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{{Youmay|Lapis Lazulis|[[Lapis Lazuli|Another Lapis Lazuli]]}}
{{Youmay|Lapis Lazulis|the former Homeworld Gem and current Crystal Gem [[Lapis Lazuli]]}}
== Role ==
== Role ==
''Main article: [[Caste System]] ''
''Main article: [[Caste System]] ''

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This article is about Lapis Lazulis. You may be looking for the former Homeworld Gem and current Crystal Gem Lapis Lazuli.


Main article: Caste System

Lapis Lazulis are a colonist role. They are primarily used for terraforming potential colonies with their hydrokinesis, as mentioned by Yellow Diamond.

Lapis Lazulis

Lapis Lazulis are blue and likely don't stay on Homeworld for long periods of time, due to their usefulness in colonies across the galaxies.


In "The Return," Lapis Lazulis were presumed to be informants, due to Lapis joining Jasper on a mission to Earth to assist with the Cluster and the Crystal Gems. In "Same Old World," Lapis mentions she was on a diplomatic mission to Earth when the rebellion started, likely to scope out the area and later begin terraforming, before she was poofed by Bismuth. She was left behind, presumed to be a Crystal Gem.

In "That Will Be All," Yellow Diamond sings about the roles of numerous Gems, one being Lapis Lazulis, saying they "terraform."

Main Lapis Lazulis

  • Lapis Lazuli - A Lapis Lazuli who was trapped in a mirror for thousands of years and used by Homeworld for its invasion of Earth. She was freed by Steven Universe and eventually joined the Crystal Gems.

Others Lapis Lazulis

"The Answer"

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Steven Universe: The Movie

A Gem that is presumably a Lapis Lazuli can be seen in a crowd of Gems that watch Steven's broadcast.

Steven Universe Future Opening

Two Lapis Lazulis can be seen in the intro. They appear to be villains.

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