Steven Universe Future

Nice Lapis: Wait a minute. That's Steven Universe!
He's smaller than I thought.

—"Why So Blue?"

Terraforming is what we like.

—"Why So Blue?"

Steven: Uh, okay, wait. You're free to do whatever you like... as long as it's not destroying a world.
That's not what you just said a second ago.

—"Why So Blue?"

I prefer only two colors- the colors of rock and mud.

—"Why So Blue?"

So, you can do whatever you want with your powers, but you choose to make junk?

—"Why So Blue?"

You really expect us to dance and sing like Pearls? *laughs* Forget it, Steven Universe. You've already got a Lapis doing what you want, and look how dull it's made her, or was she always this pitiful?

—"Why So Blue?"

Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. You've taken enough of our time. Let's get back to it, shall we?

—"Why So Blue?"

Nice Lapis: Did she just do that?
She did that.

—"Why So Blue?"

Nice Lapis: We really have to thank you for all the wonderful things you taught us today.
Turns out, they're not totally useless.

—"Why So Blue?"

After that ridiculous show of strength, we'll do anything you say!

—"Why So Blue?"
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