This article is about Lapis Lazulis. You may be looking for the former Homeworld Gem and current Crystal Gem Lapis Lazuli.


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Lapis Lazulis among the elite Gems on Homeworld. They are primarily used for terraforming potential colonies with their hydrokinesis, as mentioned by Yellow Diamond.

From what has been shown Lapis Lazulis are incredibly powerful Gems, being capable of draining the Earth's entire ocean out into space, and moving bodies of water with such force that it easily cuts through thick layers of rock. It is likely that this is how the canyons for Kindergartens are created, and how a planets landmasses are reshaped by Homeworld during colonization.

Physical Characteristics

Lapis Lazulis are slightly shorter than Pearls, and are very humanoid in appearance, with their blue coloured skin and gem being the only indication that they are alien. 

Homeworld Lapis Lazulis are barefooted, and wear a cropped sleevless top with a long skirt that goes just below there knees. The diamond insignia is either placed on the collar in a similar way to the most common Homeworld uniform, or split in half over the front of the top and skirt.

Main Lapis Lazulis

  • Lapis Lazuli - A Lapis Lazuli who was trapped in a mirror for thousands of years and used by Homeworld for its invasion of Earth. She was freed by Steven Universe and eventually joined the Crystal Gems.

Others Lapis Lazulis

"The Answer"

The silhouette of a Lapis Lazuli with a gem on her upper back can be seen at the Cloud Arena among other members of Blue Diamond's court. It is very likely that this is the Crystal Gem Lapis, as the appearacne is almost identical and she would have been on Earth at this time, but it has yet to be confirmed.

Steven Universe: The Movie

A Gem that is presumably a Lapis Lazuli can be seen in a crowd of Gems that watch Steven's broadcast.

Steven Universe Future Opening

Two Lapis Lazulis can be seen in the intro. They appear to be villains.

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