. Lapis then takes one final look at the Earth and Peridot, Pumpkin and Steven, and as she fights back the tears in her eyes, she flies off with the barn into space, presumably leaving Earth forever.

"Can't Go Back"

Ronaldo discovers Lapis Lazuli has brought the barn to the moon. Steven is confused and travels with Lion to the moon base. He uses his bubble to reach the barn, only to find it is deserted besides the meep-morps. He returns back to the moon base and finds Lapis using an observation device to make sure all of her friends on Earth are safe. Lapis explains that she traveled to the edge of the galaxy, but felt an incredibly overwhelming sense of loneliness, and decided to return to the moon. She says she can't go back to Earth because of how she left, afraid of what Peridot and the others would say, but Steven manages to convince her to return regardless. After Steven tells her he had another dream about the Diamonds, however, Lapis' fear once again overwhelms her and she decides to leave the moon and Earth forever without taking the barn.


Lapis makes a surprise return in "Reunited," assisting in the fight against Blue Diamond. She appears while Garnet was distracting Blue Diamond, and drops the barn on Blue Diamond. Lapis then swears her alligience to the Crystal Gems. When Blue uses her pathokinesis, Lapis is almost completely unaffected by it, simply saying "I've felt worse." She manages to hold Blue Diamond back using chains of water, allowing her team to land a few blows on her. However she soon gets poofed by Yellow Diamond shortly afterwards.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

Bismuth watches over Lapis and Peridot's gemstones while Steven, Connie, and the Gems accompany Blue and Yellow Diamond to Homeworld.

Between "Escapism" and "Change Your Mind"


"Change Your Mind"

Lapis arrives on Homeworld with Bismuth and Peridot, she and Peridot attack White Diamond's ship with Blue Diamond's ship, she later witnesses Blue and Yellow Diamond get mind controlled White and she gets knocked off the platform she was standing on but manages to save herself and Bismuth using her water wings, She later witness Obsidian being formed and then helps fight against the Diamond Mech with Bismuth, Peridot and Connie. She gets smacked away by White Diamond and later enters her ship ready to fight alongside Bismuth and Peridot, forming her wings into fists, but stops when she sees what is happening. She later goes back to Earth and helps escort the Corrupted Gems to Rose's Fountain so they can be healed. She's later seen on the Beach with everyone else when she lying down on top of the radio.

"Steven Universe: The Movie"



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