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Steven: Hey guys. I was wondering what you two did on Homeworld.
I made ice sculptures for the Diamonds.


What is this wonderful noise?


Human screams are my favorite of the Earth's delights.


One day, I’ll make you scream, Steven.


Give me the screams!


These are not the screams I wish for!


Hey Steven, it’s me, Little Larimar. I got you a surprise. Can you guess what it is?
Steven: Uhh, no.
It’s a stuffed bear!


I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the amusement-park job. I’m not great at the roller-coaster operation, we know. But I found out I'm good at handing out prizes to children, and I love their laughter.
Steven: Aww.
It sounds just like screaming.


I think the kids really like me too. I’ve never been this happy.


I’m an actor.


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